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2016 September

Sonoma County 4-H Events & Activities

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Presidents letter

presidents pic
Time to kick things into gear!

School has started for most and with the first day of fall approaching Summer 2016 will soon be a pleasant memory.  We can now focus our efforts into getting the new 4-H year off and running.  The Annual Leader Training will be held on September 10th at the 4-H Center from 9am to noon with a special session from noon to 1pm for new club leaders.  Please remember that all clubs need to send at least one club leader (two is recommended) and register on the county website.  If a club leader cannot attend from your club please send another adult representative that can report back to you.

EVERYTHING is due at this training!  Officer books (Treasurer, Secretary, Editor), Record Books, Proficiencies (please complete online order form), Program Planning Guide and Outreach Documentation.  We will also be rounding out our committee lists so please think about which areas you'd like to have a voice in.  There are many to choose from!

Our first CCC meeting is September 6th at 7pm at the 4-H Office in Santa Rosa.  Please be sure to send representative of your club to each CCC meeting as they are generally packed full of important events and programs throughout the county.

I look forward to seeing you then!


Meet your 2016-2017 All Stars!

Hi everyone!

2016-2017 all stars

As 4-H club meetings are approaching us, please meet your 2016-2017 Sonoma County All Stars and Rising Stars. This year's Sonoma County All Stars go by the name Francesca Pharo and Courtney King. Francesca is a member of Sonoma Valley 4-H and has been a member of 4-H for seven years. She enjoys showing her market steer and traveling around to different 4-H conferences.  Courtney has been involved in 4-H for nine years and is based out of Liberty 4-H. Over the years she has participated in many projects through her club focusing mainly on Breeding and Market Swine, Dairy, Livestock Judging, and Woodworking.  Accompanying them is their Rising Stars Missy Pendleton, Bella Patt, Austin Manors, Andrew Thurber, and Cole Shafer.  On August 9th, Francesca and Courtney were able to connect with their Rising Stars for a team building activity. They went white water rafting where they had the time of their lives. They rafted down the river playing ice breakers and telling stories. They are really excited to start their journey with the county as they plan special events, interact with the club members on a personal level, and make connections that will last them a life time. If you would like to follow their journey, please follow their page on Instagram (sonomacounty4h) and Facebook (Sonoma County 4-H All Stars) run by your All Stars!

From the 4-h Youth Advisor

4-H Grows Here


In my first few months as the new 4-H Youth Development Advisor, I have seen tremendous efforts and contributions from hundreds of youth, parents, and adult volunteer leaders. I was impressed with the vibrancy at 4-H summer camps. I was delighted to see 4-H at the Marin, Sonoma-Marin, Sonoma, Healdsburg, Napa Town & Country, and West Marin Fairs. I have felt welcomed to the greater North Bay 4-H community and am excited to helping grow the 4-H program.

What is the job of a 4-H Advisor?

In my conversations with 4-H leaders, I have been getting the question: “What is your job?” According to the University of California, the role of a Cooperative Extension Advisor is to “make available to the public the latest in knowledge and practices” respective to the specific Advisor, like Viticulture Advisors, Weed Science Advisors, Environmental Horticulture Advisors, and Youth Development Advisors. Advisors are evaluated on research efforts, building programs, professional competence, University and public service, and affirmative action efforts.

But what does this mean? Here are a few things I will be doing.

1)      Leadership: Providing leadership and oversight to 4-H Clubs, programs, and camps, in partnership with the 4-H Program Representative/Manager. This includes providing educational resources, providing training, supporting evaluation, and ensuring 4-H policies are followed.

2)      New Programs: Growing new 4-H programs and developing curriculum. I plan to bring my expertise to bear in positive youth development, teen leadership, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Additionally, I have a specific charge from the University to reach Latino communities.

3)      Research: Conducting applied research. My background is in out-of-school time educational research (social sciences) and my interest areas include broadening how we define learning (beyond knowledge and skill to include attitudes, dispositions, and identity) and assess learning (moving beyond surveys to include the things youth make in their projects as an authentic form of assessment).

