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Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful spring weather and getting ready for the busiest time of the year! During this time of the year, we get so busy that we quickly forget those that help make this program so great. I would like to personally thank the many wonderful leaders and parents

Diana pic
that help make this the best youth program around!  From the All Stars to all of the incredible adult volunteers and everyone in between, together we continue to keep our 4-H program strong. With only two more council meetings left, I wanted to share my gratitude for all the hard work and dedication to our program. 

We have two more CCC meetings this year and we will elect some new officers this year.  We are looking for nominations for Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Special Accounts Treasurer and Historian. If you are interested in any of these positions, please email me at sprcrk@comcast.net so we can make sure to get you on the ballot!  We have a great board and would look forward to new officers and ideas for the new year!

The biggest one day event for Sonoma County 4-H is fast approaching! Chickenque – May 4th, 2014!  We will see lots of exciting changes at Chickenque this year as we “showcase” our wonderful programs.  Please help us show the public how great the 4-H program is by setting up 2 booths for every club showing your activities, projects, or community involvement!  We will also have some wonderful new desserts this year in addition to our cakes – first year for pies and cupcakes! Thanks to our chair Matt Schaffer and his terrific CQ committee for working so hard to create a wonderful event for everyone.  The enrollment system for signing up for jobs is computerized and it is working great – lots of sign ups!  We had a great group of volunteers for our Sonoma County Fair work day to thank them for allowing us to have our Chickenque event. Thank you all for working as a team to make this event the best. Chickenque is our major fundraiser so selling those tickets is very, very important.     

Time will start flying with all of the activities – good time to catch up on those record books before everyone gets too busy. If you have questions about record books please remember that the I & R committee members have lots of expertise and will be happy to answer questions.  We even have an online record book expert – Kelly Hinde! Don’t wait till the last minute – start working on those books as your events happen! Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need help!



I'm in the County Wildlife project.  It is really fun! At the February meeting we played a really fun version of charades. We split into teams and each team picked an animal, drew its habitat,

true seal3
acted out its behavior, and shared facts. My team did the seal. One team did the sea otter and they made fake rocks and shells to eat which was awesome. We got to make seashell jewelry. I made one with a red shell and a gold chain. We also discussed the cycles of the tides. I am so happy to be in this project.

- Maccie Roberts, age 12


I think that the County Wildlife project is awesome. One time we made nature crafts. I made a reef out of shells and twigs. We made pinecone ornaments and made bead bells. Another time we

played nature charades. Teams picked different animals and acted them out. They also would draw a picture of the animals habitat. Then we would tell each other what our animals were. Yet another time we all gave presentations. That time I learned a lot about different coastal animals. So I think many people should join the County Wildlife project.

- Luke Roberts, age 9


*** MARCH HARE ***

Hi my name is Blaine Mills and I am in the county rabbit leadership project. On Saturday 8th I was the superintendent of the annual March Hare Rabbit Show. It

march hare
was a beautiful day to have a show.  At the show this year we had over 7 counties represented, 192 rabbits exhibited, and 78 showmanship contestants. We had great awards, a breeder’s class, rabbit dress up contest, and of course a great show with Brooke Galiata as our judge. Manuel Hidalgo was our educational seminar judge and spoke to us about rabbit husbandry. There were about 20 different breeds exhibited at the show from American Chinchilla’s to Thrianta’s. We are so fortunate that we have the 4H Center, who allow us to have our show free of charge. For many kids this is their very first show. It was my first show when we started in rabbits. I want to thank my mom, dad, and our county rabbit group; Jayden Varville and Mary Turner and their parents for all the work they did to make the show successful. I also want to thank our great showmanship judges, for taking the time to judge each exhibitor individually. All together we actually made some profit this year and will use that money to hopefully buy new coops for next year’s show. If you ever get the chance come by and visit the show… it’s a great one!!



The CCC Scholarship Application is now available.  Once again, we will give 10, $1,000 scholarships to deserving 4-H youth in our county.  Please read the criteria, as we have made a few changes.  If you have any questions, please contact Cheryl Mohrman (mohrmanjr@aol.com).  The application is due April 18, no exceptions, no post marks.  



The ChickenQue belongs to every 4-H family both past and present. We have worked hard to maintain the essence of the historic event while helping it evolve to meet the demands of today and tomorrow. We started as an annual picnic/BBQ that brought 4-H families and friends across the county together for a day of fun and relaxation. 


Fast forward to our 2014 event: we now have evolved into an event that is an open house that highlights all the wonderful things 4-H in Sonoma County has to offer prospective 4-H’ers and their families!

Each club has the ability to earn $200. See the county website to learn how easy it is.

