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State 4-H updates

President’s Corner

What a WONDERFUL CHICKENQUE! We had great weather, fantastic volunteers, energetic 4-H members, great food and wonderful friends to share our 52nd Chickenque with! A huge thank you to Matt Schaffer for chairing this very time consuming committee! Matt has spent many long hours working to pull this event off and increase our fundraising efforts! Make sure when you see him at a 4-H event or the fair that you stop and thank him for all of his hard work and great ideas! Another huge thank you to Judy Ludovise and Cheryl Mohrman who managed to keep up with Matt and pull off another very successful Chickenque! Thank you to everyone for working, baking cakes, entering CQ contests, manning booths and selling tickets! Sonoma County 4-H has the greatest 4-H leaders, members and volunteers!

Fair season is upon us! Wow – where did the year go! Please remember that entries close for Sonoma County Fair on June 7th. The fairs will be here before we know it!

Hope everyone is geared up for our Camp sessions as well. CAMP is a great opportunity to bond with kids from other clubs and have lots of fun in the process.  Camp applications.

Record Books will be due on September 7th at the Club Leader Training. You can turn your books in earlier at the 4-H Office. I know it’s all a new concept with the Online Record Book but we do have a “resident expert” with Kelly Hinde. Kelly would be happy to answer any of your ORB questions Embrace the change and challenge yourself to complete the new Online Record Book!

Wishing everyone a very wonderful summer! Enjoy each new adventure!


** CAMP **

Hurry!!! Camper and Chaperone spots still available! Deadlines are fast approaching. Early bird deadline is May 31.  The application and payment needs to be in the 4-H Office by 5 pm. Late applications are accepted June 1 to June 22nd with the additional $30 fee.


Camp I is Monday, July 1 to Saturday, July 6
Camp II is Sunday, July 7 to Friday, July 12

Applications and more information 

Questions? You can contact the Camp Coordinators:

Lisa Bianchi (707) 484-5374 lisalilou@yahoo.com
Gabby McGrath (707)696-3796 gabriellamcgrath@aol.com
Michelle Machado (707)778-1781 machadobunch@aol.com


4-H Archery Certification Workshop Tulare, CA A 4-H Archery Certification Training for volunteers and junior/teen leaders will be offered Saturday, June 22 , 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Sunday, June 23nd, 9 a.m.- 12 noon, at the Unverferth Building, 1903 S Blackstone St., Tulare, CA 93274 .

You must be an enrolled 4-H leader or member and attend both days to receive certification to teach archery at the project, club and camp levels. The course will include a PowerPoint lecture, review of equipment, practice shooting and teaching, and a written test. The cost is $10 per person to include a resource binder, and light refreshments. Lunch is on your own, and there are several eating establishments close by.

Registration forms are here: please complete and mail the “CA 4-H Shooting Sports Training Request and Registration Form" and an adult or youth 4-H medical release form and a $10 check payable to “Tulare County 4-H Leader Council” and mail to Tulare County Archery Certification Training, 4437-B S. Laspina St., Tulare, CA 93274. Registration is due Friday, June 14, 2013 and space is limited. For more information call Leah Harrelson, 4-H Program Representative at 559-684-3322 or email Llaharrelson@ucanr.edu.


Cuneo Creek Family Horse Camp Weekend July 19, 20, and 21, 2013 Sponsored by Humboldt County 4-H, youth and their parents are invited to gather together to enjoy camping and riding.

The horse group campsite is unique on the west coast! Ride through redwoods and prairies in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Corrals available for the horses, tent or small RV camping. 4-H sponsorship means everyone will be registered with 4-H for safety and insurance coverage. The camp fee will include this registration if you are not already a member. Adults,we need you! 4-H requires you to be fingerprinted a month prior, more information to follow. Come share your knowledge through informal sharing with youth.

Youth minimum age is 9; 20 and up are adults. Call and email Samantha ASAP to express your interest. We need to have a minimum number of participants to keep our weekend reservation at this popular horse camp, and want your registration completed by June 7th. sasederberg@aol.com 707-496-0365


State Leadership Conference Save the dates for Leadership Conference at UC Davis, on July 25-28  

The 4-H State Leadership Conference brings together high school youth from across California in a four-day leadership training, networking, and learning experience. The conference provides advanced leadership training and is an opportunity for 4-H members to network and share ideas with other 4-Hers from across the state. The conference focuses on providing high school youth with experiential education on leadership development, civic engagement, college admissions and other 4-H project areas.


September 28, 2013 is the date for Achievement Night and we want everyone to join us.  We will be celebrating the outstanding achievements of our members and leaders.  We have chosen a fun and exciting theme this year, the wonderful World of Walt Disney, all his creations, amazing movies and characters.  

