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2012 November

Sonoma County 4-H Reporter

President’s Corner

What an amazing job our All Stars and their Advisors did with Achievement Night! The night was filled with recognitions of our outstanding members, leaders and community partners! I was so proud of what Sonoma County 4-H Clubs do for our community and how involved they all are with making the clubs and communities a better place to live! Outstanding job! Congrats and thank you to our All Stars and their advisors!

Diana Stornetta

Enrollment should all be turned into the office. We are working toward a more efficient process for our enrollment next year and we appreciation everyone’s patience as we have worked through the problems this year. Hopefully everyone will be up and running in the online enrollment system. We will be processing the enrollment and confirming all the members as quickly as possible. We thank everyone for their support and patience!
With the holiday season quickly approaching I hope your club, leaders and members find ways to reach out to your communities through community service activities. There are so many people in need of a little extra help at this time of year and we all learn a little more about ourselves and how precious life truly is. Always be willing to lend a helping hand…it’s one of the most wonderful rewarding experience our members can ever have.
I want to wish everyone a very wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Enjoy family, friends and traditions. Also, a reminder there will be NO CCC MEETING IN DECEMBER 2012. We will see everyone January 2nd 2013 at the 4-H Center in Rohnert Park. Please note this is the first WEDNESDAY due to the holiday on Tuesday.

Hunter’s Safety

By Molly Houston
Hunter’s safety is not only a chance for kids and adults to take a test to try and get their hunting license but it’s a great opportunity for them to learn gun safety. We didn't get enough people to sign up in our own club so we are looking for more in other clubs. We are looking for about 10-12 people. Our meetings will be every other Sunday from 1:30-3:30 at the Forestville youth park building. We are so excited to do this project and we hope you can attend.
If you are interested call me @ - (707)887-0463
Limited to 15-20 people

4-H Shooting Sports Workshop

Rifle Discipline
Bakersfield, CA
Saturday, January 12, 2013 – 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Sunday, January 13, 2013 – 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

A 4-H shooting sports workshop for the rifle discipline will be held at UC Cooperative Extension Office, 1031 S. Mt. Vernon Avenue in Bakersfield. Participants must attend both days of training to receive certification. Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will be certified as a rifle trainer and can lead a rifle project at the club level or serve as county trainer to certify other leaders. There is no cost for the course. To register for the course or receive more information, contact John Borba at: jaborba@ucdavis.edu (This course is not open to 4-H leaders from Santa Cruz County).


Discover archery - through the craft, art and science of primitive skills. The core craft is making a long bow, suitable for recreation, competition or serious hunting. Shooting arrows is part of all the steps – some experience would be useful but not required.
Youths, adults, families and non-4H guests - all welcome - all fun

    • Learn why bows work and compare the different materials and shapes.
    • Choose a bow to match your size, strength and crafting level.
    • Crafting can begin anywhere from a U-finish bow to tillering a raw stave.
    • Design and make custom arrows & quivers for your bow.
    • Make leather bow grips, tip protectors, string keepers.
    • “Braid and serve” a Flemish-twist bow string.
    • Learn how to set up and adjust your bow for best arrow flight.
    • Develop traditional field archery styles and intuitive shooting techniques.
    • We have indoor/outdoor shooting at my shop and events at local ranges.

Bow materials range from $50 to $150 per bow
Arrows & accessories start at $3 (youth) to $15 (hunting)
4H members are free (non-4H is $10/session/person)
No fixed schedule – call ahead to reserve time

Contact Mark Smith, 707-528-8695 or venture@sonic.net 
Member – USA Archery Intermediate Instructor Certification
Sonoma County 4H - countywide archery leader
Buckeye Gathering - primitive skills instructor
National Field Archery Association
Traditional Archers of California
Sonoma County Bowmen

Leaders Section

Project Leaders

We would like to encourage all of our project leaders to set up their meeting dates and times this month and share them with your families. Everyone is very busy and letting our families know when, where and what time the dates of their meetings will help to reduce confusion and frustrations on every-one’s part. It is so easy to think that we will ?get to it and life happens! Our 4-H Program feels that project are the key to a successful 4-H experience. We are always so impressed by the variety of projects offered and the creative project leaders who develop these experiences for our youth. We would also like to encourage parents to at-tend monthly club meetings so they can keep informed on upcoming activities throughout the county. It is also important to support your project leaders through volunteering to help them when needed and to respect their time by having your members to the meetings on time and picking them up promptly at the end of the meetings. Together our leaders and parents can create a wonderful learning environment for our young people.

Leaders…Can’t make it to the State Leader’s Forum This Year?

