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2012 September

Sonoma County 4-H Reporter

PDF version: 201209 SC 4-H Reporter
September 2012 Statewide 4-H Updates

President’s Corner

Diana Stornetta
Welcome back from a very busy, fun filled summer! Congratulations to everyone on their successful fairs – Sonoma Marin Fair, Marin County Fair, CA State Fair and Sonoma County Fair. Sonoma County 4-H was well represented at all of these fairs and our members did outstanding jobs! I loved walking around the fairs just looking at all the creative exhibits in the still exhibit halls and the wonderful displays and educational material in all of the barns! Loved seeing kids talking with fair goers and letting the kids pet an animal sometimes for the very first time!
Thank you all – leaders, parents and members for making Sonoma County 4-H program one of the best in the State!

Now it’s time to dig in and get our enrollment completed and get the projects started for the New Year! There are amazing project opportunities in this county so if you club doesn’t offer a project you are interested in consider cross-clubbing with another club close to you. There are also several County projects available. Your Community Leader should have the list or you can contact the 4-H office.

Years ago we had a very popular event called All Skills Day. It helped start off the New Year with contests for projects, opportunities for project booths and even a fashion show. The event was open to the public as well so it helped bring 4-H to our community. Lisa Jack is chairing the new revised event but with a lot of the same contests and a few really exciting changes. The 4-H Showcase will be held on September 29th and will be filled with contests – Project Booths, Placesetting contests, Creative Pattern Poster Contest, Cookie/Cupcake Decorating, Educational Poster/Displays, and Arts & Crafts – including a category for Aluminum Foil Sculpture or Recycling Sculptures. We will also be holding our first Club CHILI COOKOFF! Only 10 clubs will be eligible to compete so get your entry in early! A brand new category added this year will be a Crafters Challenge where you will be given specific items to create your masterpiece and a time limit to do it! Should be great fun to watch our creative kids come alive in this contest. Help support the new event by showcasing your talents. Look in the Reporter for more information and entry forms.

Start those calendars off now by marking all of these important dates! Lots of events and activities are coming up and it promises to be a great year! Get that
enrollment done and get going on those projects! Hope to see you all at the 4-H Showcase so we can see all the great things you do in your projects!

~Diana Stornetta

From your Sonoma County 4-H All Stars......

Welcome to a new 4-H year. We are all very excited and ready to make this year the best.

Would you like your officers installed? If the answer is yes, then give send our advisor an email and she will put you on the calendar. Dates are booking fast, so email Cheryl at mohrmanjr@aol.com. We are available to help with club community service, too.

Achievement Night is going to be held on October 20th, 7pm at the 4-H Center. This is an important evening for our county, as we will be honoring both youth and adults for their dedication to 4-H and our county. Bring your bells and whistles and celebrate all the great achievements.

We look forward to meeting many new people this year, making new and lifelong friends.

Joshua Gluch (Evergreen 4-H), Ellorine Carle (Penngrove 4-H) and Jeannette Downer-Lanatti (Golden Hills 4-H)

CAL Conference 2013

CAL Conference is coming up in January. I am so excited to present the theme, co-chairs, and adult advisors! Our theme is Camelot (King Arthur) and Kaycee Thomas from Alameda County and myself, Michelle Wong from Sacramento County, will be your co-chairs for 2013. A huge shout out to Lance Elder, Serena Alexi, and Dawn Delisle for volunteering their time to mentor all those who attend the conference.

Ok, now that introductions have been made I will be glad to explain the logistics of CAL Conference. It stands for Create A Leader and is our North Central Region's leadership conference. All those who are in the 6th grade or are 11 years of age or above are eligible to attend; its a great start for those who are yet not old enough to attend the State Leadership Conference. We spend three days and two nights in the bay area at a private facility and learn how to improve our leadership skills by bonding with one another, going to workshops on leadership skills, and recreational activities. More to come this fall…..


No late proficiencies accepted. 

Friend of 4-H Nominations

The Incentives and Recognition committee would like to invite members within the 4-H community to nominate individuals or businesses to be named Friend of 4-H. The criteria is listed here. Please send the nominations to Kdpmick@aol.com (Karyn Pulley) or mohrmanjr@aol.com (Cheryl) or fax them to 584-1095. The deadline for nominations is September 18th. This award is presented at Achievement Night. Please make your nomination in paragraph form, limiting it to no more than 125 words. We look forward to receiving the nominations. Questions, please contact Karyn or Cheryl.