4)      Face of 4-H: Acting as a 4-H liaison to the National and State 4-H Offices, as well as local government agencies, youth organizations, and the community at-large.

Do you have other questions or ideas for new programs? Send me an email at smworker@ucanr.edu

From the 4-H Office

4-h office

New Year, New Opportunities, and New 4-H Projects

The start of the new 4-H program year brings about new opportunities for youth and adults to set their goals, make plans, and get excited about new adventures. During 4-H Club enrollment season, youth are given opportunities to select one or more 4-H projects while adults and parents are often recruited to serve as Project Leaders. 

For Youth Members: We encourage you to try something new, take a risk, and sign-up for a project you might not otherwise consider. 4-H provides a low-risk, supportive environment for you to experience so many new topics. If a project is not offered in your 4-H Club, ask your community club leader to help find a project leader or see if another 4-H Club offers the project.

Have you tried these projects? (try them all!)

Arts & Crafts











For Adults and Parents: Please agree to serve as a 4-H Project Leader and become a key ingredient of the 4-H experience. You can join the 4-H community and improve the lives of our youth no matter your background or expertise.

What are my responsibilities? As a 4-H Project Leader, you are responsible for planning a sequence of learning experiences so that the project appeals to beginners and more advanced youth. Project meetings must meet a minimum of six hours which is usually accomplished by meeting once a month over 5 to 7 months at your home, local school, or another facility. Work with the 4-H Club Leader to find a place that works. A position description template is available at http://4h.ucanr.edu/files/4772.doc

What project area should I lead? You probably have a hobby or vocational skill you can share. Do you know something about fish aquariums? Lead a 4-H fish aquatics project! Do you weld? Start a welding or engineering project! If you want to lead a project you are unfamiliar with, you can find plenty of educational resources to help plan your 4-H project. Check out 4-H curriculum at http://4-h.org/parents/curriculum/ or http://4h.ucanr.edu/Resources/Curriculum/.

How to I sign-up? Contact your 4-H Club Leader for 4-H application forms and a background check form. 

4-H In-Motion Day Camps

AS 2016
The 4-H program held four In-Motion day camps for youth in Windsor and Santa Rosa. 
The program was effective to reach out new members, over the 20% of attendees were new to 4-H and will be joining the Afterschool Clubs once the school year starts! 

Thanks to great volunteers and a partnership with the Santa Rosa and Windsor School Districts, the camps provided 
hands-on learning activities, sports and fun for youth in the community. 

AS 2016 1
Two camps had a LEGO theme where children participated in creative projects and played their choice of fun sports and games. Two camps later in the summer focused on community building and leadership along with sports and games! 

The In-Motion Day Camps will grow for next year and we invite 
everyone in the 4-H community to participate as a Camp Project Leader, Chaperone or camper. In-Motion Camp information will be published on the 4-H website by March 2017.

For more information visit the 4-H In-Motion Day Camps Site 

 Project Leaders for After school clubs

AS 2016 2
Afterschool Clubs are growing in Sonoma County, our four clubs will soon expand to eight.
Afterschool Clubs will be located in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park and Windsor, and will be in need of Project Leaders. Project Leaders dedicate one day per week after school to guide youth through hands-on learning activities, sport programs and community service activities.

Project Leaders will receive training and support from 4-H staff. 
Project Leaders will also be provided lesson plans, materials and sports equipment to run successful afterschool programs. Afterschool Clubs will also cover all enrollment fees for volunteers. As a project leader you could be eligible to receive community service hours for school or an internship. Check with the program coordinator and school faculty to ensure eligibility. 

Project Leaders need to be at least 15 years old. Volunteers 18 or older must go through a fingerprint background check. 

Afterschool Clubs strive to fulfill a great need for afterschool youth development programs in Sonoma County. Even one day per week makes a big difference in children's lives.