If possible, PLEASE BRING ONE ITEM TO NOVEMBER CCC donated from you or your club/project members. Those of us who are going Judy and Diana Hampton, will put together a basket so that Sonoma county will have representation.
Each county is requested to donate one or more ?County Baskets featuring items you feel are representative of all that makes your county the wonderful place it is. ( A local jar of jam or honey makes an outstanding donation.)Local non-perishable items making up county baskets are always hot items on the Silent Auction tables. Baskets usually include 5-10 items and have a value of $50 or more. The SLF 2013 Silent Auction Committee is hoping to get donations of "County Baskets' from all counties in the state. Can also be from a club or project.

Orientations for New Volunteers

6:30-8:00pm at 4H Office 133 Aviation Blvd, Suite 109 Santa Rosa,CA November 14 (Wednesday) January TBA These are the scheduled dates for the upcoming orientations this fall. Every leader must attend this one-time orientation before you hold project meetings, sign Fair forms or work with youth. This is a University of California requirement in order to be appointed as an agent of the University and to receive liability insurance coverage when performing as a 4H leader. Please call or email Bonnie at the 4H office (707) 565-2681 or bstritze@sonoma-county.org to make a reservation.

Camp Dates Announced for 2013

4-H camp dates are Camp 1 Monday July 1st to Sat July 6th.
Camp 2 Sunday July 7th to Friday July 12.
Staff applications are online and fall staff training weekend is November 3 and 4th. Permission slips and staff applications must be in by October 26th to be eligible to attend staff training weekend.
We are also accepting chaperone applications for both camps and staff training weekend. All staff meetings take place at 7pm on the 4th Monday of the month at the 4-H center in Rohnert Park
For more information please call Gabby McGrath at 707-696-3796 or Lisa Bianchi at 707-763-4975.

Sonoma County Meat Goat

The Sonoma County Meat Goat meetings will begin January 12, 2013. Come learn about goats! Anatomy, feeding, care, showing and a host of other topics. Please contact Nancy Barlas 762-4476. Or barlasboergoats@earthlink.net
Here is an opportunity to learn more about goats! From beginner to experienced -goat folks, meat, dairy or fiber.
The Northern California Dairy Goat Association is putting on their annual Goat Education Day, November 3, 2012, at the fairgrounds in Red Bluff. Please go to their website for class lists and sign ups.

County Rabbits

Have you ever wanted to know how a rabbit show was put together? If the answer is yes, then perhaps you should join us at County Rabbits. Together we will put together our local show “March Hare”, from beginning to end. This rabbit show is one of the best……because it is all for kids. We will be starting our program soon. Our meetings will be limited to approximately 4 meetings and the show. Come and join us in all the fun! Contact Debra Mills, cryogenetics@sbcglobal.net or Peri Hanlon, pk4hleader@yahoo.com .


The Emerald Star rank has been added to the star rank program to give all eligible 4-H members the opportunity to serve through leadership, their clubs, county, and/or community. This is a star rank awarded for a plan of leadership work in the 4-H program. This is not a cumulative award; it is achieved by application, filing a plan of action, interviews (beginning and ending), completion of plan and evaluation.

  1. A 4-H er who wishes to participate must submit a plan of action for approval to the Emerald Star Committer PRIOR TO THE WORK BEING DONE and submit a complete plan of action for evaluation at completion of the project.
  2. The Emerald Star rank award is not a prerequisite to becoming an All Star. To be eligible for the Emerald Star, the applicant must be at least 14 years old, and/or a graduate of 8th grade, and have achieved the Gold Star rank.
  3. The work being done to achieve an Emerald Star is not done on a cumulative basis. This work is to be completed within one calendar year of the time of entry interview. The Emerald Star can be received one time.
  4. The work of the Emerald Star applicant is not part of the Jr/Teen work that the applicant does and is not part of the Jr/Teen Leadership Development program. This is an additional area of leadership that members may select. Emerald Star recipients will be announced at the yearly Achievement Night Program.


  1. Currently be enrolled in the 4-H program. 
  2. Hold the rank of Gold Star.
  3. Be at least 14 years old, and/or a graduate of 8th grade.
  4. Present an action plan of proposed leadership work to be offered on a multi-club basis, district, county, or area level or representing 4-H in the community, during the following year.
  5. Be prepared to handle any financial cost involved to complete the plan of action. It is not permissible to apply to CCC for funding.
  6. The 4-Her may apply as an individual or a group of individuals. Groups are limited to four persons. When submitting the plan for a group, one plan will need to be submitted, with each person’s responsibilities clearly defined.
  7. If in a group, each individual in that group will come to the interviews.

Contact Karyn Pulley or Cheryl Mohrman for more information

C.A.L. 2013 - Creating a Leader Conference

The conference will be held on January 25, 26, & 27, 2012 at Walker Creek Ranch, Marin County. This is a conference for interested 4-H youth 11 years or 6th grade - 12th grade. The allocation for each county is 15 spaces for youth. All counties are required to send one chaperone for up to 8 youth per gender. Participants are required to send their registration packets and a $25.00 checks deposit (made out to Sonoma County 4-H Council) to the County 4-H office by November 30, 2013. After due date, you will be notified of total cost.
See your club leader for an application or call the 4-H office for a copy.

