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State 4-H updates and National 4-H updates

President's Corner

Hard to believe this year has just flown by.  Summer is here and it can’t get busier for our 4-H members! 

Diana Stornetta
Sonoma Marin Fair, Camp 1 & Camp; 2, State Fair and Sonoma County Fair will be here before we know it!  One of my favorite times of the year is the fairs.  It gives us all an opportunity to see what a great group of 4-H members we have and how well they do with all the projects they have.  It also allows our Teens to expand their leadership roles by helping the younger exhibitors become successful in their endeavors.  It is always a very proud moment for me to witness our teens becoming productive young adults. 

A huge THANK YOU to all of the 4-H clubs, leaders, members and volunteers that helped with the annual Chickenque.  The new Open House format was a huge hit and we look forward to showcasing the many talents of our 4-H program over the next few years.  Everyone should congratulate themselves on a job well done.  You made Sonoma County 4-H proud!  

Our 2014-15 All Star, Emily Eakins did a phenomenal job as the Master of Ceremonies at our Chickenque!  What energy and excitement for the program!  We are all looking forward to the transformation of the All Star program beginning with the development of the new Jr. Ambassador team!  We look forward to all of Emily’s plans especially her dedication to record books and making them exciting for the 4-H youth.

Our next CCC meeting will be on September 2nd at 7pm at the 4-H office conference room.  Please remember the meetings for September, October and November will be held at the 4-H office.  January through May will be held at the 4-H Center in Rohnert Park.  Please plan on attending the meeting and meeting the new CCC officers: 

  • President-Diana Stornetta
  • Vice President-Program – Rebecca Nystrom
  • Vice President-Membership – Matt Schaefer
  • Secretary – Sara Glashan
  • Treasurer-Stefanie Stornetta
  • Special Accounts Treasurer-Lisa Jack
  • Corresponding Secretary-Dodie Peterson
  • Historian-Patrick Hinde
  • Past President-Cheryl Mohrman 
  • At Large members-Kris Cover, Janet Cipriano, Theresa Bartlett and Kelly Hinde. 

On behalf of the CCC Board we hope you have a wonderful summer filled with project fun and fair blue ribbons!  See you in September!

National 4-H Council

National 4-H Council is pleased to announce a 4-H National Leadership Committee has been established to provide a structure for convening the three organizations that partner to provide 4-H positive youth development: the United States Department of Agriculture-National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA-NIFA), Cooperative Extension and National 4-H Council.

This committee will foster proactive communication and collaboration in order to focus on issues of national importance to 4-H, including:

  • Expanding the 4-H to reach more urban and rural underserved audiences
  • Recruiting a more diverse 4-H workforce
  • Increasing the cultural competency of existing paid staff and volunteers, and
  • Developing sustainable, new resources to support the expansion of the 4-H program.

Surrounded by 4-H members from across the country today, Cooperative Extension, USDA-NIFA and National 4-H Council showed united support of positive youth development by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for this 4-H National Leadership Committee, clarifying the roles and responsibilities of each party.

ECOP Chair-elect Delbert Foster, South Carolina State University signed the MOU on behalf of ECOP Chair Jimmy Henning, University of Kentucky, along with USDA-NIFA Director Sonny Ramaswamy and National 4-H Council President and Chief Executive Officer Jennifer Sirangelo.

National 4-H Council 2014
The signing took place as part of the historic Cooperative Extension Centennial Convocation, May 8, 2014 in Washington, D.C. The convocation commemorated the Smith-Lever Act signed on the same day 100 years ago establishing Cooperative Extension nationwide through the Land-grant University System.

See a video recording of the event, including the signing of the MOU. In addition to honoring the legacy of Cooperative Extension, speakers provided a compelling vision for another 100 years of Extension educational excellence by extending knowledge and changing lives.

Ready for Recordbooks

Visit Record Books for all the details and links to the information you need!


This year, we had many qualified and outstanding   scholarship applications.  We are happy to introduce you to 11 outstanding scholarship recipients.  

2014 CCC Scholarship Winners

  • Corey Sceales– Cloverdale High School – attending SRJC, intended Major- Film Studies/History
  • Gianna Pendleton– Analy High School – attending SRJC, intended Major – Vet Medicine
  • Eli Warner– El Molino High School – attending SRJC, intended Major – Biochemistry/Anesthesiologist
  • Ellorine Carle– Casa Grande High School – attending Barnard – intended Major – Ag Communication or International Ag Development or Political Science
  • Seth Camilli– Maria Carillo High School – attending SRJC, intended Major – teaching
  • College
    Christine Gluch– Cardinal Newman – attending Montana State – Major Animal Science
  • Erica Larson– Sonoma Valley High School – attending UC Davis – Major Ag Bus.

Ongoing Juniors

  • Gianna Fistolera– SSU – Major, Kinesiology
  • Kayla Camilli– SRJC to UC Davis, Major English
  • Savannah Warner–  SSU, Major Business Management
  • Suzanne Amaral– Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Major Ag Science/Ag Education

Shooting Sports

Shooting Sports Leaders – Mark Your Calendar! 

Shooting Sports
A State 4-H Shooting Sports Leader Meeting will be held October 18 & 19, 2014 at the River Oaks Range (Safety First Shooting Association) in Merced County. This event is open to teen leaders and adult volunteers involved with the shooting sports program. It will include training tips, policy, information sharing, hands-on activities and more. Save the dates on your calendar; more information will be provided at a later date. To receive the most current updates, enter your name and email address at Shooting Sports Mailing List .

John Borba jaborba@ucanr.edu
4-H Youth Development Advisor
Kern County
(661) 868-6216

53rd Annual Chickenque

The 53rd Annual Chickenque was a great success.  This is an amazing event that has strong traditions and new ideas. Many things have changed over the years, but the reason behind Chickenque remains the same, the youth of Sonoma County 4-H. It takes some 600 volunteers and 20 plus dedicated committee members to run this event, and we would like thank each and every one of you.  

CQ cakes!
A special Thank You goes to the United States Coast Guard Base Culinary Division. They have been instrumental in helping us improve the chicken, our cooking times and organizing the BBQ area.  

Our Chickenque Club Reps were outstanding this year, attending meetings and communicating back to their clubs. They are the voice of the event, sharing information and gathering volunteers.  

This was Matt Schafer's last year (Thanks Matt!) as chair and right behind him are two great guys.  Ryan Petersen will take the lead in 2015 and Fred Frey will lead in 2016. Matt will help and support them, but the lead will be theirs. 

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