We are also available to do Installation of Officers and would love to help with a community service project. If you would like us to attend a club meeting a install your officer's, please contact Cheryl at mohrmanjr@aol.com.  She will put you on the calendar.  You're welcome to contact us with any questions or suggestions.  We can do just about anything, so ask. Erika, Gianna, Jennifer, Holly and William

** 2013 – 2014 STATE 4-H PROGRAM FEES **


LETTER FROM: Connie Schneider, State 4-H Office

Dear 4-H Program Staff, 4-H Families, and Volunteers,

The economic climate has continued to sustain fiscal challenges facing 4-H programmatic support. Last year we shared that UC Cooperative Extension and 4-H at the state level is no longer able to absorb all costs and that fee increases were necessary to support our local programming. The 2013-2014 program fees are $12.00 per adult and $34.00 per youth.

These program fees will be used to provide partial funding for direct local program support including critical 4-H staff that supports our local programs. We continue to encourage everyone to strategize together around the development of a local funding plan to keep 4-H strong and growing.

The California 4-H Foundation is a valuable resource with whom to partner in developing such a plan. Many counties have been successful in developing and moving forward with local funding plans. They have worked to provide program fee scholarships, partial and full fee waivers and provide other support.

Thank you for your work and dedication to provide our future leaders with a strong 4-H program.

** 2013 – 2014 COUNTY 4-H PROGRAM FEES **

LETTER FROM: Matthew J Schafer

To: All Members

We have spent the last several months telling you that the enrollment fees for 4-H are going to be going up, but have not been able to provide you with firm numbers. The Sonoma County 4-H Executive board (CCC) was able to address this issue in its entirety at our last meeting and the following is how we will be structuring the Fees for the 2013 – 2014 4-H year:

State Fees:

  • The state of California has raised their enrollment fee for the members from $28.00 to $34.00.
  • The state of California has raised their enrollment fee for the volunteers from $10.00 to $12.00.
  • This portion of your fee covers the insurance and the overhead to run the state 4-H office / program.

Sonoma County 4-H Fees:

  • The county 4-H program will be increasing its fee for members and volunteers from $5.00 to $17.00 (a $12.00 increase).

This portion of the fee goes directly to running all aspects of the 4-H program in our county. We are very sensitive to the total cost of the 4-H program and do not take fee increases lightly. We were looking at the possibility of increasing the county portion of the fee to $22.00. We then took a look at our forecasts for the 2014 Chicken Que and we felt the increase of $12.00 ($5.00+12.00=$17.00) plus the Chicken Que proceeds would be more appropriate.

We value an open channel of communication so that everyone can have a clear understanding. To that end, please know that the members of the CCC would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. You may also contact me directly (see below).

I ask that as you reach out to ask questions you remember that we are all volunteers and that when these difficult decisions have to be made they weigh heavily on all involved and are not made without full consideration of all issues and a healthy debate. I truly believe that through our Clubs, Leaders, Members and families we offer more projects and opportunity to our membership than any other county in the state, and that is something to be proud of!

Matthew J Schafer V.P. Membership (2013-2014) 
707-246-1234   matt@firetriangle.com


HOLDING AND ATTENDING 4-H MEETINGS IN PRIVATE RESIDENCES Clover Safe notes are intended primarily for 4-H volunteers and members nine years and older. When a 4-H meeting is held in a private residence, the host and guests each assume roles with attendant responsibilities that contribute to productive, safe, and successful meetinG outcomes.

Host Responsibilities

  • Prior to a meeting, assure all 4-H members have completed and turned in required medical and permission forms.
  • Assure two adults will be present in accordance with 4-H Policy Manual, Chapter 11, Section IV.B. The adult in charge must be 4-H staff or an appointed volunteer.
  • Develop a meeting agenda and schedule, including pre-arranged 4-H member drop-off and pick-up times and modes of transportation.
  • Prepare your residence by removing clutter and trip hazards.
  • Confine or remove pets from the meeting area.
  • Inform guests of residence areas and items that are off limits such as swimming pools and refrigerators.
  • At the beginning of the meeting, inform guests about how to exit the meeting area and residence and where restrooms are located.
  • Be prepared to offer guests water as needed.

Guest Responsibilities

  • Follow the 4-H Code of Conduct and host’s and/or project leader’s rules, instructions, and directives.
  • Do not wander outside the meeting area.
  • Do not approach or touch household pets without explicit permission from the host.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water after using the restroom or touching a household pet.
  • Do not participate in horseplay, running, jumping, hiding, climbing, or chasing while in the host’s residence.
  • Request permission from the host to use the telephone.
  • Depart the meeting at the pre-arranged time and by the pre-arranged mode of transportation.