For more information about becoming a Project Leader, check the website or contact the 
4-H Program Rep - Diego Mariscal (707) 565-3027


September Volunteer Spotlight - Kristi Shafer

this oneKristi Shafer
Kristi Shafer has dedicated the last 5 years in making a difference in a child’s life. Originally from Pleasanton, CA, she completed her undergraduate Degree in Animal Science at San Luis Obispo, here is where she learned about 4-H by leading a horse project.

On top of being a project leader for dog care, rabbit and presentation skills at Liberty 4-H, Kristi also does book keeping, gives horse lessons and is a full time mom. She is a proud parent of two 4-H members. Her son was the reason why she joined Sonoma County 4-H as a leader. He wanted a rabbit, Kristi and Matt, her husband, said “If you want to own a rabbit you need to join 4-H”. She reinforced this in her children because 4-H has been a program she is fond of. She says, “4-H is not just about animals, it’s about life skills really! I really wish other people knew that 4-H is much more than just animals!” She continued by emphasizing that 4-H offers a lot more to our community. “When people ask me why my children are in 4-H it is not because of the animals… it’s the public speaking, record keeping, time management, organization, leadership and community services these are all things that you don’t really get in school, and these are all things that just about every project in 4-H has to offer.” Kristi works hard to support all 4-H members, even if it means helping the competition, her purpose is to help children succeed and be successful in life.

You can hear the excitement in her voice when she speaks about children whom she has made a difference to. “The most rewarding thing as an adult is having a child come up to you and say thank you, you made a difference in our life. I really appreciate all you do… you inspire me…” Her selflessness has created a sense of happiness and togetherness in the 4-H community.

Kristi we sincerely appreciate your generosity and dedication towards 4-H. Thank you for everything that you do!


Club Leader Training

All clubs need to send at least one volunteer (two is better). Agenda posted at registration link

Sonoma County Annual 4-H Club Leader Training
Saturday, September 10, 2016, 9:00am – 12noon (12-1 for new club leaders)
4-H Center, Rohnert Park


New to 4-H?

Are you a new to 4-H? Or a parent who has been around for a while and would like to lead a project in your club? Would you like to be a volunteer?

All of the information that you need is at: New 4-H Leader   You may complete the orientation part at your home or make an appointment to come to the office.

We look forward to meeting you!!

National 4-H Week Window Display Contest


2016 Window Display Contest Information

National 4-H week is around the corner so it is time to let everyone know what 4-H has to offer.  So let’s get creative and put together a window display.


“4-H Going for the Gold”

National 4-H Week

October 2-8

What you need to do:  submit Entry Form to the 4-H office by September 29th,2016 (available on County Website)

Window display Guidelines

  1. Contact business and arrange to set up display.  Multiple entries from clubs are allowed, but a club can win only one prize.
  1. In order to be eligible for an award, display MUST be contained in an actual WINDOW of a store or business.
  1. Display must be made by club members.  Leaders and parents can assist, but members need to come up with the plan and design.
  1. Display should promote the current theme and the activities of the club designing it.
  1. Display must be set up for judging, by 5pm, Saturday October 1st, 2016 and remain thru October 8th, 2016, 5 pm.


1st Place - $250

2nd Place - $150

3rd Place - $100

A BIG Thank you to Community First Credit Union for sponsoring this event!


National 4-H week right around the corner.  Let’s show the community what 4-H has to offer!

4-H Members Invited to Sign-Up to Present at the Windsor Regional Library

During National 4-H Week!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 from 5:30 – 7:45pm

9291 Old Redwood Highway, Building 100, Windsor, CA 95492

Help promote Sonoma 4-H during National 4-H Week at the Windsor Regional Library! 4-H members have an opportunity to present and interact with public audiences. All regular 4-H members, age 9 to 19, are eligible to present, non-competitively. Use your 2015 4-H presentation or start practicing a new 4-H presentation! Showcase your 4-H project work. You will have 15 minutes. 4-H members will earn a special recognition pin from the Sonoma County Library.