Friend of 4-H Award Criteria:
Community business persons and/or companies that demonstrate consistent support of the 4-H program are eligible for the Friend of 4-H Award.
Leaders who have been actively involved in 4-H for at least seven (7) years after their children have left the program are also eligible for this award.

4-H’ers Volunteering!

On Friday, August 3rd, 4-H teens and adults took a break from the fair and other summer festivities and traveled out to the Two Rock Coast Guard Training Center, on a volunteer mission.

The 4-H group lent a hand to help the Coast Guard with their “Family Days” event.

The Training Center operates 10 schools offering 50 courses to approximately 4000 students a year. In addition to Coast Guard military and civilian employees, the Training Center also provides training to international students.

Justin Reed is currently assigned as the Food Service Specialist in Charge at the Department of Homeland Security's Executive Dining Facility. He said that he was very happy to have the help of the 4-H team, as they helped break down the event, which served as a fun day for hundreds of the Coast Guard families.

Executive Chef Reed is a friend of 4-H. This year he and his team of chefs lent a hand at the 4-H Chicken-que event, providing experience and expertise when it came to cooking 7000 chicken lunches in one day.

4-H’ers volunteering at the summer Coast Guard event provided a great opportunity to give support to our Sonoma County military families!

4-H State Ambassador

Sonoma County 4-H is proud to announce that Benjamin Hampton from the local Madrone 4-H club has been selected as a California 4-H State Ambassador. This program is a
working honor that provides 4-H members expanded opportunities to serve the University of California 4-H Youth Development Program. The 4-H State Ambassador position is one of the highest service opportunities and recognition attainable in the University of California 4-H Youth Development Program. 4-H State Ambassadors are youth who have excelled in the areas of leadership and community service. They are selected to serve the 4-H Youth Development Program in roles that promote leadership through education and service. Congratulations, Benjamin!

New Club:  The Sea Squids!!

The Sea Squids 4-H Club started in January of 2011. Families in the Club live in Bodega Bay, Bodega and Valley Ford.

As a new club we are still small, but growing. We have a rabbit project, a fiber project, a cooking project and a meat goat project.

We have been supporting 2 community groups. We have helped the Slow Food Group with the Bodega Red Potato Project, distributing and growing a rare type of heritage potato, the Bodega Red. We have also participated in the Bodega Big Event Parade, part of the Big Event, a fundraiser for the Bodega Volunteer Fire Department. This year we ran the kids games area, raising $156 for the Fire Department.

This fall we will be doing outreach in our area schools, so more kids can join us in our fun projects.

Our meetings are the second Saturdays at 9:30 at the Bodega Bay Grange Hall. Come join us!

By Lily, Bodega Bay Sea Squids

County Wildlife Project - first meeting Sept 26!

Want to learn about wildlife and habitats here in Sonoma County and do some amazing activities? Plus make new friends from throughout the County. Join the Sonoma County Wildlife Project. Our meetings are held at the 4-H Foundation Center in Rohnert Park on the 4th Wednesday of the month with two exceptions (Nov and Dec). Our first meeting is on Wednesday, September 26, 4pm to 5:30. Come check it out!

To sign up, when enrolling online, add Countywide as a club and add Wildlife Project as the project.

For more information, contact Mary Engebreth at maryengebreth@comcast.net or Karen Giovannini at kgiovannini@ucdavis.edu


4-H and the Summer Crafts project, partnering with Redwood Empire Food Bank:  Low-Income Kids Summer Crafts

Hi my name is Sally. My club, Golden Hills 4-H, goes to McDowell School on Mondays during the summer to do arts & crafts with the kids. This year we received a grant for the program so we were able to buy some really cool things to do. Some of the crafts we did were painted bird houses, made photo frames, and we even did a petting zoo. The kids really had fun doing the crafts. I really enjoy helping the kids and seeing them smile and have fun. Then when they say thank you it makes me smile. I hope more clubs will do this project because it is really fun and it makes you happy to see the kids have fun.

Sally 12yrs. Old Golden Hills 4-H

Summer Fun! by Genevieve from Independence 4-H

To us kids, summer is a time of fun, sun, and no school! While kids are free of homework some are also lacking the stimulating activities and lunches that were provided at school. The Redwood Empire Food Bank has developed a program where they bring lunches throughout the summer to children who otherwise may not have it. While the food bank takes care of the lunches, 4-H clubs stationed at several different facilities bring the fun!