If 4-H members are walking, riding a bike, or taking public transportation home, it is recommended that they telephone their parent, guardian, or other family member at the time of departure to allow for their arrival time at home to be estimated. Calling home before departing a private residence meeting is particularly important for younger 4-H members and meetings held during evening hours.


We have a new grant available for two low household income 4-H members for their market swine project. The grant is $700.00 to offset the costs involved. The purpose of this grant is to help the individuals who may not be able to participate, or struggle participating in this project due to financial burdens.

If you know an individual who this would help, please email their contact info and a reason why you think they deserve this grant.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thank you for helping us help the youth of Sonoma County. We truly appreciate the time you put in to their lives and the hard work that it takes.  All the best,  

Amber Nunley 4-H Foundation of Sonoma County Phone (707) 584-9284 Fax (707) 584-9081 4-hfoundation@sbcglobal.net


A huge Thank you to Lynn Figone for formatting our newsletter the past year and a half. This has saved me untold hours of time and stress. She has finished her commitment and we are looking for someone else who would be interested in volunteering for the job. Process:   I send the articles to the volunteer by the 15th of the month; they send it back, formatted into a newsletter by the end of the month. The experience would look great on a resume.

Please contact me if you are interested in taking this on. Minimum of one year commitment. Thank you! Judy  707-565-2681 or Judy.Ludovise@sonoma-county.org 


Harvest 4-H Archery shoot, held at Barnes Lumber Cloverdale on May 19.
#032 Open shoot 1st Nicolas Clemmer from Forestville 229, 2nd Colton Wasniak from Harvest, 3rd Mackenzie Rogers from Gateway
#039 10 & under 1st Chris Gonzalez from Harvest 117, 2nd Morgan Sceals from Harvest

#040 11-14, 1st Ross Sceales from Harvest 171, 2nd Chistina Olmstead from Golden Hills, 3rd Bobby Olmstead from Golden Hills,
#045 15-19, 1st Colton Wasniak from Harvest 202, 2nd Nicholas Clemmer from Forestville, 3rd Corey Sceales from Harvest


The following youth have received a $1,000.00 scholarship from our county council.

James Carey, Liberty
Joshua Gluch, Evergreen
Magdalen Grismer, Independence
Cynthia Hinde, Sequoia
Paige Nonella, Forestville
Genevieve Patt, Independence
Michaella Patt, Independence
Jesse Peterson, Liberty

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR APPLICANTS. We are wishing you much success in your school endeavors in the fall.


Congratulations to the 12 youth who were awarded scholarships from the 4-H Foundation!

Suzanne Amaral “4-H has taught me the skills of responsibility, leadership, hard work, dedication, and so much more. Most importantly it has given me confidence; serving as a 4-H All Star and participating in many community service projects. This organization shaped me into the person I am today, as well as give me the tools necessary to be successful in reaching a future career in the agriculture field.”
California Polytechnic State University- Ag Science/Ag Education

Daniel Charles “Starting at 8 years of age, I began raising market lambs through 4-H, and continued to raise other animals such as game birds and dairy replacement heifers. Raising animals has instilled a deep appreciation of agriculture in me, but it does not end with animals.”
California Polytechnic State University – Ag Business with a minor in Wine and Viticulture

Francesca Gambonini “4-H helped me evolve my passion for dairy knowledge and dairy cattle and contributed to my desire to be a dairy cattle geneticist in the future.”
California Polytechnic State University – Dairy Science

Joshua Gluch “I always strive for excellence. I also always believe in being the best I can be. I have been able to apply many of the skills I have learned through 4-H including: finance, public speaking, communication skills, and leadership; to my interest in engineering.”
Civil Engineering

Keelyn Hanlon “The work ethic and high standards I learned to set for myself as a youth in my 4-H projects have influenced my decision to continue my education by attending graduate school. 4-H taught me to plan, lead, listen, and learn.”
Texas Tech University – Animal Science, food safety and food microbiology

Cynthia Hinde – “Through my involvement with the 4-H program I have developed values that will stay with me for a lifetime. One of the most important is the value of giving back to my community.”
Chico State University – Agriculture Education

Dominic Leventini – “Raising animals in 4-H and participating in leadership building activities instilled in me great morals like responsibility, integrity, and a great work ethic. I was able to apply these traits I gained through my academics. I strive to be at the top of my classes.”
Santa Clara University – Biology

Paige Nonella – “4-H has built my character and confidence. It is something that really changed my life, for the better.”
Ag Business and Finance

