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Private, Non-Public Cooperating Groups

Private Groups

  1. Policy
    CE is not allowed to extend "significant educational assistance" to private, non-public groups that discriminate in their membership on the basis of race, color, sex, handicap, religion, age, sexual orientation or national origin. Significant educational assistance is defined as any involvement with a group beyond making an introductory presentation to the group about the 4-H YDP and its opportunities.
  2. 4-H YDP Staff Responsibility
    It is the responsibility of 4-H YDP staff to:
    1. Notify cooperating groups annually about this policy.
    2. Verify that cooperating groups do not discriminate in their membership by annually obtaining a signed Assurance of Nondiscrimination letter from cooperating groups.
    3. Stay abreast of current events that may publicize or bear upon the membership policies of cooperating groups.
    4. Discontinue service to groups that discriminate in their membership.
  3. Acceptance of Gifts
    The 4-H YDP may accept gifts if there are no restrictions attached to accepting the gift. See Chapter 9, VII, G. Gifts to 4-H Units and VMOs.  


What this means to our volunteers…

If you have any questions about participating with a particular group, call the 4-H office.

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