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Grow 4-H

Grow 4-H

Background: Sonoma County 4-H has a hundred year deep and rich history of supporting youth in reaching their fullest potential, due in large part to the dedication, time, and effort of adult volunteers. Despite the program's success, 4-H has been described as the "best kept secret." Sonoma 4-H reached 1.5% of the K-12 student population in program year 2014-2015. We need, and can, involve more youth (and more adults) into 4-H to double our enrollment. 

Purpose: Bring together the 4-H community to brainstorm ideas to help grow the 4-H program.

  • What will it take to grow Sonoma 4-H to reach at least 3% of the county's K-12 youth population (approximately 3,000 youth)? Including everything from additional funding and better marketing to finding administrative efficiencies or making program adaptations.
  • What will it take to grow Sonoma 4-H to recruit more 4-H volunteer leaders?

Process: Gather ideas and strategies at the idea meeting. These ideas will be put into a survey and sent out to the broader 4-H community to rank.

Participants: 4-H Volunteer Leaders, Members, and Parents, and community members interested and willing to help grow 4-H! 

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This process is intended to fulfill the functions required of a Sonoma County 4-H Expansion and Review Committee as outlined in the Sonoma 4-H Council Constitution Article III. (see: http://4h.ucanr.edu/Resources/Policies/Chapter3/#VI)

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