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Clover Buddies by Erica Larson

Written by Erica Larson, 2013 Emerald Star recipient and Sonoma County All-Star 2013-14

I had a lot of fun with my Emerald Star project called Clover Buddies! It was a project where I paired ten new members ages 5-11 with ten more experienced Leadership project members ages 11-17.

The goal of the program was for newer members to meet more experienced members, and feel more comfortable in the club, and hopefully stay in longer, as well as have another resource for any questions regarding 4-H. Also for the older members to have a chance to meet new friends and practice their leadership skills by helping newer members.

Erica Larson Emerald Star pic
First of all I had to determine what new members and more experienced members wanted to participate. Then I paired the members according to their interests. Our first activity was getting to know one another at a club meeting. Then we had a pizza and pledge party before the next meeting where the newer members learned the 4-H pledge.

The next activity the Clover Buddies made valentines together that were presented to a local senior citizens home. Then the Clover Buddies worked together on ChickenQue posters. Another time the buddies worked on speeches together. All in all, they were encouraged to communicate as much as possible and attend activities together, both in and outside of 4-H. Then at our club picnic they all shared food and more fun.

At the Sonoma County Achievement Night I received my Emerald Star which was very special. It was the 100th Emerald Star given in our county in the 100th year of 4-H. I got a lot out of running this project and I think the buddies did too! I hope to see it continue in our club and spread throughout the county.

Clover Buddies flyer

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