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2013 November

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State 4-H updates and National 4-H updates

President’s Article

Hope everyone’s club enrollment is off and running smoothly. This is our first year of our new enrollment process and we are hoping the new enrollment system process is working for everyone and we appreciation everyone’s patience as we have worked together. A huge thank you to Matt, Cheryl and Stefanie for your expertise with the online enrollment system and helping clubs get through the process with their many questions and answers.

Diana Stornetta
I would again like to thank the wonderful All Stars – Erica, Jennifer, Holly, William and Gianna for the outstanding job they did at the Achievement Night Awards recognition. It was wonderful to see the many outstanding clubs who won awards for their Secretary, Treasurer, and Editor books as well as their Outstanding Community Service. Congratulations to all of the Record Book winners and we hope our Seniors have wonderful luck at the State level! Huge thank you to Karyn and Cheryl for helping the All Stars manage such a huge undertaking so successfully!

With the holiday season quickly approaching I hope your club, leaders and members find ways to reach out to your communities through community service activities. There are so many people in need of a little extra help at this time of year and we all learn a little more about ourselves and how precious life truly is. Always be willing to lend a helping hand…it’s one of the most wonderful rewarding experience our members can ever have.

I want to wish everyone a very wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Enjoy family, friends and traditions. Also, a reminder there will be NO CCC MEETING IN DECEMBER 2013. We will see everyone January 7th, 2014 at the 4-H Center in Rohnert Park.
~Diana Stornetta


County Fashion Revue workshop on Saturday, November 2nd, from 4:30pm - 6pm, at the 4H Office, like we have done in the past.
This will be a Brainstorming workshop to get the "creative juices" flowing.

The theme for the 2014 County Fashion Revue: Fashion Fiesta!

Contact Chenoa or Denise at dvangerpen@gmail.com with questions.


What Inspires You?

The 2013 California State 4-H Leadership Forum, November 8 – 10, 2013, is on track to be your ‘go to’ place to acquire information and involve yourself in activities chosen to inspire and motivate. Registration is open for the whole Forum, or for specific parts of it. The registration fee increase is effective on Oct. 1. See the SLF website for the forms needed. Also, on the website is the description of the workshops. Please remember that SLF is self-supporting and we request that you bring items for the Silent Auction to help us cover costs. Each county is asked to donate a basket of local goodies. 4-H members are encouraged to donate something they have made.

Please bring your county banner from State Field Day to participate in the County Banner Parade. We will hang them for display throughout the Forum. If you are inspired by mementos from the past, you will be impressed with the collections that will be on display. If you have historic items that you would like to exhibit please contact Stephanie mom4a2g@yahoo.com. Project displays or other sharing items are also welcome but we need to know so there is room for yours.

Centennial Pin
The Centennial Gala is a not-to-be-missed celebration on November 9 and is OPEN TO ALL. Wear your glad rags and join your 4-H friends for an evening of reminisces, festivities, fine food. Enjoy the display booths with their historical artifacts. Sip flavored CA milk products. Absorb the information and techniques shared in the educational workshops. Share your own best practices. If you are looking for 4-H centennial items, that includes pins, blankets, shirts, magnets, check out the order form on the website. 


The Magic is Sweet!
“It's all a matter of paying attention, being awake in the present moment,
and not expecting a huge payoff. The magic in this world seems to work
in whispers and small kindnesses.”
~ Charles de Lint

The State Leaders’ Forum (SLF) Committee is ready to welcome you to a very distinctive event on Nov. 8 – 10, 2013. The guest speakers are in place. The workshops are scheduled. The decorations are monumental. The silent auction tables await your donations. Your fellow 4-H colleagues are registered. The recognition is unique. The Gala Celebration is glamorous. Put these all together and you have the marvelous, memorable 2013 State Leaders’ Forum to be held in Sacramento.

Existing approaches are not solving our most pressing social problems. Many organizations work hard but in isolation, disconnected from the expertise and resources of their peers in the community. Collective Impact is a new approach where organizations from across sectors come together to address complex social problems at scale. Matt Wilka from FSG will describe how coalitions around the country use collective impact to tackle a range of social issues, and how collective impact might strengthen approaches to youth development in our communities in California.
Time is short for registering but there is still room, so please come to SLF. We can assure you of a grand experience and many magical moments. 

C.A.L. Conference

High Priority!
Calling all Agents!
Yo r mission, sho ld yo choose to accept it,
Is to rendezvo s, with all other agents at o r
world-wide convention as we enjoy the rolling hills of Petal ma.

Mission Possible, Golden L.E.A.D. at C.A.L. Conference
Jan ary 24 - 26, 2014
1700 Marshall-Petal ma Road
Petal ma, CA. 94952
Walker Creek Ranch

Check in begins at 5:00pm. Conference starts at 7:00pm sharp.
Make s re yo are not followed by anyone,
(other than yo r parents). Wear yo r trench coats,
s n glasses, and don’t forget yo r spy-gear.
This mission is critical…witho t U it is impossible.