My sisters and I have been active volunteers in the Summer Craft Program for several years. We have brought activities that range from collages to finger knitting and from bookmark making to miniature bowling. We have even collected used children’s books throughout the year so that we could provide each child with a book at the end of our time with them. This program has given me the opportunity to make kids’ summers a little more fun. It has allowed me the chance to share skills I have learned through 4-H with others. The Summer Craft Program is truly unique and I encourage every club to become an active part in making a difference in a child’s life by bringing them some summer fun.

Would You Like to Take Your Project Countywide?

As our new year begins we are always looking for new Countywide Projects. Are you a leader who would like to expand your club project and provide knowledge to a larger group? Are you a volunteer who would like to start up something new? In the past few years we have had a wide variety of projects start up, financial literacy, lapidary, EMS, just to name a few. Contact the county office, 565-2681 if you have an idea and we will get you started! Sonoma County 4-H has awesome volunteers!

Sonoma County 4-H Showcase - Save the Date – New 4-H Event! 

Mark your calendar for our county’s newest 4-H event, the Sonoma County 4-H Showcase, to be held Saturday, September 29, 2012, at the 4-H Center in Rohnert Park. The event will be open to the public from 10 am to 2 pm.

The Sonoma County 4-H Showcase is an event designed for all 4-H members, leaders, parents and the general public to acquaint and stimulate interest & enthusiasm for the wide variety of 4-H project work going on in Sonoma County. Youth will be able to participate in individual and group booth displays, assorted contests and a chili cook-off.
Think of the Showcase as a mini-fair for 4-H members only!

Participation is open to all 4-H members, ages 5 years to 19 years old. Members do not need to be in a related project to enter in the different contests. We encourage members not submitting entries and all project leaders to attend as a field trip to see what other members are doing in our county. We will also be inviting the general public to the Sonoma County 4-H Showcase to see your displays and entries.

Contests being offered this year:
  Club Chili Cook-Off
  Table Settings Aluminum Foil Sculpture
  Cookie & Cupcake Decorating Model Rockets
  Educational Poster Lego Sculpture
  Educational Display Creative Sewing Poster
  Jewelry Youth Crafters Challenge

More information and forms are available for members & leaders at http://cesonoma.ucdavis.edu/Youth_Development/4-H_Events_and_Activities/4-H_Showcase_.
The forms will be located on the Sonoma County 4-H website as well as in the 4-H Reporter. Look for us on Facebook soon and “like” our page to get the latest information on this year’s event.

To volunteer to help, please contact Lisa Jack at sonomagoat@comcast.net. We will need individuals to help with set-up, signage, check-in, judging, clerking and clean-up.

Science and Health Field Day for Primary Members

Saturday OCTOBER 27, 2012
12:00-4:00pm at the 4-H Center

The Sonoma County Children’s Museum will provide Museum-on-the Go science activities.

Experience Hauntingly Healthy Halloween Snacks

****Join our Kick-the-Can Campaign****

Looking for 4-H teens and adults to assist at the event

Limited to 50 youth ages 5-8. Bring a friend! Call Bonnie at the 4-H office to sign up primary youth or to volunteer (707) 565-2681 or bstritze@sonoma-county.org

Many ways to participate:

1. Work at the event-set up, clean up
2. Assist primary youth in preparing their Halloween healthy snack activity
3. Volunteer to take photos

Sonoma-Marin Shooting Sports; Its Enrollment Time!

4H Shooting Sports
First Shoot Saturday, September 8th

Enrollment will be at one of our first two meetings: September 8th and October 6th at 9:00 AM sharp at the Valley of the Moon Trap Club. Directions to the location can be found at www.vomtc.org. New members must attend one of these first meetings. To save time, please enroll online beforehand by visiting
Please bring a completed Medical form (available for download when you complete your online enrollment) for each club member to the first meeting.
Please note new club members will need to successfully complete the required safety training at either the September or October meetings. 
Questions: Contact Martin at 415 309 1563.
Description: http://ces2.ca.uky.edu/butler-files/YouthDev/shooting_sports/Shooting_sports_logo.gif

Orientations for New Project or Club Leaders

NOTE: All New Leader Orientations this year will be held at the 4-H office in Santa Rosa

Mark Your Calendar for 2012
6:30-7:30pm at 4H Office, 133 Aviation Blvd, Suite 109 Santa Rosa,CA

September 17 (Monday)
October 16 (Tuesday)
November 14 (Wednesday)
January TBA

These are the scheduled dates for the upcoming orientations this fall. Every leader must attend this one-time orientation before you hold project meetings, sign Fair forms or work with youth. This is a University of California requirement in order to be appointed as an agent of the University and to receive liability insurance coverage when performing as a 4H leader.

