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Constitutions and Bylaws

  1. County, Sectional and State VMO and Unit Templates
    Constitutions and bylaws must be used in all 4-H VMOs (e.g., councils) and units (e.g., clubs). These constitutions and bylaws must contain the current ANR Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action Statement. Refer to http://4h.ucanr.edu/Administration/Policies/Forms/ for the Bylaws and Constitution Templates listed under Chapter 8, 4-H VMO and Unit Management for the required language.
  2. VMO Approval
    The VMO constitution and bylaws must be approved by the 4-H YDP staff, county director and State 4-H YDP Director.
  3. Unit Approval
    All unit constitutions and bylaws must be approved by the 4-H YDP staff and county director.
  4. Sectional and State VMO Approval
    Sectional and State VMO constitutions and bylaws must be approved by the State 4-H YDP Director.
  5. Retention of Constitution and Bylaws          
    A copy of the constitution and bylaws for each VMO and unit must be on file with the county UCCE office and a copy of the constitution and bylaws for each sectional and state VMO must be on file in the State 4-H Office. Any changes in 4-H VMO or unit constitutions and bylaws must be submitted to appropriate bodies for approval.
  6. 4-H YDP Staff Responsibilities
    4-H YDP staff should examine the constitutions, bylaws and operating procedures of the county VMO and units to ensure that there are no:
    1. Constraints to membership, such as dues, uniform or record book requirements.
    2. Required attendance of parents at meetings.
  7. Non-Compliance
    If constitutions or bylaws are not in compliance, the 4-H YDP staff should call the 4-H VMO or unit adult volunteers and other officers together to work on bringing the documents into compliance. If the group is unable to reach a positive resolution, the 4-H YDP staff will find the VMO or unit to be non-compliant and it will be disbanded or the adult volunteers' appointments will be terminated.


What this means to our volunteers…

It is the responsibility of the VMO (Council) and Units (clubs) to make sure their bylaws are up to date and contain the current ANR Nondiscrimination Statement Affirmative Action Statements.

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