Sign-up at Library Presentation

For more information, please see: Sonoma Libraries 

Club Visits

If I visited your club in the past 2 years, I left a large, blank tri-fold, to be decorated by club members, leaders and parents. It is for your club's promotion. We will keep them in the office and use them at events, meetings and workshops.

If you have not turned in your tri-fold yet, please have it complete to turn in by November CCC meeting. If you have lost yours, a replacement tri fold costs $8.00. We would like them all the same size, so let me know if you need another for $8.00.

Per the County Director, Stephanie Larson, we need to wrap this project up. Clubs that I have already visited that need to turn in your promotion poster, are:

Healdsburg, Lytton Springs, Penngrove, Forestville, Annadel Wild Oak

I will be wrapping up my club visits this fall. Here is my tentative schedule.

Oct 11 Sonoma

Oct 17 Canfield

Oct 19 Live Oak

November 9 Harvest

November 14 Gateway

Nov 16 Sea Squids

November 21 Golden Hills

December 12 Alexander Valley

December 13 Gold Ridge

December 19 Warm Springs

Please send me an email and let me know if this date works for your club. Thank you! ~Judy

Everything is Due September 10th

Everything is Due on September 10 at Leader training!

Record Books…officer books (secretary, editor, treasurer)

Proficiencies- Proficiency order form 

Program Planning Guide

Outreach documentation

Volunteer Orientation


This is referring to the one-time orientation that everyone has to go through before becoming a 4-H volunteer. (Project leader, club leader, resource leader etc.) It is one-time only as long as you re-enroll year to year. If you skip a year, then you have to be re-fingerprinted and go through the orientation again.

The requirements are still the same: Orientation, fingerprints, enroll on line and pay insurance/program fee. The fees have not changed since last year.

We are starting a new process for conducting the orientations. New leaders to be may choose either option.

Option #1

Starting mid-July the orientation will be offered twice a week in the 4-H office.

Monday and Tuesday at 3:00pm by appointment only.


Option #2

On-line, on your own computer

Instructions and paperwork will be on our County website for you to print out.

When completed, you will need to personally bring the paperwork to the 4-H office and connect with either myself (Judy) or Jesenia. Office hours are 8:00am to 4:00pm. No drop offs. We will show you where our leader resources are available and answer any questions that you might have. If you have had your fingerprint check completed, then you will receive your “Leader Card.” If not, it will be mailed to you when fingerprints are completed. Questions? Call or email Judy at 707 565-3443 or jludovis@sonoma-county.org

Citizenship Weekend


September 16th - 18th, 2016
@ Hostel International-Sacramento 
925 H Street Sacramento, CA 95814

Open to 4-H Members 12 years and up (as of December 31st, 2015). Registration in a Citizenship project is NOT required to attend. Registration is initially open to youth in the current North-Central Section as well as the coming Bay/Coast Area. After 8/1/16 registration will open to all members in the state.  We will participate in numerous aspects of citizenship such as government, history and community service.

  • The Sacramento Hostel will be rented out exclusively to the citizenship weekend event
  •  **Space is limited, registration accepted on a first come - first serve basis**
  • Fee will include two nights, and meals/snacks from Friday evening through Sunday lunch:

$100 Early Bird now-6/15/16

$120 6/16/16-8/15/16

$140 after 8/16/16 as space permits

  • Fees and forms are due within 30 days of online registration to hold discounted early-bird fees

Chaperones needed to cover delegate/chaperone ratio in each county (1-8 ratio) will get to experience the weekend free of charge; on a first register basis (get your applications in early).

