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July/August 2013

July 2013 State 4-H eNews

**   President’s Corner   **

Summer is here and it can’t get busier for our 4-H members! Sonoma Marin Fair, Camp 1 & 2, State Fair and Sonoma County Fair will be here before we know it! One of my favorite times of the year is the fairs. It gives us all an opportunity to see what a great group of 4-H members we have and how well they do with all the projects they have. It also allows our Teens to expand their leadership roles by helping the younger exhibitors become successful in their endeavors. It is always a very proud moment for me to witness our teens becoming productive young adults.

The All Star team has been hard at work planning your 2013 Achievement Night and I’m sure it will be a exciting event! Stay tuned for more information. Our next CCC meeting will be on September 3rd at 7pm at the 4-H office conference room. Please remember the meetings for September, October and November will be held at the 4-H office. January through May will be held at the 4-H Center in Rohnert Park. Please plan on attending the meeting and meeting the new CCC officers.

2013-14 CCC Officers:

  • President-Diana Stornetta
  • Vice President-Program – Rebecca Nystrom
  • Vice President-Membership – Matt Schaefer
  • Secretary – Dodie Peterson
  • Treasurer-Stefanie Stornetta
  • Special Accounts Treasurer-Michelle Pendleton
  • Corresponding Secretary-Lisa Jack
  • Past President-Cheryl Mohrman 
  • At Large members-Kris Cover, Janet Cipriano, Theresa Bartlett and Kelly Hinde.

On behalf of the CCC Board we hope you have a wonderful summer filled with project fun and fair blue ribbons! See you in September!

Diana Stornetta


Record Books will be due on September 7th at the Club Leader Training. You can turn your books in earlier at the 4-H Office. I know it’s all a new concept with the Online Record Book but we do have a “resident expert” with Kelly Hinde. Kelly would be happy to answer any of your ORB questions Embrace the change and challenge yourself to complete the new Online Record Book!Wishing everyone a very wonderful summer! Enjoy each new adventure! Kelly Hinde, hindekelly@gmail.com


Dear 4-H Clubs and Projects,
The new club donation form to use for your silent and/or live auction items is located on the 4-H website. Our upcoming BBQ Fundraiser will be held on September 21, 2013. You will get half back. We also are in need of youth volunteers and Project displays.
Please feel free to contact me if you need any help putting together auction items or need any ideas. If you are considering a live auction item we need it asap. There is limited space for live auction items.
2013 Club Auction Donation Form
Susan Hansen, Executive Director 4-H Foundation of Sonoma County, ed4hfoundation@yahoo.com


One time Leader Orientation required for all new leaders.

New project/club leaders: Mark your calendar and attend ONE New Leader Orientation.
• ALL ORIENTATIONS ARE 6:30-8:00 pm at 4H Office in Santa Rosa. 133 Aviation Blvd Santa Rosa

August 26, 2013 -10 people minimum ONLY if there are a minimum of 10 people willing to attend

Please call or email Bonnie at the 4-H Office to confirm (565-2681 or bstritze@sonoma-county.org) and leave your contact info. I will call you a few days before, if I need to cancel due to low sign-ups.

Orientations will be held monthly in the fall, no minimum:

September 18 (Wednesday)
October 10 (Thursday)
November 19 (Tuesday)
January TBA

Volunteers….Please do not start working with youth until you are fully enrolled…fingerprints, orientation, online enrollment and fees paid. See your club leader for more information. Fall dates are subject to change if the SF Giants go to the World Series.


September 28, 7pm at the 4-H Center
We would like to welcome you to the most exciting night of the year! What could be better than going to an awards night where you and your friends are the recipients? The theme is Disney, and we as your All-Star team, are very excited to be planning this amazing night, and we hope you come and bring as many fellow 4-H members from your club as possible! The more people that go, the more fun it is for everyone and we would love to see as many people from around Sonoma County as possible!
From Your 2013-14 All-Star Team: Jennifer Gamba, Erica Larsen, William Hamilton, Gianna Pendleton, Holly LeGallee


Club Leaders:
If you haven’t done so already, please email me with the following information:

  1. Club leaders for coming year…July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014 (Confirm that you are not changing OR give new leader info)
  2. Name of your designated Enrollment Coordinator (name/phone/email).  NOTE:  This is very important because we are setting up enrollment training. Each club needs to have a designated enrollment coordinator. If I do not hear from you, the club leader will be the designee by default.
  3. Countywide Leaders…please confirm with me this week, whether or not you will be continuing your project into the new year and if you have any change of leadership.

