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President’s Corner

Are you interested in becoming a Sonoma County 4-H All Star? Do you know of someone that fits the part? Visit the county web site and review the application. Applications are due December 14 and selection day is January 27. This is a great opportunity for our teens. Building their leadership and communication skills and making new and lasting friendships.

Do you have an unusual project or interest you would like to share with your fellow 4-H members and leaders? Did you learn something new at a project meeting? I would like to encourage you to share your experience at Presentation Day. The event takes place on February 2nd at the 4-H Center. You will find the details you need in this newsletter. Let's take some extra time and talk it up at our club meetings.

CAL (Create a Leader) Conference is January 25th, 26th and 27th; another incredible leadership weekend for our young teens. If you are planning on attending, let me know. I would love to have your report on your experience at our February CCC meeting.

As we quickly approach 2013, please be reminded of those less fortunate and share during the holiday season. Share old holiday memories with your family/friends and fill your homes with happiness. I hope you and your families a wonderful holiday season.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013 at the 4-H Center.

~Diana Stornetta

Note from Judy

If you are a chair or member of a committee and would like to submit an article or application for the 4-H Reporter, please have it emailed to me by the 5th of the month, for the next Reporter. Please mark your calendars for sending in articles . I no longer have time to contact committee chair people to remind them to submit articles. I used to be able to do this and it was a large part of my job. Unfortunately, I can’t emphasize this enough. If we do not get more contributions, we may move to an every- other month newsletter.

As a result of my workload, this was the first month in 11 years that I was not able to submit 4-H articles to the Farm Bureau in time to be published for the upcoming issue. Very frustrating! Are many of you nodding in agreement, because you are in the same boat?

I know that I have not told you often enough, how much I appreciate all of the time and energy that you put into keeping Sonoma County 4-H Program one of the very best in the state. Probably the nation and the world…I just don’t have the data! . I am in constant awe of all that you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

When you need insurance or a facility use agreement, please contact the 4-H office with a minimum of 3 weeks’ notice whenever possible. We are depending on our clubs more than ever to disseminate information such as hard copies of the newsletter and bank statements.

Parents: Volunteer to help your club leaders! Ask them how you can help. Help with simple tasks such as making copies, phone calls, bring snacks, cleaning up are always welcomed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! Our Sonoma County 4-H volunteers and youth are the best!

~Judy Ludovise

From the Chickenque Committee

We are already busy planning for the 2013 Sonoma County 4-H Chickenque and our first items of business is the T-shirt drawing contest. It was a huge success last year and our goal is to get the information out earlier, leaving no one out. We want to encourage every youth to participate, so be creative and submit a drawing.

Our goal is to better our communication and rally the volunteers. We are proud of the changes we made and are looking forward to higher attendance, more club participation and new volunteers. Please consider being a part of this great committee. We are looking for a few good volunteers. If you're interested, contact Matt Schafer at matt@firetriangle.com. Thank you for being a part of this amazing event!

4-H Foundation News

Does your club or project need money? Are you graduating and/or in college? The 4-H Foundation gives grant money in the Fall and Spring every year and we have over $20,000 for our 2013 scholarship's!

Please visit our website for applications and more information! The 4-H Foundation is excited to announce the Dempel/Johnson $2500 Scholarship for 2013.

Please visit our website for an application and more information.

Mark your Calendars!

  • 2013 Spring Grant Applications Due February 15th, 2013
  • 2013 Scholarship Interviews will be held Saturday, April 20th, 2013
  • 2013 Scholarship Applications due March 15th, 2013 2013 Fall Grant Applications Due November 15th, 2013

***NEW*** Dempel/Johnson Scholarship

This is a $2500 available to Sonoma County residents pursuing a non-agricultural career. Applicants must have been active in 4-H a minimum of 4 years, including his/her Junior and Senior years of high school. They must be entering or attending a four year university or college. This scholarship is available to applicants who have received other 4-H Foundation scholarships, but may receive this scholarship only one time.

Susan Hansen, Executive Director 4-H Foundation of Sonoma County

County Rabbits

Have you ever wanted to know how a rabbit show was put together? If the answer is yes, then perhaps you should join us at County Rabbits. Together we will put together our local show “March Hare”, from beginning to end. This rabbit show is one of the best……because it is all for kids.

We will be starting our program soon. Our meetings will be limited to approximately 4 meetings and the show. Come and join us in all the fun! Contact Debra Mills, cryogenetics@sbcglobal.net or Peri Hanlon, pk4hleader@yahoo.com.

4-H Camp Needs a Nurse

Hi! I am Madalyn Gibson and I am a staffer for Sonoma County 4-H Camp. Last year was an amazing year for 4-h camp. Now it is time to begin again.

