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2016 June/July

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President's Letter

Presidents Pic
And just like that another 4-H year is completed and recorded in the books.  Summer is here and it can’t get busier for our 4-H members! 

Sonoma Marin Fair, Sonoma County 4-H Camp, State Fair and Sonoma County Fair will be here before we know it!  I always look forward to this time of year, and I know you do too!  This is the chance you’ve all been waiting for to show off your project skills and let your experiences at 4-H members pay off. For you older, more seasoned members…this is your chance to mentor younger members and give back to the program that has helped build your foundation for success.

It is time for us to bid farewell to our 2015/16 All Stars: Melanie Hanlon, Savannah Schell and Blake Southard. Thank you, ladies, for a job well done and you will most definitely be a hard act to follow! Our new All Star team for 2016/17 will be Courtney King and Francesca Pharo, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what they have in store for us.   As a reminder, Rising Star applications will be accepted through July 1st and are available on the county website. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn what it takes to be an All Star and bond with potential future teammates.

Our next CCC meeting will be on September 6th at 7pm at the 4-H office conference room.  Please remember the meetings for September, October and November will be held at the 4-H office.  January through May will be held at the 4-H Center in Rohnert Park.  Please plan on attending the meeting and getting caught up on all things 4-H that have happened between now and then

Annual Leader Training will take place on September 10th, 2016 from 9am to 1pm. This is mandatory for all community leaders. This is also the date that all of the annually required books and forms are due from your club, as well as all club-level approved record books. Please stay tuned for more information coming soon!

We hope you have a fun and successful fair season, and can’t wait to hear about your experiences and awards.  See you at the fairs and see you in September!


Beef Fitting Clinic

 Where: Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds (Petaluma)

Beef Fitting Clinic

 When: Wednesday, June 22, 2016. 5-7pm

 Who Can Come? Any beef exhibitor or any exhibitor interested in showing in the future

 What: A beef fitting clinic with additional nutrition and veterinarian workshops.

There will be a raffle and prizes to be won!!

RSVP to (707) 939-3558 or



4H Foundation BBQ 

Hello 4H Clubs of Sonoma County!

4H Foundation BBQ
The annual 4H Foundation BBQ and fundraiser is set for August 27, 3:00 to 8:00 pm at Richard's Grove and Saralee's Vineyard on Slusser Road in Windsor.  We are working hard to plan and organize for this event to make it our best one yet!  As some of you may know, this event is successful because of so many of our incredible volunteers who mean so much to us!  This very much includes our 4H youth! 

 This year for table and food service, we are looking to have 75-85  youth volunteers between the ages of  5 and 18.  Server volunteers will need to arrive at 4:00 pm.  Server orientation for full service tables will start at 4:30 and service will go from 5:00-9:00 pm.

 We also would like eight adult volunteers (parents, project or club leaders) who can help oversee the youth food servers.  We would like to break the adult shifts up into two different times, 4:00-6:30 and 6:00-8:30.  For each shift we will need 2 adults helping at the food preparation table and two overseeing the tables being served.  The youth will be provided with a pizza dinner and the adults a complimentary BBQ dinner.

 If a particular project group would like to display a booth, please let me know! We would need you to arrive to set up your display by 2:45 and the display time would go until 5:00. We kindly ask that all 4H youth volunteers wear their whites to volunteer.  It looks great and it represents your club nicely. This is a wonderful and fun community service opportunity for 4H youth to include in their record books! 

You can let me know by email.  Please send an email with the name, age, contact information, and area of interest to volunteer to faith@4hfoundationofsoco.org

Sonoma County 4-H Camp       

Located in the beautiful surroundings of the Las Posadas forest, 4-H Camp is the perfect environment for campers, teen staff and adult chaperones to get away for a week in nature. This historic camp is located just east of St. Helena in a wooded setting that has been used for 4-H since 1929. For one week out of the summer, campers ages 9-18 are invited to take part in classic summer camp activities, including hiking, swimming, archery, arts & crafts, and skits and songs around the campfire. We hope you will come and join us!

