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All Reasonable Efforts

A. Definition

  1. Because participation in UC ANR and the 4-H YDP is voluntary, it is possible to be in compliance with affirmative action/nondiscrimination requirements in instances when parity has not been achieved by demonstrating All Reasonable Effort.
  2. It is important to recognize that ARE is not merely an incidental effort to increase participation by underserved clientele. To meet the ARE standard, an objective analysis must support the conclusion that the efforts in question could reasonably be expected to achieve parity of participation. This generally requires demonstrating that efforts were focused on, and appropriate to, eliminating under-served clientele and these efforts were not merely incidental to that goal. In most cases, it is necessary to design such efforts to fit the specific situation, and to redesign them until parity is achieved.

B. Minimum Requirements

The minimum effort required includes:

  1. Using all appropriate available mass media, including radio, newspaper, and television and internet, to inform potential clientele of the program and of the opportunity to participate.
  2. Distributing announcements, flyers, and posters, as appropriate.
  3. Sending circulars and personal letters to individuals who are members of the underserved clientele group, including the dates and places of meetings or other planned activities, and inviting them to participate.
  4. Making personal visits to a representative number of the underserved potential clientele in a geographically defined area to encourage them to participate.
  5. While 4-H adult volunteers may be asked to assist in these efforts, ultimate responsibility for compliance rests with 4-H YDP staff.

C. 4-H Club Requirements

  1. All 4-H clubs are required to demonstrate outreach efforts in at least three of the first four outreach methods found on the 4-H Outreach Methods Documentation Form (Word). All 4-H clubs must complete the form and turn it into their UCCE county office for entry by 4-H YDP staff into Contacts and Self-Assessment (CASA) System.

    a. CASA compiles information required to demonstrate compliance with federal affirmative action regulations for CE programs. Data entered in the system is reviewed by the Office of Affirmative Action at the end of each fiscal year, to assess compliance at both the state level and in individual county programs.

D. Parity of Participation

In cases where Parity of Participation (refer to ANR Administrative Handbook Section 603, Programmatic Compliance), has not been achieved for programs that serve external clientele, responsible 4-H YDP staff are required to bring those programs into compliance by meeting the ARE standard. This includes developing and implementing specific actions designed to achieve parity and maintaining appropriate documentation of those actions.


What this means to our volunteers

Having parity of participation means that there should be no institutionalized obstacles that prevent anyone from being a full participant in the program. This is why clubs must show “All Reasonable Efforts” in their outreach efforts. These efforts should be documented on the Outreach Form and submitted to the office each year. See club requirements above.

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