Genevieve Patt – “I strive each and every day to live my life by the 4-H motto, ‘To make the best better.’ These aspects combined with the healthy living 4-H has taught me have not only allowed me to achieve academically, but have given me the skills to live on my own in college and maintain the lifestyle that 4-H has taught me to live.”
California Polytechnic State University – Viticulture

Jessie Peterson – “Through my leadership in 4-H, I have learned the importance of education. I believe educating children and adults about agriculture is what sparked my interest in a career in education.”
Santa Rosa Junior College transferring to Chico State University – Animal Science and Agriculture Education

Katie Robbins – “I have come to realize that without the confidence, organization, leadership, and public speaking skills (just to name a few that drastically improved my personal abilities) gained through 4-H, I would not have been an applicant that was selected and excelled in the United Anglers of Casa Grande program that exposed me to the wildlife and environmental world.”
Sonoma State University – Biology with a focus in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation.

Celja Uebel – “If I had to choose one word to sum up my 4-H experience it would be ‘direction’. 4-H has had a huge impact on which direction I want my life to go in.”
University of the Pacific – Biological Sciences

You can read more about them at Sonoma County 4-H Foundation.


From the Chickenque Committee.....

Where do we start? The 52nd Annual Chickenque was a huge success and we have so many to thank. From the youngest to the oldest and everyone in between....Thank you! This event only takes place because of you. Together, we celebrate Sonoma County 4-H in the most positive way.

If possible, we would like you to frequent the wonderful businesses that support the Chickenque. Cresco Equipment Rentals, Classic Party Rentals, Peet's Coffee and Tea, Sonoma County Grange Credit Union, Innovative Screen Printing, Cricos, Cotati Foods, Petaluma Poultry Processing, Foster Farms, and G & G Market.

A special thank you to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors for participating in our cake judging contest. They love this event and are great supporters of our program.

The United States Coast Guard Training Center Petaluma was instrumental in the BBQ area. With their support, we know have a clear understanding of what it takes to create a good piece of chicken. Thank you to Justin and crew!

As we put this years event to rest, we feel it's important ask for your feedback. We want the good, the bad and the ugly. That's how we learn and know what worked and didn't. You can email Cheryl at mohrmanjr@aol.com or Matt at matt@firetriangle.com. New committee members are always welcome.

From Judy…

On May 5th, approximately 5000 community members showed up to attend the Annual 4-H Chickenque Fundraiser at the fairgrounds and support the youth of Sonoma County. This is the largest one-day chicken BBQ west of the Mississippi. I would like to thank our 600 plus volunteers who came out to support the program and work at the event. Compliments on the moist, juicy chicken are still pouring in!

I don’t even know how to begin to thank Matt Schafer (and his family!) The changes that he has brought to the CQ committee over the past two years have been innovating and invigorating. Matt was MORE THAN AMAZING in his dedication and commitment to the success of the event.  He pulled kids on stage and gave them total responsibilities for running contests, giving out awards. He has this way of making them feel so special.

The little guys were just beaming. Between the contests, the games, the kids on stage…the event just felt VERY youth directed, accurately representing the essence of our Sonoma County 4-H program.

Matt stayed calm and focused and behind the scenes and just kept putting out fires and solving problems. But he also found time to have many one-on-one conversations with new people who were interested in the program. He was still going strong and even-keeled at the end of the day and had the vision; energy and enthusiasm to guide the large clean up crew in completing the task and to make it fun. I’m in awe.

So for being our visionary and for being the leader of the pack, thank you to Matt!

Thank you to Cheryl Mohrman and Janet Cipriano who took on a large behind the scenes positions with the event this year. A HUGE thank you to our committee chairs (you know who you are!) who attended our planning meetings when time permitted and who were there all day Saturday setting up and then dawn to dusk on the event day. Everyone had a smile and just focused on getting the job done. Even those on the committee who unavoidably couldn’t be there this year, worked before they left to make sure everything was in place. And smooth running it was!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you TO ALL. Every year, when it is done, I am totally amazed at the fact that we pulled off such a GIGANTIC event. More thank you’s are in order and will follow….


Chicken-Que Poster Winners and Runners-Up 2013

First Kylee Johnson, Green Valley
Runner-up Amy Schafer, Two Rock
Runner-up Angelina Lea,l Wild Oak
First Missy Pendleton, Gold Ridge
Runner-up Elizabeth Caughey, Sonoma Valley
Runner-up Lauren Murnin, Live Oak
First Holly LeGallee, Warm Springs
No Runners-up


“The Wild West in Fashion” was this years County Fashion Revue theme. We had over 50 entries and 20 participants, and great outfits & textiles of western fashion.

