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It’s the time of year where everything flies by and it’s easy to miss deadlines if we don’t watch carefully.  Fair entries, camp reservations and State Leadership Conference will be due in the near future.  Watch for deadlines!

Diana pic

Our biggest one day event is May 4th! The 53rd Anniversary of the 4-H ChickenQue is just days away and we are hoping for the biggest one ever!  Thank you all for working as a team to make this event the best. ChickenQue is our major fundraiser for our 4-H program so selling those tickets is very, very important.  Can’t wait to see the Best Cake Contest and Cake Eating Contest again – a huge hit at ChickenQue last year.  And the new Silent Auction for the Club’s best cakes!! Congratulations to all the members who submitted posters for competition! They were unbelievable and very hard to choose winners! 

We are very excited with the great plans of our new 2014-15 All Star Emily Eakins – she has some wonderful goals and has already started to put them in motion!  Please take a moment to talk with Emily at one of the many events she will be attending. 

It is once again time to start getting geared up for the fairs. Don’t forget to enter all the wonderful things you have made during your 4-H project meetings! I love walking through the exhibit building and seeing all the creative items you make and the fantastic educational displays! Our 4-H membership has some pretty remarkable
projects to showcase – share your projects with the general public by entering your project work at the fair or giving a demonstration! 

Hope everyone has been making time to get onto the online record book system and keeping your book current!  See you all at ChickenQue!



Hi! My name is Emily Eakins, I am a member of the Forestville 4-H club and Sonoma County’s 2014-2015 All-Star. This year as the Sonoma County all star, I am looking forward to cultivating the All-Star program as well as building relationships and working together with the community. 


Being the only All-Star I am looking forward to the challenges in the year ahead. My team and I, made up of the CCC and 4-H Office staff and 4-H Foundation members, are focusing on leadership, record books, and community relations. My advisers and I have come up with a new position in our county, the Junior Ambassador, to assist the acting all star and learn about becoming an All-Star themselves. In the Jr. All-Star Ambassador program, youth will be able to get a glimpse of what it is like to be an all star. They will take on tasks that will be great learning experiences for their roles as leaders in their 4-H clubs and in our community.

My advisors and I have been considering many ideas about record books. We are looking to make record books more enjoyable and rewarding for youth to complete, through such things as incentives and fun workshops. More information concerning record books will be coming later. I am looking to put a new face on being a Sonoma County all star. I plan to do outreach in the community and have events to inform the 4-H youth about the agriculture industry and the various issues, concerns, and opportunities that are facing agriculture and Sonoma County 4-H.



Congratulations to ALL of our poster participants. Be sure to get your posters up in the windows around town. They are the best advertising we could have! 

winning posters


1st place: Amy Schafer (Liberty)

2nd place: Angelina Leal (Wild Oak)

3rd place: Emily Lavell (Gateway)


1st place: Amber Williams (Gold Ridge)

2nd place: Andrew Thurber (Steuben)

3rd place: Rose Spaletta (Live Oak)


1st place: Alyssa Skoog (Liberty)

2nd place: Holly Hay (Canfield)

3rd place: Hannah Combs (Forestville)



The 2nd annual Chicken-stravaganza will be held on Sunday May 18th, from 10am to 2pm at SRJC Shone Farm!!

This is a free event that will provide tours of the SRJC free-range and pasture systems for poultry, demonstrations of bandaging and wound care, veterinarian demonstrations and discussions of disease, pathogens, and toxins, demonstrations and teaching of cooking techniques for fresh vs. store bought eggs and much more. Presenters include UC Davis and SRJC Instructors, Veterinarians, and specialists from UC Extension and California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory. Other activities include a Pot luck, Shone Farm Olive Oil tasting and a chance to learn how to identify the footprints of common chicken predators!

See flyer for more info. Contact: Dr. Dan Famini at dfamini@santarosa.edu



California 4-H $1,000 for 1,000 Service Learning Projects—Get connected with 4-H!

