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Accessibility of Programs

  1. 4-H Members and Adult Volunteers with Disabilities

    All aspects of every 4-H YDP must be designed to meet the needs of and to be accessible to all participants without discrimination. Reasonable accommodations must be made to allow members and adult volunteers with disabilities to participate. 4-H YDP staff must review and, if appropriate, adjust program teaching methods, subject matter content, and meeting places and times to assure accessibility of programs.

  2. Inclusions

    The policies and procedures included in this Handbook are meant to be inclusionary and should not be used to exclude youth members. The 4-H YDP emphasizes youth development and educational experiences that promote safety, relationship building, youth engagement, community involvement, skill building and learning.

  3. Educational Goals

    Policies, procedures and rules must relate to the educational goals of the 4-H YDP. 4-H YDP staff must examine policies, procedures and rules, especially those set at the local level, to ensure that youth members are not arbitrarily excluded from the educational experience.


What this means to our volunteers…

4-H is an open and diverse program. If you have an adult or child with special needs and are not sure how to accommodate them, call the 4-H office for consultation. Club and Council policies and bylaws will be reviewed regularly, to ensure that educational goals are met and that policies are in accordance with State policies.

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