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2015 March


Sonoma County 4-H Events & Activities

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President's Message

The events just keep flying by and before you know it we will be at Chickenque and Fair Time! We are so fortunate to have such a great group of volunteers to help organize and run the events that are so beneficial to the youth in our program. A HUGE thank you for all of your enthusiasm and hard work!  Special thanks to Kelly Hinde, Sara Glashan and committee for another outstanding Presentation Day – lots of winners to represent us at the next level! Huge thank you to the leaders and 4-H members who helped make it another great day – good luck at Sectional Presentation Day. All Star and Rising Star applications will be out in April – selection will be in late May.  The term for the All Stars and Rising Stars is moving back to the 4-H year – July through June. We look forward to a lot of wonderful applications with the wonderful youth of Sonoma County 4-H.

If you have members who have not done record books but really need and want to earn those stars for their hats we have several volunteers that are willing to work with youth to help them catch up on those star rankings.  We have such an active 4-H community and we want to make sure our members are recognized for their outstanding work and not miss an opportunity because they have fallen behind on their record books.
If you’re interested, please contact Charlotte LeGallee, Cheryl Mohrman or Diana Stornetta and we will be happy to work with your members to gain their star rankings. 

Chickenque is right around the corner!  Tickets were given out at the Chickenque Rep meeting and we ask everyone to help make this best one ever!  Please encourage your projects to bring a booth to the Chickenque and have the opportunity to showcase all the many things we do in our great program.  Really looking forward to see all the new activities! Don’t forget to order your special Chickenque T-shirts - ordering time is limited! ChickenQue Poster contest reminder– everyone should be holding their club contests in March and make sure the winners get to Council meeting in April!  Camp is in full swing now and camp reps would love to come to your club meetings and talk to your members about their great program.  It is a great opportunity for our Camp Leadership Group to build the enthusiasm and participation in our Camp program!

There will be several offices opening on the CCC Executive Board this year.  We will be electing a new President, Vice President of Programs, Vice President of Membership and 3 Members at Large. Think about becoming involved in the CCC Board.  If you would like more information or are interested in running for office, please email me at sprcrk@comcast.net or Judy Ludovise.  If you have a teen member interested in serving as a 4-H Foundation youth rep, please email me. There will be additional information at the March CCC meeting but feel free to contact me before then.    

Keep your activities and events on your calendar so you can update your online record book …don’t want to forget an event or activity toward your star ranks!   

2015 March Hare

Show Schedule 

Schedule may vary, subject to change 


Saturday, March 14th, 2015
Event Takes Place at the 4-H Center

8:00         Showroom Opens

8:30         Educational Clinic, “Break it Down”

10:00       Show and Showmanship Begin

Additional details available at the March Hare Page

March Hare Entry Form

From The Chickenque Committee 

Our first two rep meetings were a big success.  Thank you to those that have volunteered their time to help our event. At the first two meetings, your clubs received a packet of flyer, that you can also find on the website, and club tickets and banners. Please talk up our event as an Open House and encourage everyone to attend.  

Congratulations to Reilly Ballenger from Lytton Springs 4-H.  She won the t-shirt drawing contest and her drawing will be on our CQ shirts this year. Please find the attached order form and spread the word.  

2015 ChickenQue T-Shirt Order Form

Volunteer sign ups are up and we encourage everyone to do their part.  Special thanks to those that helped at Fair Appreciation Day.  

Ryan, Fred and Matt

If you have any questions or great ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Matt Schafer                        matt@firetriangle.com

Cheryl Mohrman                  mohrmanjr@aol.com

Ryan Petersen                     ryan@petersenlandmanagement.com

Fred Frey                            vintagetreecare@aol.com

Presentation Day Results 

Many thanks to all of the Judges and Room Hosts who stepped up to make 2015 Sonoma County Presentation Day a great success!  We had 47 presentations on Saturday, February 7 – 21 Demonstrations and Illustrated Talks; 3 Interpretive Readings; 1 Prepared Speech; 2 Impromptu Speeches; 1 Cultural Arts; 1 Share the Fun Skit and 18 Educational Displays. Ten of our presenters were Primary members!

Congratulations to all of the presenters for a job well done!! 26 Presenters qualified to move onto Sectional Field Day (which includes Sectional Presentation Day) on March 28 at UC Davis. These members have until March 1 to register online for the event (parents and leaders are encouraged to register as judges and eligible youth as room hosts & couriers).  

2015 Sonoma County Presentation Day Results 

My First C.A.L. Conference

January 23-25, 2015

Walker Ranch, Marin County

Gianna Giovannini Lovell, 12, Gateway 4-H

After check in, we put our gear in our assigned cabin and went to assembly.  During assembly, we went up by County and did our cheer.  Later we had campfire where we sang songs and staffers put on some funny skits.

On Saturday, we got up and went to breakfast.  Then on to assembly and did a test on what kind of personality we have.  After I added up my score, I got the color blue which is loving, passionate, romantic, on time, approachable, saves money; all around easy going.

Then we went to our first workshop where we learned parliamentary procedure while making a pizza, it was a fun way to learn. In another workshop, we made up a project for 4-H and had to figure out the budget for the project. During the SET workshop, we tried to make an LED bulb light up with citrus using a nail, putty and wire; we couldn’t get it to light.  We also used five different chlorine solutions to make a flame turn different colors. That was really cool/hot.