CAL Conference Chaperones

If youth from our county are going to attend this great conference, we must have the needed number of chaperones by November 30th as well. Chaperone fills out a chaperone application. Fees paid by the council.

C.A.L. 2013
“Creating A Leader”
Your Quest. Your Destiny. Your Leadership
January 25,26,27 2013
Registration Form due November 30!
The fee for the weekend is $150.00 ($160 if you would like a shirt)
Last day for refunds- December 21, 2012 Requests need to be sent straight to Lance Elder lqecon@pacbell.net
Make checks payable to your own County Council
Check List:

  1. Registration Form
  2. Check for $150.00 (or $160 to include shirt)
  3. Signed Medical Treatment Form
  4. Signed NSC 4-H Code of Conduct


The 4-H Foundation of Sonoma County sponsors a grants program designed to support and enhance the 4-H program. Grants are made available to 4-H projects, activities or events that will benefit the 4-H program. Available funds may vary from year to year. Grant requests will be considered twice a year with applications due on November 15 and February 15 of each year.
Any 4-H member, leader, project group or club may submit a grant request. Grant Request forms are available at the 4-H Office or from the 4-H Foundation’s website.
The 4-H Foundation Scholarship and Grants Committee reviews each request based on its merit and in conjunction with the other grant requests received. All decisions of the Foundation Scholarship and Grants Committee are final.
Grant requests will be considered for any 4-H project, event, or activity regardless of the scope or nature of the request. Generally, funds will not be granted for payment of judges or for expenses normally incurred in carrying out a project. In considering the requests for grants the committee will utilize one or more of the following criteria to aid in prioritizing the beneficiaries of the grants provided:

  • Requests that are innovative,
  • Projects, events or activities that provide educational or developmental benefits to the members and leaders involved,
  • Provide recognition to the Sonoma County 4-H Program for achievement,
  • Are county-wide in nature; however, local projects or events will also be considered for sponsorship,
  • Include or impact the most individuals in scope,
  • Projects that have special themes or areas of emphasis,
  • Projects, events or activities that provide opportunities to “Make the Best Better” or to “Learn by Doing”.

Grant requests for travel expenses will be considered when Sonoma County 4-H groups are representing our county in state, regional or national events.
Grant requests for projects will be considered twice a year. Completed Grant Request forms should be postmarked no later than November 15th or February 15 of each year and mailed to the 4-H Foundation of Sonoma County, P.O. Box 1283, Rohnert Park, CA 94927.
To receive your grant money, please submit your receipts, photos and the final report before July 15 of the 4-H year your grant was given. Send your packet to the 4-H Foundation at the address above. Grant recipients also need to give an oral presentation given to the board at one of its regular quarterly meetings that are held in the months of February, May, August and November.
Project/Event Grant Request Form


The deadline for the 4-H Dairy Replacement Heifer Application is NOVEMBER 30, 2012. Please mail application to Katie Lundy, 3422 Gravenstein Hwy, So., Sebastopol, CA 95472. Since 1958 the 4-H Dairy Replacement Heifer Project has been popular. Heifers will be placed from January to April. These heifers will be from one week to two months old (usually three weeks of age). Members enrolled in this program raise the heifers, show them at fairs, have them bred, and sell them two and one half years later as heavy springers at a special 4-H Dairy Replacement Heifer sale. The process for securing a heifer is:

  1. The 4-H member and parents should understand that this is a commitment to a two and one-half year project. The applicant must be currently enrolled in a 4-H Club.
  2. Once a decision has been made to apply, the member should fill out the above application and contact the local dairy leader for a recommendation and signature.
  3. The dairy leader will make a recommendation to the Replacement Heifer Committee by the application deadline. When making a recommendation, the leader should note interest, dependability, and parental support. These criteria are very important!! In the past, some members have been very negligent in turning in required information such as vaccination, breeding dates, Bill of Sale, and contact.
  4. The Dairy Replacement Heifer Advisory Committee will review all applications and select the members who will receive heifers.
  5. Applicants will be notified in December, by mail, whether or not they will be receiving a heifer.
  6. Only in rare cases do first-year members receive heifers. Primary membership does not apply. 4-H members residing on dairy ranches can apply.
  7. Members are not eligible after they are 16 years of age or reached their junior year in high school.

Upcoming 4-H Events . . .

Articles for the Dec/Jan combo newsletter are due by November 5th. Email to Judy
3 Showcase 4-H Center
6 CCC mtg 4-H OFFICE 7:00pm
9 -11 State Leader’s Forum
13 Online Record book Training
14 New volunteer orientation 4-H OFFICE 6:30pm (6:00 for fingerprints)
26 Camp Staffers mtg 4-H center
27 Ex CCC mtg 7:00pm
NO CCC mtg
1 Junk Drawer Robotics Training

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