4H Camp

For more information and pictures

please visit our website:4-H Camp

2016 Camp Dates:

Camp 1: June 27 – July 2 (Monday – Saturday)

Camp 2: July 3 – 8 (Sunday – Friday)

4-H members $245.00/Non 4-H members $300.00

We still need chaperones at both camps. Please contact our coordinators for more information:

Camp 1: Lisa: 707-484-5374 & Gabby: 707-696-3796

Camp 2: Michelle: 707-529-1511

Email: Sonomacounty4hcamp@gmail.com

 Sonoma County Fashion Revue Results

“Hoe Down, Sew Down” was this year’s County Fashion Revue theme. We had over 50 entries and 20 participants, with great outfits, accessories, and textiles of western fashion. We had 11 different categories for our 4H members to choose from and they were: Textile, Needle Arts, Quilted, $40 Purchased, Traditional, Embellished, Accessories, Potholder County Challenge, Upcycled and State Challenges – Muslin Challenge and Western Shirt Challenge. The fabric for the County Challenge was an assortment of fun patterns for potholders.

Each member who participated in the event wore an outfit that they sewed, purchased, or created, if it was in the embellished or entered in the non-wearable category. Modeling before the judges was first on the agenda, where each member would explain how they created their outfit. If they entered the Purchased category, they needed to explain how much money they spent for their outfit and accessories, what the amount saved was and how versatile the outfit would be with the rest of their wardrobe. Last but not least, the County Challenge category showed potholders to be proud of and used in the home. A fashion Design contest was held along with a Knowledge and Judging contest.

Congratulations to all who participated, you were outstanding and showed a lot of confidence with what you created for this year’s County Fashion Revue!

A big Thank You to our judges: Astrid, Krista, Mary, Melissa, Stacie, Stefanie, Savannah, Bella, Missy and our room monitor Blake!

Thank You to the CCC Executive Board for funding this event and giving our county’s 4H members a Fun Day of Fashion!


County Winner: Michael Sittenauer (J) Sequoia 4-H, Emily Lavell (I) Gateway 4-H;

County Medalist: Peter Sittenauer (J) Sequoia 4-H, Emily Maners (I) Steuben 4-H;

First: Julia Vandenburg (I) Steuben 4-H;

Participant: Liberty Edwards (P) Steuben 4-H;


County Winner: Peter Sittenauer (J) Sequoia 4-H, Emily Lavell (I) Gateway 4-H;

County Medalist: Michael Sittenauer (J) Sequoia 4-H, Jaylee Edwards (I) Steuben 4-H;

First: Alyssa Perez (J) Steuben 4-H, Corrianna Edwards (I) Steuben 4-H, Gianna Giovannini Lovell (I) Gateway 4-H, Julia Vandenburg (I) Steuben 4-H;

Participant: Liberty Edwards (P) Steuben 4-H;

Pot Holder:

County Winner: Michael Sittenauer (J) Sequoia 4-H, Emily Maners (I) Steuben 4-H;

County Medalist: Tenlee Leone (J) Two Rock 4-H, Gianna Giovannini Lovell (I) Gateway 4-H;

First: Alyssa Perez (J) Steuben 4-H, Peter Sittenauer (J) Sequoia 4-H, Corrianna Edwards (I) Steuben 4-H, Jaylee Edwards (I) Steuben 4-H, Julia Vandenburg (I) Second: Mary Lavell (S) Gateway 4-H;

Participant: David Edwards (P) Steuben 4-H, Gracie Ascoop (P) Steuben 4-H, Liberty Edwards (P) Steuben 4-H;

$40 Purchased:

County Winner: Alyssa Perez (J) Steuben 4-H, Emily Lavell (I) Gateway 4-H, Mary Lavell (S) Gateway 4-H;

County Medalist: Peter Sittenauer (J) Sequoia 4-H, Gianna Giovannini Lovell (I) Gateway 4-H;

First: Emily Maners (I) Steuben 4-H, Lillian Black (I) Madrone 4-H;

Second: Caroline Hampton (I) Madrone 4-H, Julia Vandenburg (I) Steuben 4-H;


County Winner: Adeline Hogan (J) Madrone 4-H;


County Winner: Peter Sittenauer (J) Sequoia 4-H, Emily Lavell (I) Gateway 4-H;

County Medalist: Julia Vandenburg (I) Steuben 4-H;

Participant: Liberty Edwards (P) Steuben 4-H;


County Winner: Alyssa Perez (J) Steuben 4-H, Emily Maners (I) Steuben 4-H;

County Medalist: Lily Anne Roberts (J) Two Rock 4-H, Gianna Giovannini Lovell (I) Gateway 4-H;

First: Hannah Campanile (J) Two Rock 4-H, Tenlee Leone (J) Two Rock 4-H, Julia Vandenburg (I) Steuben 4-H;