After that, we learned how to deal with different types of people. For example when you are interrupted while talking and how to stop the interrupter by politely asking them to stop (when they finish talking).  My favorite workshop was dance where when learned how to swing dance.

On Saturday night, we had a dance that was themed 50’s sock hop. I wore a poodle skirt that I created with a skirt found at a thrift store, an iron on poodle and puff paint.

On Sunday morning, after breakfast we had a guest speaker who talked to us about doing what we like to do and that failure is ok because you learn from your mistakes. We packed and had final assembly then left with new leadership skills. 

I look forward to going again next year.


CAL conference

2015 Fashion Revue 

The theme for the 2015 4-H Sonoma County Fashion Revue is “Fashion in Wonderland

The event will take place March 21st2015 at the 4-H Center, in Rohnert Park.

Please make note of some new changes for the Sonoma County Fashion Revue this year.

There will be the following categories: Traditional, Upcycled, Textile, Embellished, $40 Purchased, the “Mad Hatter” County Challenge and NEW this year the “Pin Cushion” Textile Challenge.

And also the State Fashion Revue Challenge categories which are: Jacket Challenge and Costume Challenge.

For more information about the Fashion Revue Visit the CFR Webpage

Updates from the I&R Committee

 As promised, the Incentives and Recognition Committee has revised the Award Applications and Submission Guidelines for the Club Newsletter Award and the Club Secretary Award.  These new applications and guidelines should be used beginning immediately and judging of Editor and Secretary books beginning this 4-H year (2014/2015) will be using this criteria.  There will be no exceptions and Club Leaders should insure that their Editors and Secretaries are notified of these changes as soon as possible. The new forms are available on the county website  

Please direct any questions to the I&R Committee via Diana Stornetta


Calling All Archery Leaders

The 3rd Annual State 4-H Shooting Sports Archery Match is now open. Every leader that entered last year was sent an email with the rules and entry form attached. The same was sent to the 4-H staff list. The deadline for entering is March 16, 2015 Each leader MUST have the entry form signed by a 4-H staff person, who double checks that each youth is currently enrolled and submit a council check for their entries. The deadline for returning the entries is June 16, 2015.

Archery Match Rules

Archery Match Entry Form 

A reminder only a currently enrolled approved archery leader can sign and send in the entries and score the cards as the member shoots. 
Any questions email Linda Edgington or call her 707-463-4495

Dairy Day 

Saturday, March 7th 2015 at 9:30am. Save the Date!
For Primary Youth (Ages 5-8) 
Location: 4-H Office - 133 Aviation Blvd Ste 109, Santa Rosa    

farm academy
Join us in a FREE educational activity that will be fun and engaging for kids and adults!  
The Award Winning Primary Farm Academy Activity is titled 
“Milk: From the Dairy to Your Door.”

The morning will include a virtual field trip to a farm, fun hands-on activities and a chance to interact with a Farm Academy teacher through a video conferencing program. If any volunteers have a connection with the Dairy Industry and can provide items or activities, please email Judy

There are only a handful of spaces left! Please call 707-565-2681 or email Diego Mariscal at the 4-H office as soon as possible and don't miss out!

During the coming year we will provide more Farm Academy presentations, such as “Cotton: From the Field to Your Family” and “Food and Nutrition: From Farm to Fork”

Sonoma County Junior Livestock Auction 

Do you like to shop local? Is sustainability an important consideration?  Want to encourage hard working youth? Support the Sonoma County Junior Livestock Auction!

Purchase a 4-H market animal at the Sonoma County Junior Livestock Auction and you will receive a locally raised, healthy animal that will more than fill your freezer.  In addition, your purchase is:

  • Tax deductible
  • Acknowledged in local print publications
  • Custom cut, wrapped, smoked etc
  • Freezer ready when you receive it

Your purchase makes an excellent (tax deductible) gift too

  • Present premium cuts (hams etc) to others
  • Can’t eat that much meat? Donate it to a local charity!

Or partner with someone and purchase half – it is still tax deductible!

Can’t attend the auction? Folks are available to officially bid on your behalf.  Or come join in the excitement and do your own bidding! And, enjoy a nice lunch on us!  Be the highest bidder and have your photo taken with the animal and the 4H youth.  You’ll receive a heartfelt thank you and photo that can be displayed at your business. 

In addition to shopping locally and supporting a sustainable product, your support makes a big difference in the lives of 4H youth who work hard to raise their animals and to present the best quality product at the auction.  Please consider purchasing a tax deductible 4H market animal at the Sonoma County Junior Livestock Auction!

Thank you!

Livestock Auction

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10 Tips to Add More Fruits to Your Diet 

Upcoming Events  


1                                             Fair Appreciation Day 9:00am at the Fairgrounds  

3                                             CCC Mtg. 7:00pm at the 4-H Center in Rohnert Park

7                                             Dairy Day 9:00am at the 4-H office Santa Rosa

14                                           March Hare 8:00am at the 4-H Center

21                                           Fashion Revue 8:00am at the 4-H Center

26                                           CQ Rep Mtg. 7:00 pm at 4-H Center

31                                           Exec. Meeting - 7:00pm at 4-H Center


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