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President's Corner

Thank you to everyone who attended the Countywide Officer Installation on Sunday, November 16th at the 4-H Center. A huge thank you to our All-Star Emily Eakins and her Rising Star team – Shelby Gersley, Maria Bartlett, Missy Pendleton, Francesca Pharo, Ellie Slick, Melanie Hanlon, and Talia Morones. Our team did a great job installing the club officers and community leaders. We appreciate the clubs working with our All Star/Rising Star team to complete the installations in one location.

Enrollment has been moving right along! A huge thank you to Matt Schafer and Stefanie Stornetta for working the bugs out and getting us up and running quickly this year. Club leaders and members – you owe a huge thank you to your VEC 1s for the outstanding job they have done this year getting enrollment completed and processed so promptly! 

Do you have an unusual project or interest you would like to share with your fellow 4-H members and leaders? Did you learn something new at a project meeting? I would like to encourage you to share your experience at Presentation Day. The event takes place on February 7th at the 4-H Center. We encourage all members to try and complete one of the presentation areas this year and to work toward their bronze, silver, gold or platinum star. Presentations are an outstanding way to share your knowledge with other members and leaders. It will help develop public speaking skills. Let's take some extra time and talk it up at our club meetings.

C.A.L. (Create a Leader) Conference is January 23rd, 24th and 25th. It will be another incredible leadership weekend for our young teens. If you are planning on attending, let me know. I would love to have you report on your experience at our February CCC meeting.

The County Livestock Judging Clinic is scheduled for Saturday, January 24, 2015 at the Santa Rosa JC Shone Farm from 9 am – 12 pm. We will be offering classes for meat goats, sheep, beef and swine.  Each member will receive the judging booklet with tips and terminology to help develop their livestock judging skills. This is a great event for all livestock members – even if you aren’t judging – you can develop skills to help select your market and/or breeding animals for the upcoming fairs. 

As we approach 2015, please be reminded of those less fortunate and offer help during the holiday season. Share old holiday memories with your family/friends and fill your homes with happiness. I hope you and your families have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

Our next CCC meeting is Tuesday, January 6th, 2015, 7 pm at the 4-H Center. Please note the new location!

From the Chickenque Committee

We would like to welcome Ryan Petersen and Fred Frey to our awesome committee. They will be shadowing Matt this year as he transitions out of being our CQ Chair. They are two incredible volunteers, with great ideas and new energy.  As we begin planning for the May 3rd event, expect little changes. Our focus this year will be on creating more of an 4-H Open House with a chicken BBQ.  We will be promoting and inviting the public in a variety of ways. If you have any great connections or ideas, please feel free to share them with us.  

Mark your calendars, Fair Appreciation Day will be March 1st, 2015. We will have the volunteer sign up available soon. This day is set aside to say Thank You to the Sonoma County Fairgrounds for allowing us to use the fairgrounds, for free, during the Chickenque.  This is a very generous gift.  

Our first Chickenque Rep. meeting will be January 22nd, 7pm at the 4-H Center. The rep meetings will continue to be on the 4th Thurs. of the month, through April.  

Chickenque T-Shirt Contest Info is available now!

If you have any questions or great ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 
Matt Schafer                        matt@firetriangle.com
Cheryl Mohrman                  mohrmanjr@aol.com
Ryan Petersen                     ryan@petersenlandmanagement.com
Fred Frey                            vintagetreecare@aol.com 


January 22nd, 2015
Chickenque Rep meetings, 7:00pm at the 4-H Center

February 3rd, 2015 (CCC Meeting)
T-shirt contest drawings due, no exceptions. An email will be sent to all the club leaders with an order form within the week.

February 26th, 2015
Chickenque Rep. meeting, 7:00pm at the 4-H Center. Tickets will be available.

March 1st, 2015
Fair Appreciation Day – Sonoma County Fairgrounds, 9:00am - 12:00pm

March 26th, 2015
Chickenque Rep. meeting, 7:00pm at the 4-H Center

March 26th, 2015
T-shirt orders are due, no exceptions

April 23rd, 2015
Final Chickenque Rep. meeting, 7:00pm at the 4-H Center. T-shirts will be available for pick up

May 3rd, 2015
Day of the event, 11:00am – 4:30pm, Sonoma County Fairgrounds

May 29th, 2015
Club turn in date, 4:00pm to the 4-H Office. NO exceptions. Complete accounting of tickets sold, remaining tickets and a check made payable to Sonoma County 4-H. 