For more information and the link to register go to: Citizenship Weekend

4-H Shooting Sports Training

The Merced County 4-H Shooting Sports training team will be offering a series of project leader and leader trainer classes in rifle, pistol, shotgun, muzzle loading and archery offered from September to December in Central California.  All classes will be in a Saturday and Sunday format, 9 AM –4 PM, at the Safety First Shooting Association, River Oaks Range, 11584 N. Shaffer Rd, Winton 95388, in Merced County.   Participants must become a 4-H leader or member and attend both days to receive certification to lead any of the shooting sports disciplines at the project, club and camp levels.   The course will include a PowerPoint lecture, review of equipment, practice shooting and teaching, and a written test.   The cost for each discipline is $35 per person to include a resource binder, with Saturday and Sunday lite breakfast refreshments.   Dry camping is available on site as is self-contained RV camping. You are responsible for lunches. The nearest shopping is 15 minutes away. It is recommended to bring lunches each day. You may bring your own firearms and ammunition or archery equipment. However everything will be provided if you want to use their equipment.  Junior and teen leaders are invited but must attend with an adult or have a certified shooting sports adult leader they will be assisting back home. 

Driving directions to the classrooms and range are at Safety First Shooting

To register, please complete and mail the “CA  4-H Shooting Sports Training Request and Registration Form” available at Register and an adult or youth 4-H medical release form and a $35 check payable to “Merced  County 4-H Council” and mail to UCCE, 2145 Wardrobe Ave, Merced, 95341.  Registration is due Friday, 7 days prior to the class you are taking, and space is limited to 25 attendees.   For more information call Darlene McIntyre at 209-385-7418or email her at dlmcintyre@ucanr.edu.  Range and class info contact is Dave Givens 209-614-1718 or dave@hammerstryke.com

Class Dates:

Rifle Leader 

                Sept 17th and 18th (Registration due Sept 9th)

                Nov 5th and 6th (Registration due Oct 28th)

Shotgun Leader

                Sept 17th and 18th (Registration due Sept 9th)

                Nov 19th and 20th (Registration due Nov 11th)

Archery Leader

                Oct 8th and 9th (Registration due Sept 30th)

                Nov 5th and 6th (Registration due Oct 28th)

Pistol Leader

                Oct 8th and 9th (Registration due Sept 30th)

                Nov 19th and 20th (Registration due Nov 11th)

Muzzle Loading Leader

                Oct 29th and 30th (Registration due Oct 21st)

                Dec 10th and 11th (Registration due Dec 2nd)

Rock Paper Scissors Olympics

Identify three separate areas that are about 20 feet away from one another, one for Bronze, one for Silver and one for Gold.  Demonstrate to the group 3 different areas.  Make sure that everyone understands the basic rules of the Rock, Paper Scissors Game.  Everyone starts out in the Bronze area.  Ask them to find a partner and play Rock, Paper, Scissors.  The person who wins the match advances to the Silver area.  The person who lost stays in Bronze and finds a new person to play with.  Once in the Silver area, players find a partner and play again.  Whoever wins advances to the Gold area.  Whoever loses returns to the Bronze area.  Once in the Gold

area, participants find another partner and play again.  Whoever wins stays in Gold. Whoever loses devolves down to Silver.  

Play the game for 3 minutes.  Have fun!

What the 4-H Chicken Run has done for me...

In January I started walking and hiking for good health reasons.  When the email came out for the Chicken Run, I thought, hey I want to try that (I was also thinking of my Step-Grandmother who started running Marathons in her 50's and walked across the United States).  Please note that I am not a runner.  Not since High School Sports.  So I started doing some running with my walking and hiking.  I did the Chicken Run and had a great time!  It was a lot of fun!  So, in June my husband went to Nashville, Tennessee for a work conference and I tagged along.  I looked online before we went to find out if there was 5K race while we would be there and sure enough I found one.  So, I ran in the Fatherhood Games (A super wonderful organization and group of people) in Nashville.  I took my Chicken Run T-shirt and Bib Number with me and posed with them at the finish line.  This is the picture I have attached.  The Chicken Run has now been advertised in Tennessee!!! Ha ha  Now I have signed up for three more 5K races…Santa Rosa, Petaluma and Healdsburg!  The Chicken Run has created a monster!!!

Thank you 4-H!


We have a new book in the 4-H Library

We have a new book in the 4-H office library that I want to tell you about. It is called

“Setting the Conflict Compass.”

