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UCCE Sonoma County uses the Proficiency program to help youth learn at their own pace by measuring their progress in achieving a set of goals.  This program can also help Project Leaders organize and plan their project in a sequential manner.

Presentation Proficiency  

Public speaking is a big part of 4-H.  Youth may complete the presentation proficiency and earn a pin at Achievement Night in the fall.  

For complete instructions go to the Presentation Proficiency Page

Project Proficiencies

These are "checklists" of things that you should learn in the course of a project.  Youth are allowed to complete project proficiencies each 4-H year and they will receive pins for them in the fall of the following year.  They must be turned in to your club leader in time to all be sent to the 4-H Office by September 1 - check with your club leader for more details.  Late proficiencies will be held for award the following year.

Proficiency Pin Order Form


Archery1   Archery2   Archery3
Arts and crafts1   Arts and crafts2   Arts and crafts3
Avian Science1   Avian Science2   Avian Science3
Beef1   Beef2   Beef3
Cake Decorating1   Cake Decorating2
Camping and Hiking1   Camping and Hiking2   Camping and Hiking3
Cavy1   Cavy2   Cavy3
citizenship1   citizenship2   citizenship3
Clothing and Textiles1   Clothing and Textiles2   Clothing and Textiles3
Computers 1   Computers 2   Computers 3
Dairy Cattle1   Dairy Cattle2   Dairy Cattle3
Dairy Goat1   Dairy Goat2   Dairy Goat3
Dogs1   Dogs2   Dogs3
Fishing1   Fishing2   Fishing3
Floral design1   Floral design2
Food Preservation1   Food Preservation2   Food Preservation3
Food&Nutrition1   Food&Nutrition2   Food&Nutrition3   Food&Nutrition4   Food&Nutrition5
Gardening1   Gardening2   Gardening3
Home environment1   Home environment2   Home environment3
Horseman1   Horseman2   Horseman3
leadership1   leadership2   leadership3
Marine biology 1   Marine biology 2   Marine biology 3
Photography1   Photography2   Photography3
Polymer Clay1
Poultry1   Poultry2   Poultry3
pygmy goats1   pygmy goats2   pygmy goats3
Rabbits1   Rabbits2   Rabbits3
scrapbooking1   scrapbooking2   scrapbooking3
Sheep1   Sheep2   Sheep3
Shooting Sports1   Shooting Sports2   Shooting Sports3
shotgun1   shotgun2   shotgun3
Small Engines
Swine1   Swine2   Swine3
Wildlife 1  Wildlife 2

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