2015 Sonoma County Fashion Revue 

Event Date: Saturday March 21st, 2015 at 9:00am in the 4-H Center in Rohnert Park

The theme for the 2015 Sonoma County Fashion Revue will be 

FR Theme

Please make note of some new changes for the Sonoma County Fashion Revue this year.

There will be the following categories:
Traditional, Upcycled, Textile, Embellished, $40 Purchased, the “Mad Hatter” County Challenge and NEW this year the “Pin Cushion” Textile Challenge.

The State Fashion Revue Challenge categories which are:
Jacket Challenge and Costume Challenge.

The entry forms will be available at the Fashion Revue Workshop on:
Saturday December 20th at 10:00am at the 4-H Office

You must turn in a complete paper entry form packet. No on-line or email entry forms will be accepted. 


If you plan on participating you must have the packet in by 4:00pm on February 27th, 2015, to the 4-H Office.

A complete paper entry form packet consists of: A Participant Entry Form, Supplemental Forms for each category entered, paper with swatches for each category entered, Commentaries for each category entered, and photo pages of sewing or textiles, for each category entered. (Only photo pages can be turned in the day of the County Fashion Revue). 


The 2015 Fashion Revue will feature the following Age Divisions:

6-8 years …………      Primary               9-10 years ……….            Junior

11-13 years ……..     Intermediate       14 -18 years …….            Senior

For more information visit the Event Page email Denise or Chenoa at dvangerpen@gmail.com 

Community Service Project

Homeless Assistance Pack Drive
Bring your NEW items to the monthly CCC meeting or to the 4-H office through May.
GOAL: 1,000 items by June 1st, 2015!

Here’s a list of some items that will be useful but not limited to:

Warm socks all sizes, hats, knit caps, bandanas gloves/mittens, scarves, washcloths, space blankets

Toiletries travel size; toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, hand sanitizer, handi-wipes, bar of soap, disposable razors, nail clippers, toilet paper, facial tissue, lip balm, band aids, gauze, hair ties, combs/brushes

Water bottle, tiny flashlight, glow-sticks, lighters/matches, string/thread, rubber bands, hand-warmers, tarps/liners, ziplock/sandwich bags, zipties / wire twisties

Packs will be Donated to Homeless Shelters

Contact Missy Pendleton - (707) 695-9776 

Enjoy Healthy and Safe Holidays

Strive to maintain your well being this holiday season by making smart choices.  Here are some helpful tips for you and your loved ones to get the most out of this joyous time of year:

- Minimize stress, continue to exercise, and do your best to stick to other healthy practices.

Happy Holidays

- Sample holiday treats, but focus on eating healthfully. 

- If going to a party, bring a nutritious and well-balanced dish for all to enjoy.

- Spend time with friends and family, but take care not to overbook your schedule.

- Offer others the gift of wellness by giving subscriptions to health magazines, gym memberships, or gift certificates for yoga classes.

Food Smarts

Stretch out the sweets of the season into the next year. If someone gives you cookies, freeze most of them to enjoy at a later time instead of overindulging all at once.

Healthcare Consumer Smarts
Invest in fitness equipment and commit yourself to an exercise routine in 2015. The investment will pay off. Improving your fitness can lower your healthcare cost.

Farm Academy 

Saturday, March 7th 2015 at 9:30am. Save the Date!
For Primary Youth (Ages 5-8)
Location: 4-H Office 133 Aviation Blvd Ste 109 Santa Rosa

Join us in a FREE educational activity that will be fun and engaging for kids and adults! 
The Award Winning Primary Farm Academy Activity is titled
“Milk: From the Dairy to Your Door.”

farm academy
The morning will include a virtual fieldtrip to a farm, fun hands-on activities and a chance to interact with a Farm Academy teacher through a video conferencing program. If any volunteers have a connection with the Dairy Industry and can provide items or activities, please let email me at jludovis@sonoma-county.org

During the coming year we will provide more Farm Academy presentations, such as “Cotton: From the Field to Your Family” and “Food and Nutrition: From Farm to Fork”

There will only be 20 spaces available for this event and it’s bound to fill up quickly. Please call the 4-H office at 707-565-2681 or email Diego to reserve your spot!

Presentation Day Application 

Applications for the 2015 Presentation Day are now available
Applications are due NO later than January 28th! Mail to Kelly Hinde, Presentation Day Chairperson, P.O. Box 12233, Santa Rosa, CA 95406

A presentation is a method used to communicate an idea by showing and/or telling. It can be a demonstration or a talk that uses posters and other visual aids. A 4-H Presentation helps you learn to: research a subject, organize ideas in a logical order, be a teacher and practice public speaking skills. You can teach your project skills to show your advanced understanding of the subjects.