Registration forms for C.A.L. Conference

C.A.L. Conference Chaperone's Needed!

Chaperone Expectations
Thank you for choosing to attend CAL Conference and for sharing your time and talents with the 4-H youth. Adult partnership is essential to a successful conference. CAL Conference operates as a dynamic youth driven program with the guidance of adult advisors who provide support and direction for the conference.
Following are some guidelines that will help you as a chaperone to our delegates.
In general:
* Ensure the health and safety of all delegates, not just your members.
* Be informed about any delegates needs and communicate special needs as appropriate.
* Serve as the “adult voice” and provide guidance to all youth delegates at all times.
Before Conference:
* Review the code of conduct and dress code.
* Sign the Chaperone responsibilities form.
During Conference:
* Attend the chaperone orientation which will be held within the first few hours of conference. 
* Attend assemblies, workshops, and activities just as a youth delegate, including Saturday evening activities.
* Help facilitate workshops when needed- ex. if a youth delegate is having behavior problems.
* Assist in getting delegates to activities on time.
* Report emergencies to Conference Dean as needed.
* Enforce the dress code and adhere to the dress code.
* Enforce the code of conduct and adhere to the code of conduct.
* Provide additional assistance when needed.
* If ill alert a Co. Chair and arrange for another chaperone to cover your assigned duties. 
End of Conference:
* One designated chaperone from your county will help with your county check out

Please help us make CAL Conference a better youth adult partnership. Many people believe that a youth-adult partnership occurs any time youth and adults are present in the same room. This is not correct. Youth-adult partnerships take place when youth and adults plan, learn and work together, with both groups sharing equally in the decision-making process. This is very different than many typical relationships in which adults take the leadership roles and the youth are assigned inferior roles, or programs where youth make all the decisions while the adults sit back and watch. Instead, youth-adult partnerships build on the strengths of each group and the final program or activity is stronger than a program or activity devised and delivered individually by either group.
Research studies indicate that successful youth-adult partnerships require a variety of elements to be in place including: 
* Youth and adults share equally in the decision making process. 
* Together youth and adults achieve better results than either would if working alone. 
* Roles for youth and adults are authentic and meaningful. 
* Youth and adults learn together and serve as resources for one another. 
* Each group is treated with respect and dignity by the other group. 
C.A.L. Conference forms 


Grant application and information.  Available to 4-H Clubs and county-wide projects, activities and events. Funds will not be granted for payment of judges, or for expenses normally incurred in carrying out a project. NOTE: THE DEADLINE FOR THE FALL GRANTS HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO NOVEMBER 15TH….!


NOTE: All New Leader Orientations are held at the 4-H office in Santa Rosa

6:30 – 8:00pm at 4H Office, 133 Aviation Blvd, Suite 109 Santa Rosa, CA
Come at 6:15 if you need fingerprinting

   November 19 (Tuesday)
   January TBA
These are the scheduled dates for the upcoming orientations this fall. Every leader must attend this one-time orientation before you hold project meetings, sign Fair forms or work with youth. This is a University of California requirement in order to be appointed as an agent of the University and to receive liability insurance coverage when performing as a 4H leader.
Please call or email Bonnie at the 4H office (707) 565-2681 or bstritze@sonoma-county.org to make a reservation.


Believe it or not it’s not too soon to be thinking about Sonoma County Presentation Day! Sonoma County’s Presentation Day is scheduled for Saturday, February 1, 2014. All members are encouraged to participate!

What is a 4-H presentation?
A presentation is a method used to communicate an idea by showing and/or telling. It can be a demonstration or a talk that uses posters and other visual aids. A 4-H Presentation helps you learn to:
* Research a subject
* Organize ideas in a logical order
* Be a teacher and practice public speaking skills

Why do a 4-H presentation?
As you participate in projects, you collect information and ideas that can be shared with others. This sharing of information is part of the process of learning. Teaching project skills in a presentation takes advanced skills and a deeper understanding of what you have learned.
By giving presentations you learn more, gain recognition and obtain important communication skills activities for your record book! You have the opportunity to do presentations at project meetings, club meetings and at County Presentation Day.
Presentations are required for you to earn your Stars in the 4-H Program.

What do I do?
Speakers prepare for presentations by giving talks to project groups and community club meetings, practicing skills learned in a project, and observing other people giving presentations. You can get ideas for presentations from many different sources. The first place to start is with your project leaders. They know what you have learned in your project and what you might enjoy presenting. Your community club leader also can be a source of ideas.