"A compass can be used in many ways, from telling which way is North, to finding hidden treasure to following an unmarked path over wilderness terrain. In any conflict, you have to get your bearings on what happened. This helps you best determine how to resolve the issue. Conflict is inevitable, and despite how many of us feel about it, conflict is not always a bad thing. People have varying degrees of comfort with conflict as well. Some thrive in it, some prefer avoiding it at all costs. Conflict is neither good nor bad; it is simply a predictable occurrence within any relationship or team. Dealing with conflict is critical to success in all areas of your life. Learning how to manage and resolve conflict is to your benefit. Another key component of conflict is to understand that no two conflict situations will be identical. This in itself makes dealing with conflict more difficult.

The activities in this book will help participants become aware of how they perceive and handle conflict. There will be suggestions and strategies for dealing with conflict as well. It will also remind individuals to think of the perspective of others. This will be achieved while gaining tools and techniques for increased collaboration, resolving disputes, and ultimately finding win/win resolutions to conflicts."

If you are interested, please take a look at it. Anyone interested in having a training on Conflict/Resolution?

How to be an involved 4-H parent 

Your child has joined a 4-H club, now what? Here are tips to help 4-H members and parents have a successful experience, starting with getting to know the 4-H program.

Let's start by clarifying there is no such thing as “easy” when it comes to being a parent. Parents play an important role in 4-H programs by supporting and encouraging their child throughout the 4-H experience, in much the same way that they would advocate for the child through school, sports or other activities. Being an informed and supporting parent can enhance your child's 4-H experience to ensure they receive maximum benefits from the program. This article is part of a series that will provide a number of tips for 4-H families to bolster their 4-H experience and apply the 4-H motto, “To make the best better.”

Get to know the 4-H program

4-H is the nation's largest youth development program with over 6 six million members. 4-H takes place within your local community and also ties to the bigger 4-H program at the county, state, national and even international level. It's huge! It's not likely that you will figure it all out in the first year your family joins 4-H. That's OK, you have plenty of time to explore as Sonoma County 4-H  serves youth ages five to 19. The fact is, you may not ever interact with every aspect of 4-H, and that's OK too.

An important step along the path of getting to know the 4-H program is meeting the people involved with the program. Here are a few people you will want to meet right away.

  • 4-H club leader. This is the primary person who organizes the club. The club leader (there can be more than one) is usually the person who will help you complete your enrollment and registration paperwork. They are typically a point of contact between the club and the county Sonoma UCCE office.
  • 4-H project leader. This person is the go-to person in the club to teach on the specific projects or topic areas that youth are interested in learning. Depending on which projects your child decides to participate in, they may work with one or more project leaders in the club.
  • 4-H club officers and teen leaders. Encourage your child to get to know the other members in the club. Often, older club members will mentor younger members.
  • County UC Cooperative Extension staff. Every county has at least one 4-H program coordinator who is assigned to work with 4-H volunteers to oversee the management of the county 4-H program. Some counties may have more than one 4-H program coordinator or they may have a support staff person who can help with 4-H questions.

As your family becomes involved with 4-H, you will have the opportunity to network with lots of people – other members and their families, 4-H volunteers, other 4-H clubs, 4-H committees and UC Cooperative Extension staff. You may begin to develop your own extended “4-H family.”

4-H has a wealth of educational opportunities for children in each age category. Some of these events will take place at the club level, others may take place at the county, regional, state, national or even international level. 4-H staff and volunteers do their best to share these possibilities with your family using a variety of communication sources.

  • Newsletters and Blogs. Your club or county 4-H program may publish a newsletter. Newsletters could be published weekly, monthly or bi-monthly and delivered in a hardcopy or electronic format. Check with your club leader and your county 4-H program to ensure you are added to the recipient list. Check out our Newsletter at Sonoma County Reporter. Sign up for our Blog at Sonoma 4-h Blog
  • Social media. Your club or county 4-H program may also promote opportunities using social media sources such as Facebook. If these options are available, feel free to “like” or “join” the page to keep updated.
  • Websites. You will find information about many 4-H opportunities on the Internet. Here are a few websites you may want to bookmark: Sonoma County 4-H,  State 4-H  and National 4-H.
  • Events. County events can be found here county Events

These are just a few sites to get you started. As you delve deeper into your 4-H journey, you may find it helpful to bookmark links to specific projects or programs within these sites or other related sites.