Please call or email Bonnie at the 4H office (707) 565-2681 or bstritze@sonoma-county.org to make a reservation.

County Wide Dog Care and Training

Dog Care
This project is open to 4-Hers of all ages enrolled in the county wide project. The project will mainly focus on dog showmanship and obedience practice to allow members to be ready to compete in the show ring. An emphasis will be placed on health and care for dogs as well.

Members (or immediate family) must own the dog that will be used for meetings and shows. Dogs that attend meetings must be at least four months of age or older and be up to date on all vaccinations. Please bring a current vaccination record showing that your dog has had vaccines for DHLPP series (mandatory), Rabies (mandatory), and Bordatella (highly recommended).

All dogs are welcome (after proof of vaccination). Your dog does not need to be purebred to attend or compete! Dogs should be well socialized and not show aggression towards other dogs or humans.

The first meeting will be September 9th at 1:00PM at the 4-H Center.

Meeting dates for the rest of the year will be given out at the first meeting.

Contact Dani Foster for more information: (707) 542-6945  foster4h@yahoo.com

Attention all members! Annual Poster Promotion

We would like to get the word out about 4-H in your community, so we are asking those of you who are interested, to design a poster about “Why One Should Join 4-H.” The poster should include a number to call, and something you think would be of interest to kids and adults in your community. The poster can be designed to promote your club or for the county as a whole. This is what you will need to do if you would like to participate.

1) Design a poster to recruit members and adults to join 4-H.
2) Posters should be 14” by 22”
3) Find an approved place to put your poster in the community. Post it by September 30th, 2012
4) Have your club leader verify your poster information and sign the form
5) Mail or FAX the Verification Form to the county 4-H office postmarked by Friday, October 5th (see below)
6) Receive a pin at Achievement Night

This is a simple concept, but a fun and creative opportunity to build publicity about 4-H and use your creative imagination. We hope many of you will participate!

See application form on the PDF version of the Reporter http://cesonoma.ucdavis.edu/newsletters/4-H_Reporter44278.pdf.


BBQ will be Saturday, September 15th, under the oaks at Saralee’s Vineyard and Richard’s Grove. We are asking for 4-H members to help us serve and work our event.
It is a great event and is fun to work. We will need servers for our full service tables and also to help us get our Screamin Mimis dessert out to all our guests. We also would like 4H project displays from 3-530pm. This is a great way to spotlight your projects and show what 4H is all about. We also offer all clubs and or projects to donate a live or silent auction item and get half back. This is a great fundraising opportunity for the clubs and projects. If you need ideas or want to do an auction item please fill out the attached donation form and email or mail it to us. This amazing event brings families and 4-H alumni together for a wonderful evening of food, drink and fun.

Come early to enjoy 4-H demonstrations and a tent full of great silent auction items. The live auction will follow dinner. The theme this year is “4-H The Road to Success”. The 4-H program makes a big difference in the lives of our children, and the communities they live in. Our continued support of the 4-H program in Sonoma County helps prepare the next generation that will be the leaders of our community.

You can also join us on September 15th for a truly special night of celebration and support of Sonoma County 4-H. You can purchase tickets online or call the office at 707-584-9284. Please email Susan Hansen with donations, displays, volunteers and/or ticket sales at ed4hfoundation@yahoo.com .

Thank you,

Susan Hansen
Executive Director
4-H Foundation of Sonoma County

Upcoming 4-H Events . . .

9 Countywide Dog Project 1pm 4HC
17 New Volunteer Orientation 4-H Office 7pm
25 Ex CCC Mtg 7pm
26 Countywide Wildlife 4pm 4HC
29 4-H Showcase Event

2 CCC Mtg 4-H Office 7pm
16 New Volunteer Orientation 4-H Office 7pm
20 Achievement Night 4-H Center
24 County Wildlife 4pm 4HO
27 Primary(5-8 year olds) Science & Health Field Day 4HC
30 Ex CCC Mtg 7pm

*Articles for the September newsletter are due by September 15th. Email Judy*

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Judy Ludovise
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Bonnie Stritzel
4-H Secretary

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4-H Foundation: www.4hfoundationofsoco.org

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