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For Volunteer Enrollment Coordinator (VEC 1)

Sonoma County has paperless enrollmentt! No enrollment documents will need to come to the county. The county office will not accept paperwork or checks from individual members (all members will be directed back to the club Enrollment Coordinator)

Any communication with the county office regarding enrollment must come through the enrollment coordinator only. (i.e. Adding or deleting projects, Questions about Process, Cross club/ County issues etc.)

  • Medical releases will only need to be turned in at the club level so they can be provided to the project leaders.
  • Enrollment Coordinators (VEC 1) must complete VEC 1 paperwork and training before they can have access to the enrollment system. This training will be offered at Leader and Enrollment Training at the 4-H center (TBD)
  • All Enrollment Coordinators (VEC 1) must have internet access as the county office is not be taking any paperwork to enroll members.
  • If any club member cannot utilize the online enrollment system for any reason the Enrollment Coordinators (VEC 1) will be responsible for helping that member enroll.
  • All clubs can hold their enrollment meetings as scheduled. The lack of access to the enrollment system by the Enrollment Coordinators (VEC 1) will not affect the ability of people to sign up.
  • Enrollment Coordinators (VEC 1) must submit the enrollment list to the council treasurer. 

State Fees

  • The state of California enrollment fee for youth members is $46.00.
  • The state of California enrollment fee for the volunteers is $16.00.

Sonoma County 4-H Fees

  • The county 4-H program Fees will be $17.00

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