Your family's 4-H journey can provide your child with an unlimited number of learning encounters. Whether your journey is just getting underway or if your family has been involved in 4-H for years, you are likely to find something new to learn and experience at every step along the way. You will find that there are people along the path to help guide you, but ultimately the path of your family's 4-H expedition will be individually determined.

Thank you to Betty Jo Krosnicki, Michigan State University Extension

Redwood Empire Kennel Club

Redwood Empire Kennel Club

Redwood Empire Kennel Club of Fresno is offering, for the first time, an event designed for young children between the ages 5-9. It is an introduction to AKC pre- Junior Showmanship called Pee Wee Special Attraction.

The Event will be held on Saturday, September 10, 2016 at the Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds in Petaluma. The children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

This is a relaxed event designed for fun with safety as a primary concerned for the children and their dogs. All dogs must be on a leash at all times and female in the season are not allowed.

Club members and officials will be on hand to assist in this event. Sign up for the event will be between 8AM and 11:30PM at the catalog table the day of show. THERE IS NO ENTRY FEE. The event will be held around noon time.

For more information, contact Mary Olund, Cabpudel@gmail.com

Youth Action Awards


National 4-H Council is now accepting applications for the 2017 4-H Youth in Action Awards to be presented at the eighth annual Legacy Awards in Washington, D.C. on March 21, 2017.

As the highest honor National 4-H Council awards to 4-H youth, the 2017 awards will recognize one remarkable 4-H'er within each pillar area: Agriculture; Citizenship; Healthy Living; and STEM.

Each of the four 4-H Youth in Action Awards pillar winners will receive:

  • Scholarship: $5,000 scholarship for higher education.
  • Public Recognition: An all-expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C. to be recognized at Council's Legacy Awards on March 21, 2017.
  • Spokesperson Opportunities: Serve as the National Youth Spokesperson for their recognized pillar area.

In addition, one National 4-H Youth in Action Award winner will be selected from the four pillar winners and receive an additional $5,000 scholarship for higher education.

All applications must be submitted by 5:00 PM ET on Monday, October 24, 2016.

For qualifications, application rules, and information on past honorees, please visit the 4-H Youth in Action Awards website.

Connections Corner-Family Teamwork

Strong families work together as a group to accomplish daily tasks and activities. Each member is recognized as an integral part of the team-bringing special qualities to make the family function smoothly.

Working together creates a sense of cooperation. This teamwork approach reduces self-centeredness and teaches young people the satisfaction of shared accomplishment. The ability to contribute to the family team also increases each member's self-esteem.

Recognizing individual talents and pooling resources enable families to plan ahead and cope with the problems that arise in day to day living.

-make family mural on a large sheet of paper, listing what each member contributes to

 the family. Notice how each person's abilities are unique and how everyone's contributions combine together to result in the smooth running of the family.

-Start a list of long-term projects that need to be done around the house, such as cleaning out the garage or painting the porch steps. Work as a team to accomplish each activity. Play music and plan a small after-work treat to make the project more enjoyable.

Do you have Articles? Upcoming events? 

Articles for the October newsletter are due September 10th  …. Send an Email to Judy at jludovis@sonoma-county.org

Upcoming Events 


27…Foundation BBQ

30…Exec CCC meeting 7:00 4HC


6…CCC mtg 4-H OFFICE SANTA ROSA 7:00pm

10…Annual Club Leader Training…required 9:00am 4HC

Also, last “Turn-in Date” for all things 4-H! (Record book, Officers books, Program<

University of California Cooperative Extension, Sonoma County
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