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Ode to 4-H

Hats off to 4-H volunteers, teens and adults, committees too – you are the greatest!
Expect the unexpected in order to BEST prepare for what is expected.
Accomplish goals, acquire skills, and achieve rewards to attain 4-H successes.
Decide to be a part of the future – join a 4-H Committee, be a Camp Counselor!

Hear those praises for your 4-H volunteer service, heartfelt thanks from a smiling child.
Enthusiastic members + Energetic Volunteers = Excellent 4-H Experiences.
Attract new members and assist new volunteers in joining the 4-H FUN!
Reach for the Stars – apply to be a 4-H Club of Distinction.
Try attending a training workshop and ask someone to join the volunteer TEAM!

Help 4-H cloverbuds sprout into project members…what better way to grow!
Allow members to lead meetings and make decisions to build leadership skills.
Never give up working towards achieving your 4-H volunteer dreams.
Develop lasting friendships by attending Ohio Volunteer or Teen Conference.
Satisfaction comes from knowing you gave it your all and did your 4-H best!

Happiness lies not with the final 4-H project, but on the road to get there!
Express thanks to 4-H members, teens, parents, volunteers and Extension staff.
Accept differences and applaud 4-H committees that work to make a difference.
Lead by example, be a good sport inside and outside the 4-H judging ring.
Take time to help with 4-H – you will reap the benefits for years to come.
Hurry not to the end of another 4-H year, but to the beginning of a new one!

by Patty House

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