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2013 Fashion Revue Results

The Wild West in Fashion

NOTE: Results and picture below.

We had over 50 entries and 20 participants, and great outfits & textiles of western fashion.  This year we had 8 different categories for the 4H members to choose from, they were: Textile, Needle Arts, $19.99 Purchased, Traditional, State Challenge -Duct Tape State Challenge - 2yd Wonder State Challenge, Embellished & County Challenge. The fabric for the County Challenge was Denim & Bandanas.

Each member who participated at the event wore an outfit that they either sewed or purchased, or created, if it was in the embellished or textile categories. Modeling before the judges was first on the agenda, where each member would explain how they created their outfit. If they entered the Purchased category they needed to explain how much money they spent for their outfit and accessories, what the amount saved was and how versatile the outfit would be with the rest of their wardrobe.

The Duct Tape category was a lot of fun for the members and they created some pretty amazing outfits and accessories out of tape. The 2 Yard Wonder category kept the members to using 2 yards of fabric or less for their outfit, which can be challenging.  And last but not least the County Challenge category showed very creative clothing made from denim and bandanas. 

Congratulations to all of you who participated, you were outstanding and showed a lot of confidence with what you created for this years County Fashion Revue.

We Could Not Have Done It Without You

A big Thank You to our judges: Marleen, Nikki, Angela & Chenoa.
And also big thanks to our Kitchen Crew: Dominic, Kinsman, Simeon, Addie, Don, Kiele & Zemarah.
And last but certainly not the least, Thank You to the CCC Executive Board for funding this event and giving our county’s 4H members a Fun Day of Fashion!

2013 SFR Results

On May 25, 2013, five girls from Sonoma County went to State Fashion Revue at UC Davis. There were 176 competitors from around the state.  The girls from Sonoma County did really well and had a lot of fun. (Click on the picture below to view full size).

• Kiley Andersen - Purchased Junior - Medalist & State Winner
• Emily Lavell - Duct Tape Challenge Junior - Medalist
• Mary Lavell - Purchased Senior - Medalist
• Bella Patt - Traditional Junior - Blue
• Missy Pendleton - Purchased Intermediate - Medalist

Sonoma County also donated 69 Drawstring Bags for Foster Care and was one of the top counties!*

2013 State Fashion Revue Winners - Kiley Andersen front row, center in blue top
2013 State Fashion Revue Winners - Kiley Andersen front row, center in blue top

Categories, Participants & Awards

(P) Primary 6-8 years, (J) Junior 9-11 years, (I) Intermediate 12-13 years, (S) Senior 14-18 years.

Textile: Maria Bartlett (I)~County Winner, Liberty,  Reilly Ballenger (J)~County Winner, Edwards (P)~Participant Award
Needle Arts: Mary Lavell (S)~ County Winner
$19.99 Purchased: Mary Lavell (S)~ County, Missy Pendleton (I)~County Winner, Winner, Kiley Andersen(J)~ County Winner, Emily Lavell (J)~ County Medalist, Katie Terra (J)~ Blue, Reilly Ballenger (J)~ Blue, Amber Williams (J)~ Blue, Gianna Giovannini Lovell (J)~ Blue,  
Traditional: Missy Pendleton (I)~ County Winner, Bella Patt (J)~ County Winner, Reilly Ballenger (J)~ County Medalist, Emily Maners (J)~ Blue, Kiley Andersen (J)~ Blue, Amber Williams (J)~ Blue, Katie Terra (J)~ Blue, Gianna Giovannini Lovell (J)~ Blue, Rebecca Sisson (J)~ Blue, Julia Vandenberg (P)~ Participant Award,
Duct Tape State Challenge: Missy Pendleton (I), County Winner, Emily Lavell (J)~County Winner, Reilly Ballenger (J)~ County Medalist
2 Yard Wonder State Challenge: Reilly Ballenger (J)~ County Winner, Bella Patt (J)~ County Medalist 
Embellished:  Emily Lavell (J)~County Winner,Katie Terra (J)~ County Medalist, Kaitlyn Davenport (J)~ Blue, Jaylee Edwards (J)~ Blue, Emily Maners (J)~ Red, Thailyn Davenport (P)~ Participant Award, Julia Vandenberg (P)~ Participant Award, Liberty Edwards (P)~ Participant Award, Corianna Edwards (P)~ Participant Award
County Challenge: Katie Terra (J)~County Winner, Gianna Giovannini Lovell (J)~ County Medalist, Jaylee Edwards (J)~ Blue, Liberty Edwards (P)~ Participant Award, Corrianna Edwards (P)~ Participant Award

All of the County Winners qualify to go on to State Fashion Revue, held at U.C. Davis on May 25th, as part of 4H State Field Day. If the County Winner for each category chooses not to go, then the County Medalist has the option to go.
Thanks again to all of the 4H members for entering this year’s County Fashion Revue, you guys made this event happen. We are looking forward to next year, and hope you are too.
Chenoa & Denise, Event Co-Chairs

2013 Sonoma County Fashion Revue
2013 Sonoma County Fashion Revue

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