First up we need a new nurse. They are very important for camps! Next we need to watch over us staffers and campers. And you know camp can’t go on without volunteers. So if you or someone you know might want to help out with any of the above, please contact one of the four coordinators at: Michelle Machado, machadobunch@aol.com, Gabby McGrath at Gabriellamcgrath@aol.com and Lisa Bianchi at lisalilou@yahoo.com.

Some important dates are: The first staffer training weekend will be held from January 18th to 20th. The Rohnert Park bus will arrive for pick up at 6:00pm and be home to drop off at around 3:45pm. The Santa Rosa bus will be there to pick up at about 6:45pm and drop off at about 3:00pm. Staffer applications are due no later than November 30th.

And remember Camp One is from July 1st -6th and Camp Two is from July 7th- 12th . So excited for another amazing year of camp!!!!!

New Leader Orientations

RSVP please with Bonnie 565-3443.  All trainings at the 4-H Office in Santa Rosa.

NO FINGERPRINTS AVAILABLE AT THESE 2 orientations.You need to get them done at the Sheriff’s office. Make an appointment and take paperwork. All needed info on our county website. Fingerprints must clear by Feb 1

  • January 9th 2:30:00-3:30pm (note time change from Monday List Blog)
  • January 22 6:30-8:00 LAST orientation for the year.

In order to show at the fair, all leaders and members must be fully enrolled (fingerprints cleared, orientation at office enrollment inc fees paid) by Feb 1. Incompletes will be dropped from the system and have to start over next year. Call me if you have a problem with this. Judy 565-3443.

Reminder to everyone that won a Gold or Platinum Star

You must come into the Grange Credit Union office to receive your $50 or $75 prize. If anyone has questions please don’t hesitate to call 584-0384 or email Rebecca@grangecu.org

Every year I have Gold & Platinum money that goes unclaimed….so don’t miss you chance to get your prize money! Rebecca Nystrom Brito Business Development Sonoma County Grange Credit Union 707-584-0384/ Fax 707-584-3811

County Fashion Revue Workshop

The next County Fashion Revue workshop will be January 5th, 2013 at the 4H Office, from 10am - High Noon.

The theme for the next County Fashion Revue is: The Wild West in Fashion Categories: Traditional, Embellished, Recycled, Purchased, Quilted, State Challenge, County Challenge, Needle Art, Textile. (you may enter up to one outfit per category) Recycled, Quilted, County Challenge, Needle Art and Textile categories do not go on to state.

These are the State Fashion Revue Challenge categories:

  • 2 Yard Wonder: using a 2 yard length of 100% cotton fabric, 44/45” wide, sew a garment and an accessory. You can use less fabric but not more for the garment and accessory. There is no specific pattern requirement. Additional garments to complete the outfit may be sewn or purchased. Take a “before” photo of the member holding the piece of fabric and an “after” photo wearing the outfit. The entry must be sewn by the member as part of his/her 4H Clothing & Textiles project.
  • Duct Tape Challenge: Create a wearable garment out of duct tape such as a jacket, shirt, pants, skirt or dress. The member may choose to begin with a purchased garment or not. Additional garments, accessories, fabric and materials may be added.

At this workshop we will be handing out 2 yards of fabric for the County Challenge category. If you plan on entering this category then you will need to be at the workshop to pick up the fabric. It will not be available after the workshop, so if you can’t make the workshop, then have some one pick it up for you. We will let you know the exact date of the County Fashion Revue at the workshop and we will also have the entry forms available.

For more information email us at:dvangerpen@gmail.com Happy sewing, Chenoa & Denise Van Gerpen

A big “thank you” to Bonnie Van Anda

Bonnie continues to organize our office lending library and warehouse. She is sorting, organizing, ordering, reviewing and donating. And all with a smile! She is our new unofficial “curriculum specialist”! Look for more information this spring, regarding viewing and accessing materials in the library.

A 4-H Archery Certification Training for Volunteers and Junior/Teen leaders

Saturday, January 19th, 9 AM – 5 PM, and Sunday, January 20th, 8 AM- 12 noon, at the Livermore-Pleasanton Rod & Gun Club, 4000 Dagnino Road, Livermore, CA 94551 in Alameda County.

You must be an enrolled 4-H leader or member and attend both days to receive certification to teach archery at the project, club and camp levels. The course will include a PowerPoint lecture, review of equipment, practice shooting and teaching, and a written test. The cost is $50 per person to include a resource binder, range fees, and Saturday lunch. Overnight RV parking, water & power only, is available for an additional fee.

To register, please complete and mail the “CA 4-H Shooting Sports Training Request and Registration Form” available at http://www.ca4h.org/files/2123.pdf, and an adult or youth 4-H medical release form and a $50 check payable to “De Arroyo 4-H Club” to Jennifer Siders, 4967 Erica Way, Livermore, CA 94550.

Registration is due Monday, January 7th and space is limited. For more information call Jenny at 925-321-6009 or email her at jsiders@gmail.com

Upcoming Events

See the Events & Activities page.

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