This year we had 8 different categories for the 4H members to choose from, they were: Textile, Needle Arts, $19.99 Purchased, Traditional, State Challenge -Duct Tape State Challenge - 2yd Wonder State Challenge, Embellished & County Challenge. The fabric for the County Challenge was Denim & Bandanas. Each member who participated at the event wore an outfit that they either sewed or purchased, or created, if it was in the embellished or textile categories.

Modeling before the judges was first on the agenda, where each member would explain how they created their outfit. If they entered the Purchased category they needed to explain how much money they spent for their outfit and accessories, what the amount saved was and how versatile the outfit would be with the rest of their wardrobe. The Duct Tape category was a lot of fun for the members and they created some pretty amazing outfits and accessories out of tape. The 2yd. Wonder category kept the members to using 2yds. of fabric or less for their outfit, which can be challenging. And last but not least the County Challenge category showed very creative clothing made from denim and bandanas.

Congratulations to all of you who participated, you were outstanding and showed a lot of confidence with what you created for this years County Fashion Revue. A big Thank You to our judges: Marleen, Nikki, Angela & Chenoa. And also big thanks to our Kitchen Crew: Dominic, Kinsman, Simeon, Addie, Don, Kiele & Zemarah. And last but certainly not the least, Thank You to the CCC Executive Board for funding this event and giving our county’s 4H members a Fun Day of Fashion!

Here’s the list of categories, the participants and their awards:

(P) Primary 6-8 years, (J) Junior 9-11 years, (I) Intermediate 12-13 years, (S) Senior 14-18 years.

Textile: Maria Bartlett (I)~County Winner, Reilly Ballenger (J)~County Winner, Liberty Edwards (P)~Participant Award
Needle Arts: Mary Lavell (S)~ County Winner
$19.99 Purchased: Mary Lavell (S)~ County Winner, Missy Pendleton (I)~County Winner, Kiley Andersen(J)~ County Winner, Emily Lavell (J)~ County Medalist, Katie Terra (J)~ Blue, Reilly Ballenger (J)~ Blue, Amber Williams (J)~ Blue, Gianna Giovannini Lovell (J)~ Blue,  
Traditional: Missy Pendleton (I)~ County Winner, Bella Patt (J)~ County Winner, Reilly Ballenger (J)~ County Medalist, Emily Maners (J)~ Blue, Kiley Andersen (J)~ Blue, Amber Williams (J)~ Blue, Katie Terra (J)~ Blue, Gianna Giovannini Lovell (J)~ Blue, Rebecca Sisson (J)~ Blue, Julia Vandenberg (P)~ Participant Award
Duct Tape State Challenge: Missy Pendleton (I), County Winner, Emily Lavell (J)~County Winner, Reilly Ballenger (J)~ County Medalist
2 Yard Wonder State Challenge: Reilly Ballenger (J)~ County Winner, Bella Patt (J)~ County Medalist 
Embellished:  Emily Lavell (J)~County Winner, Katie Terra (J)~ County Medalist, Kaitlyn Davenport (J)~ Blue, Jaylee Edwards (J)~ Blue, Emily Maners (J)~ Red, Thailyn Davenport (P)~ Participant Award, Julia Vandenberg (P)~ Participant Award, Liberty Edwards (P)~ Participant Award, Corianna Edwards (P)~ Participant Award
County Challenge: Katie Terra (J)~County Winner, Gianna Giovannini Lovell (J)~ County Medalist, Jaylee Edwards (J)~ Blue, Liberty Edwards (P)~ Participant Award, Corrianna Edwards (P)~ Participant Award

All of the County Winners qualified to go on to State Fashion Revue, that was held at U.C. Davis on May 25th, as part of 4H State Field Day. If the County Winner for each category chose not to go, then the County Medalist had the option to attend. Thanks again to all of the 4H members for entering this year’s County Fashion Revue, you guys made this event happen. We are looking forward to next year, and hope you are too.
Chenoa & Denise


Written by Shannon J. Dogan, MS, PhD

Hi Everyone,

Two recent outbreaks of Avian Influenza (AI) strains have been reported, one in Mexico (H7N3) and another in China (H7N9). The H7N3 virus, a highly pathogenic strain of AI (HPAI), is restricted to poultry; the H7N9 virus, a low pathogenic strain of AI (LPAI), has crossed over from poultry and infected humans, mainly within family clusters. Heightened bio-security measures are recommended. More information is available at:

• California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA):
• Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN):
• Dr. Maurice Pitesky, Specialist for Poultry Health and Food Safety Epidemiology, Extension Veterinarian, University of California – mepitesky@ucdavis.edu

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