Presentations are not just demonstrations. You have many options ranging from traditional demonstrations to problem solving for senior members. All of the various presentation styles require similar skills, but are designed to meet the interests and age-appropriate levels of the member. No style of presentation is better than any other. Choose the style that best fits you for your first presentation and then try other styles as you advance in 4-H.

Every 4-H member is encouraged to give a presentation each year. Show what you've learned; give a presentation!  Learn more: State 4-H Presentation Manual.

** MARCH HARE 2014 **

4Her w Rabbit 2
March Hare 2014 – March 8, 2014
Attention all rabbit and cavy leaders and 4her’s. March Hare is on! We hope to see you and your rabbits and cavy’s on March 8, 2014. This will be a multi-county event with all the wonderful awards and event callenges as last year. We will have a guest speaker, followed by a single rabbit and cavy show as well as rabbit and cavy showmanship. We would like to include this year possibly, a 4H food booth. This booth does NOT need to be limited to rabbit or cavy projects, so if you are interested please be sure to contact me for details. More details and a catalog will go out in January. Can not wait to see you all!! Debra Mills littlemfarms@sbcglobal.net County Rabbit Project Leader/Forestville Rabbit Project Leader


Save the Date! California Camping Conference March 21-23, 2014
The next California Camping Conference will be held March 21 – 23, 2014, at the YMCA's Camp Campbell the in Santa Cruz Mountains. The Camping Conference provides 4-H teen leaders and adult camp administrators the opportunity to network and attend sessions to develop their local camp program. The early bird registration fee will be $140 by February 1st and $150 after that date.  


This is a new section for our newsletter. I would love to include info from any of our new Healthy Living Officers ~Judy Ludovise

Strengthening Your Roots
A strong sense of our roots promotes self-esteem and helps us feel connected.
Whether we are aware of them or not, we all have bonds to our past. To know and understand our past can help us to enrich our future.
Older folks like to share their memories; younger people are curious about the past. “What was it like in the old days? How does it relate to me?”
When we know about our family’s past, we can perpetuate the customs, traditions and values that give our family its identity.
* Search out your past. Interview grandparents or other older family members. If you can, videotape or tape record these interviews. Or write a family history.
* Trace your ancestors as far back as you can. Plot a family tree.
* Preserve the present for the future. Your life today is tomorrow’s history. Keep photo albums up to date. Maintain diaries.
* Plan a family reunion or visit relatives to trade verbal histories and expand family roots.
* Save treasured family recipes. They are keepsakes as valuable as photographs for remembering a favorite relative or a special family celebration.


Congratulations! California Has 38 newly elected Healthy Living Officers!
The Healthy Living officer will serve as the club’s ambassador for health! By choosing to elect a Healthy Living officer your club is taking an active role in promoting healthy lifestyles. The Healthy Living officer will be the leadership for all health activities including: providing ideas on how to incorporate physical activities and healthy eating into each club meeting, write Healthy Living articles for the club newsletter, and adopting and promoting a club Wellness Plan.

Please help ensure that the health “H” of 4-H is at the forefront of all our meetings, consider electing a Healthy Living officer!
Check out the Choose Health Officer Guide developed by Cornell University Extension. 

*To receive your FREE Healthy Living Officer pin please email the name of your officer and club to Anne Iaccopucci at amiaccopucci@ucanr.edu 


4-H Week 2013 graphic
A big thank you to all the clubs who participated in the Window Display Contest! I took an afternoon and drove to see all of them. They were so impressive! Everyone did a wonderful job. Thank you to Alexander Valley, Canfield, Gold Ridge, Golden Hills, Harvest, Liberty, Penngrove, Steuben and Wild Oak. Top 3 will be announced on November 5th at the CCC meeting. Next year we hope even more clubs will find the time to put together a display.

We would like to give a big thank you to the Sonoma County Grange Credit Union for sponsoring this activity…for the 7th year in a row!! ~Judy Ludovise



2013 SC4H Foundation BBQ - photo by Steve Knudsen, SCFarm Bureau
2013 SC4H Foundation BBQ - photo by Steve Knudsen, SCFarm Bureau


Get Connected and Plugged In to Positive Youth Development!
California 4-H has several ways to connect with us online to get up-to-the-minute updates on information affecting 4-H statewide. Don’t rely on urban legend or information to pass through the grapevine—get the information as it happens and from the horse’s mouth. Here is a list of the ways you can connect with us online:

o 4-H Online Record Book & ORB Log-in Every registered adult volunteer and every youth ages 9 and older has an Online Record Book account 
o California 4-H Facebook
o California 4-H Twitter 
o California 4-H YouTube 
o California 4-H Pinterest 
o California 4-H Blog 
o California 4-H Instagram

We will be continuing to provide virtual opportunities for you to connect directly with us at the State Office though these social media outlets.

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