Thank you! Judy Ludovise jludovis@sonoma-county.org

** 2013 Thrive Professional Development Opportunities **

This year the State will be offering 3 professional development opportunities for Thrive Leadership development Projects. The full details and registration information will be coming shortly. Training will be held at UC Davis in late August. The travel and development expenses are fully covered for each county to send up to five (5) people which may include youth.
Please contact Judy if you are interested. Judy Ludovise jludovis@sonoma-county.org 565-2681


We have a new grant available for two low household income 4-H members for their market swine project. The grant is $700.00 to offset the costs involved. The purpose of this grant is to help the individuals who may not be able to participate, or struggle participating in this project due to financial burdens. If you know an individual who this would help, please email their contact info and a reason why you think they deserve this grant.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thank you for helping us help the youth of Sonoma County. We truly appreciate the time you put in to their lives and the hard work that it takes.
All the best,
Amber Nunley
4-H Foundation of Sonoma County |Phone (707) 584-9284 | Fax (707) 584-9081


Please submit proficiencies to the 4-H office. The proficiencies will all be handled at club level now, with notation within the program of Achievement Night, as the stars are now. Pins will be given to the Club Leaders.
We will continue to give out recognition for Gold, Platinum, and Emerald Stars at Achievement Night.


Tractor Supply in Petaluma is planning on having weekend events – They will usually be on Saturday. They would like to know if we have someone who would like to do BBQ’s (or whatever type of food booth you want) to raise money for your club(s). If you are interested please contact

Nancy Patton or Bob at 707-775-4590 FREE. Thank you.


Congratulations to the the following youth; each received a $1,000.00 scholarship from our County Club Council.

Youth Name, Club
James Carey, Liberty
Joshua Gluch, Evergreen
Magdalen Grismer, Independence
Cynthia Hinde, Sequoia
Paige Nonella, Forestville
Genevieve Patt, Independence
Michaella Patt, Independence
Jesse Peterson, Liberty


2013 State Fashion Revue Winners - Kiley Andersen front row, center in blue top
2013 State Fashion Revue Winners - Kiley Andersen front row, center in blue top
Hi my name is Kiley. I am from Gold Ridge 4-H. On May 25, 2013, five girls went to State Fashion Revue at UC Davis and represented Sonoma County. There were 176 4-Hers from around the state that were competing. We all did really well and had a lot of fun. (Click on the picture to view full size).

Kiley Andersen - Consumer Science Purchased Junior - Medalist & State Winner
Emily Lavell - Duct Tape Challenge Junior - Medalist
• Mary Lavell - Consumer Science Purchased Senior - Medalist
Bella Patt - Traditional Junior - Blue
• Missy Pendleton - Consumer Science Purchased Intermediate - Medalist

Sonoma County also donated 69 Drawstring Bags for Foster Care and was one of the top counties!

** Welcome New Healthy Living Officers! **

Congratulations to all our newly elected Healthy Living Officers! The Healthy Living officer will serve as the club’s ambassador for health! By choosing to elect a Healthy Living officer your club is taking an active role in promoting healthy lifestyles. The Healthy Living officer will be the leadership for all health activities including: Providing ideas on how to incorporate physical activities and healthy eating into each club meeting, write Healthy Living articles for the club newsletter, and adopting and promoting a club Wellness Plan. Please help ensure that the health “H” of 4-H is at the forefront of all our meetings, consider electing a Healthy Living officer!
The Choose Health Officer Guide was developed by Cornell University Extension.
To receive your Healthy Living Officer pin please email the name of your Officer and club to Anne Iaccopucci at amiaccopucci@ucanr.edu.


For a list of upcoming events, activities and deadlines, visit our 4-H Calendar 

Please send any requests to have events added to the calendar to kgiovannini@ucdavis.edu


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