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2016-17 Sonoma County 4-H CCC Committee Descriptions

I&R (Incentives & Recognition) Committee – meets a minimum of 4 times per year based on needs in the program conducting Record Book Trainings, Record Book Judging, review of proficiencies, organize awards for State winners and other special categories. Some business is handled via email; most are meetings at the 4-H Center. We always need new members with new ideas!

Livestock Judging Committee – Meets one time before contest. Most meetings can be done via emails. Committee members help organize contest, complete judging card packets, oversee registration, and perform contest score tabulations, present awards and results. Committee works with SRJC and SRJC Ag Advisors. May also be responsible for clinic prior to contest. We always need new members with new ideas!

Teen Events Committee – Develop two events for our Jr Leaders and Teen Leaders. We have had Teen Dinners in the past but we are looking for new ways to involve our teens. We really need participation on the committee including from our teens! Ideas currently being tossed about – Bowling Night for our Jr. Leaders and a real Beach Party with a community service element for our Teen Leaders. Meets 3-4 times but majority can be done via email.  We always need new members with new ideas!

Presentation Day Committee – Responsible for the organization and implementation of our County Presentation Day. These tasks include entries, arranging for judges, room hosts, equipment, set up, presentation schedules, awards, gifts, promotion of the event and participation and coordination of activities day of event. Also responsible for tabulations. Committee meets several times before the event to designate task assignments. Teens are encouraged to participate. We always need new members with new ideas!

Camp Steering Committee – The Sonoma County 4-H Camp Steering committee is looking for You! Anyone interested in joining 4-H camp is welcome to join. The Steering Committee advises the CCC on matters of polity and guidelines for Camp. They review the Camp program each year and make recommendations when needed and mediate grievances related to Camp. They also help to coordinate volunteers and recommend the Camp Coordinators to the CCC. Anyone interested in Camp is welcome.

Chickenque Committee – Meets monthly from October to May to organize the major fundraising event for the 4-H program. We are looking for new members including teen members to help build our committee strength. Committee members will be responsible for ordering, tickets, arranging schedules, working with community partners, coordinating deliveries, promoting the event, helping with advertising, visiting clubs with information and many more tasks to pull off this wonderful event. 

Chicken Run Committee – Organize and run annual Chicken run in conjunction with the CQ.  Committee is responsible for registration, promotion, coordination with Chickenque Committee, set up of event, monitoring activities, ordering participant items, coordinating 4-H members and leaders to help with the event.  Last year was our first event and we would love to get more people involved and keep the momentum going!

Scholarship Committee – Meets 1 time per year to evaluate the current scholarship applications, arrange for distribution and promotion of scholarships and organize the judging of scholarship applications.  Notify

Friend of 4-H Award Committee – This committee has been part of I&R for many years but would allow an opportunity for leaders and Jr/Teen members to work on a small county committee.    We would love to have some dedicated leaders to promote this wonderful award and find the many hidden volunteers who have made such a difference to the lives of the youth we work so hard for. The committee would be responsible for promoting the award, gathering information on the candidates and having a selection committee to select the winners. Normally the committee would meet 1-2 times a year – normally in early fall so we have our winners selected for Achievement Night.

Officer Training – Great opportunity to help our Club Officers learn their new jobs. The committee would be responsible for locating volunteer instructors for each office and have a 1-2 hour training event in late August – early September. Teen Leaders are encouraged to apply for this committee as well!  Our All Stars and Rising Stars have spearheaded the committee but really need other involvement to help our new officers.

Fashion Review – Committee will plan and organize the County Fashion Review including special contests, fashion show, lunch, educational programs, judging and promoting the event to increase participation. Committee should coordinate and promote event to help increase participation. Promotion to the 4-H clubs sewing and crafts group would help involvement.

Outreach and Promotion – Committee would develop ideas and programs to promote the 4-H program. Provide ideas to reach a larger audience, help develop curriculum or marketing flyers to send to schools and other programs to encourage membership. Find new opportunities to expand the 4-H program. This committee might also assist the CCC Executive Board and our County All Stars with an Open House for the community to encourage 4-H membership and answer general questions.

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