Members may choose from a variety of presentation styles including: demonstration, illustrated talk, impromptu speech, interpretive reading, educational display, share-the-fun, prepared speech, cultural arts, audio-visual, and problem solving.

For additional information visit the Presentation Day page.  

Countywide Horse Project 

We are starting a County Wide Horse Project and welcome your enthusiasm and participation.  We will begin with safety, anatomy, and tack and gradually move to riding  instruction. We will also invite guest speakers and instructors to join us. You do not need to own a horse to join the project.  Eventually, we would like to do play days and encourage you to show at the Marin, Sonoma/Marin and Sonoma County Fairs, if you own a horse.  

For more info please email gpharofamily@comcast.net or call Eileen at (707) 888-0801. Eileen Pharo and Brenda Arisman are the leaders of this project.

4-H Camp Update 

Camp STAFF enrollment is complete! We have 101 staff members enrolled and are pretty evenly split for both camps.
We will be posting the 4-H Camper Application on the web this week! Both camps miss the 4th of July; therefore, we are trying to encourage early enrollment this year as the camps will fill up  fast.

Chaperone applications are now online at our camp webpage!

Our Fall Staff Training Weekend, Nov 8th & 9th, had 80 staffers attend! That is a great turn out. Thank you all who made it! 

Camp 1 Dates: Sun June 28th - Friday July 3rd 

Camp 2 Dates: Mon July 6th - Sat July 11th

Platinum Star Recipient

We would like to recognize Savannah Schell for receiving her Platinum Star!

This is the top ranked award in our county and we apologize that the paperwork fell through the cracks and we were not able to recognize her properly at Achievement Night.

Congratulations Savannah!!!

Growing 4-H Clubs In Sonoma County

My name is Diego Mariscal, 4-H Assistant at the UCCE. Over the last two months, I’ve been coordinating new outreach efforts to promote 4-H. Primarily, I have been helping the Hispanic community learn about the program and I want to ensure we promote 4-H to everyone in the county. Through schools visits, active participation in community events and word of mouth, I would like to see the 4-H clubs in the county gain new members and volunteers who share our same level of commitment to our youth.

I have had great success sharing the message of 4-H to people who never knew opportunities like 4-H were available to them. Very soon, I will be opening new clubs at locations 4-H had not yet reached.

Using the tools I gained during my outreach research, I would like to help you grow your club, promote your projects and help recruit volunteers. I am available to hold 4-H presentations at various locations as needed, such as: PTA/PFO/ELAC meetings, community events, school events and classrooms. It would be a great way to continue growing your club or project.

Email Diego or call the 4-H office at 707-565-2681

Ideas for Citizenship Projects 

Citizenship usually is, a part of every 4-H Project, Club and activity in one form or another.  Some ideas are listed below and they will undoubtedly spark brainstorming sessions to come up with even more ideas.  Work with your 4-H staff, club officers, parents, and youth to begin implementing new citizenship projects.

Citizenship Ideas: Club, Project and Camp 


The file above contains a variety of ideas and activities that will surely spark the interest of our young members and lead to more discussions and new projects being created.  

Resources for Project Leaders

Are you a new Project Leader or thinking about becoming one?
You don’t have to have had teaching experience, only a willingness to jump in and share your time with youth. The most common way our 4-H volunteers become Project Leaders, is that a child or adult approaches them and tells them that there is a need to fill. Maybe an existing leader has left or maybe the youth in the club have a particular desire to learn about something.

To assist you as a leader we have put together a list of resources that will help you come up with new project ideas, new lesson plans and generate a better learning experience. 

Resources for New and Returning Project Leaders

Upcoming Important Dates 


30                                             Exec CCC meeting 7:00pm at the 4-H Center


1                                               Office Closed - New Year’s Day

6                                               CCC Mtg. 7:00pm - NEW LOCATION - 4-H Center in Rohnert Park

7                                               Volunteer Orientation at the 4-H Office (4:00pm or 7:00pm) RSVP                                                 565-2681

19                                             Office Closed  - MLK Day

22                                             CQ Rep Mtg. 7:00 pm at 4-H Center

23-25                                        C.A.L. Conference in Walker Creek

24                                             Livestock Clinic (9:00am—12:00pm) Shone Farm

27                                             Ex CCC Mtg. 7:00pm at the 4-H Center


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