  • Show up for your job
  • Set up a booth to showcase 4-H to the public
  • Bring a dessert donation




  • Each family is asked to donate one cake, 12 cupcakes or one 9 inch pie to the ChickenQue event.
  • If a family is unable to bring a cake, it is suggested to try to make arrangements with someone else in the club to make an extra cake.
  • Two layer homemade cakes are always a tradition. NEW this year: 12 cupcakes or one 9 inch pie.  No brownies or cookies.
  • Please label all items as to the type of ingredients and place on a disposable plate.
  • Desserts are turned in the morning of the event, through the specified gate of the fairgrounds, by 11:00 AM. Early bird drop off at 8am at the drive thru.
  • You must sign in your dessert(s) in the binders provided, under your club name.
  • No vehicles will be allowed on the fairgrounds after 11:00 AM – Please plan accordingly to avoid having to carry in your cake(s)!



The bank account statement cycle should be the first day of the month through the last day of the month.

Please check your last bank statement, and if this is not your
current statement cycle, call your bank to have it changed.



This Year’s 4-H Camp dates are:

Camp I – Sunday, June 29 to Friday, July 4, 2014

Camp II – Sunday, July 6 to Friday, July 11, 2014

Staffers go to Camp one day earlier for each week.

CAMP STILL NEEDS VOLUNTEERS! It takes many adult volunteers to make camp happen!

Currently we are in need of volunteers for:

Gianna Giovannini Lovell, Gateway 4-H
Gianna Giovannini Lovell, Gateway 4-H

~ Camp I & II Adult Chaperones PLEASE!!! (Without enough we will have to turn away campers!)

Our chaperones need to have a background screening and be certified in First Aid and CPR. Additionally, anyone helping with food preparation or food service must be food safety certified. All of these certifications can be easily obtained online in an hour or so, but the entire process does take time. So PLEASE! Consider signing up to be a chaperone as soon as possible!

~ Luggage Haulers! This requires someone who has a trailer, to meet the buses at the 4-H centers, load kids’ luggage, and deliver it to/from 4-H camp.

~Adult ChickenQue rep: This person would organize staffing the work shifts that camp is responsible for, and organizing our camp information booth for ChickenQue.

~ Adults to help with a maintenance day at Las Posadas, date TBD.

Please contact one of the camp coordinators listed below if you are able to help with any of these jobs.

Camp I: Lisa Bianchi (lisalilou@yahoo.com) or Gabby McGrath (gabriellamcgrath@aol.com)

Camp II: Michelle Machado (machadobunch@aol.com) or Crissi Langwell (crissitherese@gmail.com)

Camper applications are out now! Make sure to get yours turned in promptly as camp can fill up quickly!


*** 4-H CENTENNIAL ***

The California 4-H centennial marks our 100 years as an innovative, research-based youth development program. The centennial offers us the opportunity to celebrate our past and create our future. For 100 years, 4-H youth have brought information and innovation solutions to their families and communities that has served to strengthen agricultural technology and that tradition continues today. For the next 100 years, 4-H youth will be the ones to solve our most complex societal challenges – such as obesity, poverty, depletion of natural resources, climate change, unemployment and food insecurity. 4-H youth will be the leaders for change – this is our Revolution of Responsibility!

To assist you in celebrating the centennial, a California 4-H Centennial Party Pack has been developed. Just go to www.ca4h.org and click on the Centennial Logo to access the resource page. You will find logos in different file formats for use on flyers, banners, t-shirts and other merchandise and a sample flyer, fundraising letter, invitation to an event, press release, alumni outreach letter and proclamation. The Tips for Using the Centennial Templates will help answer specific questions you have regarding use of logos and other template materials.

There are also a number of statewide events being planned and these include a visible centennial presence at the State Fair and a 4-H Day of Service. I will share more about the events planned as details are firmed up.
In order to increase the impact and power of the centennial across the state, please use the official logos and marketing materials included in the party pack to create consistent and powerful outcomes in all your events and communication. The Guidelines and Protocols for Recognizing the California 4-H Centennial (in the Centennial Party Pack) will help you do this. This document contains the purpose and key messages that will guide our centennial celebration.

Let’s take this opportunity to create a highly visible 4-H Centennial Celebration.



The statewide 4-H Youth Development Program (YDP) Advisory Committees are comprised of a representative group of 4-H members, adult volunteers, and county and state 4-H YDP staff.  Statewide 4-H YDP Committees offer insight, review, and input for the operation and management of the statewide 4-H YDP to Shannon Horrillo, Associate Director of 4-H Program & Policy, sjhorrillo@ucanr.edu.  Committees meet face-to-face various times of the year, may schedule conference calls, and utilize email to conduct committee business. Travel to meetings may be reimbursed through an account in the State 4-H Office.

Open recruitment for committee membership takes place every spring.  4-H members, recent alumni, 4-H adult volunteers, 4-H YDP program partners and collaborators, and County 4-H YDP staff are invited to apply. Applications are due to the State 4-H YDP Office postmarked by May 31, 2014 or you can apply online by 11:59pm May 31, 2014. Committees may extend their deadline with the approval of the Associate Director of 4-H Program & Policy.

More information about different committees at http://4h.ucanr.edu/Administration/Advisory_Committees/


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