Application Deadlines:

May 15, 2014

July 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

November 15, 2014


See Judy for more information. Don’t let this pass you by. Start planning now for a fall grant!



Friday, May 2nd, 2014 – 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Facility Location: Madera County 4H class room, 328 S. Madera Avenue, Madera CA, 93637-5465

A 4-H shooting sports workshop for the pistol discipline will be held at the Madera County 4H office in Madera, CA.  This is a one day-twelve hours course. This course will be held indoors using the Creedmoor portable air gun range and Crosman Silhouette 1700P PCP pistols donated by the NRA.  Participants may also bring their own AIR pistols to use should they choose. Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will be certified as a volunteer and can lead a pistol project at the club level. The cost for this course is $30.00 to cover the instruction binder each participant will receive. Teen leaders are invited to attend.  Eye protecting will be provided, however, students may bring their own eye protection if desired.  Polycarbonate prescription eye glasses are acceptable.
To register for the course or receive more information, contact Sammy Ashworth at (559) 707-0755 or email sdashworth@gmail.com Please fill out and bring the medical documents listed below.





Have you signed up for your CQ job? If not, do it now by simply going to the link below (or email the office and request that we send you a link so you don’t have to type it in!). We need to find out where we are low on coverage. Thank you so much… we couldn't do it without you! 



One position in particular that filled that we need is a Sanitation Supervisor. The SS job is for an adult to oversee the packing-line volunteers as they arrive and prepare for working on the packing-line. The SS makes sure that youth & adults pull their hair back, if needed, put on their apron, wash their hands and then put on gloves. The SS also reminds the volunteers to not touch their faces with their gloved hands or any non-food surface (aside from the containers that the food gets put into). We would greatly appreciate a couple of volunteers for this position!



Blood Centers of the Pacific will be at the ChickenQue this year. They will be located on the East Side of the Cow Palace. To schedule your lifesaving appointment, visit  www.bloodheroes.com and click “Donate Blood” & enter the Sponsor Code: 4HCQ.

All donors will receive a ticket for free cake at the ChickenQue! You will also earn a free large one-topping pizza from Papa Murphy’s! See flyer for more info




There has been a recent change in policy and the county has decided to open up camp to out-of-county youth. Effective immediately, we will be accepting camper applications for campers outside Sonoma County. They will need to sign a cross-county agreement form. We look forward to getting to know some new faces at camp!



This Year’s 4-H Camp dates are:

Camp I – Sunday, June 29 to Friday, July 4, 2014

Camp II – Sunday, July 6 to Friday, July 11, 2014

Staffers go to Camp one day earlier for each week.

CAMP STILL NEEDS VOLUNTEERS! It takes many adult volunteers to make camp happen!

Currently we are in need of volunteers for:

~ Camp I & II Adult Chaperones PLEASE!!! (Without enough we will have to turn away campers!)

Gianna Giovannini Lovell, Gateway 4-H
Gianna Giovannini Lovell, Gateway 4-H

Our chaperones need to have a background screening and be certified in First Aid and CPR. Additionally, anyone helping with food preparation or food service must be food safety certified. All of these certifications can be easily obtained online in an hour or so, but the entire process does take time. So PLEASE! Consider signing up to be a chaperone as soon as possible! 

~ Luggage Haulers! This requires someone who has a trailer, to meet the buses at the 4-H centers, load kids’ luggage, and deliver it to/from 4-H camp.

~Adult ChickenQue rep: This person would organize staffing the work shifts that camp is responsible for, and organizing our camp information booth for ChickenQue.

~ Adults to help with a maintenance day at Las Posadas, date TBD.

Please contact one of the camp coordinators listed below if you are able to help with any of these jobs.

Camp I: Lisa Bianchi (lisalilou@yahoo.com) or Gabby McGrath (gabriellamcgrath@aol.com)

Camp II: Michelle Machado (machadobunch@aol.com) or Crissi Langwell (crissitherese@gmail.com)

Camper applications are out now! Make sure to get yours turned in promptly as camp can fill up quickly!


More Documents:

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Shooting Sports Teen Leadership Institute

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