Participant: David Edwards (P) Steuben 4-H, Gracie Ascoop (P) Steuben 4-H;

Western Wear:

County Winner: Tenlee Leone (J) Two Rock 4-H, Emily Maners (I) Steuben 4-H;


Second: Emily Maners (I) Steuben 4-H, Gianna Giovannini Lovell (I) Gateway 4-H;

Needle Art:

County Winner: Adeline Hogan (J) Madrone 4-H, Mary Lavell (S) Gateway 4-H;

Participant: Roland Hogan (P) Madrone 4-H;


County Winner: Emily Maners (I) Steuben 4-H;             

Clothing & Textile Knowledge and Judging Contest

A new contest this year at the 2016 Sonoma County Fashion Revue was the Clothing & Textile Knowledge and Judging Contest. This was a written test with multiple choice, true/false, matching, and fill-in questions about fibers, parts of a sewing machine, color theory, laundry care symbols, sewing tools, basic hand stitches, and pattern symbols. There were also three judging classes titled "machine sewn hems", "thread choice for fabric", and "fabric choice for project".



First - Tenlee Leone, Two Rock 4-H

Second - Hannah Campanile, Two Rock 4-H

Third - Peter Sittenauer, Sequoia 4-H

Fourth - Lily Anne Roberts, Two Rock 4-H


First - Caroline Hampton, Madrone 4-H

Second - Corrianna Edwards, Steuben 4-H

Third - Emily Lavell, Gateway 4-H

Fourth - Emily Manners, Steuben 4-H

Fashion Design Contest

The Fashion Design Contest was another new contest at this year's Fashion Revue. Participants used their creative skills on paper to draw a full outfit. They used the same croquis (template) to create their person and then added their own unique outfits. We received 11 entries and these wonderful unique creations were judged by the people's choice voting method. In the Intermediate age group: Gianna Giovannini Lovell of Gateway 4-H won first, Jaylee Edwards of Steuben 4-H won second, and Emily Lavell of Gateway 4-H won third.

From your I & R Committee

Record Book
ATTENTION Senior members!

If you are thinking about submitting a record book this year that could go on to the state level, you MUST submit an "Intent to submit" form AND complete the online training through the state website BY JUNE 30TH.  This is an earlier deadline than previous years, so please don't miss it!  Follow the below instructions and you should be "good as gold"!

Eligibility for State Competition

If the criteria for eligibility are not met, a member's book will be disqualified from the competition.

Age Eligibility: Senior 4-H members (at least 14 years of age and no older than 19 years old by December 31 of the program year for which the book is being entered) are eligible to enter state competition.

Use of Correct Forms: Members who are planning to submit their Record Book to state competition must download and use the most current forms, found on this website. One way to be sure to do this is to always download the latest version of the Record Book Manual and forms from the state website. 

Intent to Submit: This form is a recent addition to the State 4-H Record Book Judging Process. Members who are planning to submit their Record Book to state competition must complete this form and submit it to their County Office by June 30, 2016.

2016 Intent to Submit Form

Quick Start Course: To be eligible for 2016 State Competition, members must complete the California 4-H Quick Start Record Book Course by June 30, 2016. The course must be completed each year. At the end of the course, follow the link to complete the quiz.

Announcing the highest California 4-H Youth Award!

The Incentives and Recognition Advisory Committee is pleased to announce the launch of the California 4-H Diamond Clover Award. The Diamond Clover is awarded to the highest achieving 4-H youth members through an application and essay process. All youth who achieve the qualifications are eligible for this award. Applications may be submitted at any time during the year and while a young person is between 17 and 19 years of age. Each quarter, applications are reviewed by the Incentives and Recognition Advisory Committee and awards are given. Awardees are announced annually at the State Leadership Conference. Applications are available now for submission beginning July 1, 2012 at Diamond Clover Award Rationale: Most youth serving organizations have a highest honor—Boy Scouts have Eagle Scouts, Girl Scouts have the Gold Award, Camp Fire USA has the WoHeLo Award. While the 4-H State Ambassador Program is a very high honor, it is a working honor and is prohibitive to many who may be deserving of a highest youth award.

Citizenship Weekend       

September 16th - 18th, 2016

at Hostel International-Sacramento 
925 H Street Sacramento, CA 95814

Open to 4-H Members 12 years and up (as of December 31st, 2015). Registration in a Citizenship project is NOT required to attend. Registration is initially open to youth in the current North-Central Section as well as the coming Bay/Coast Area. After 8/1/16 registration will open to all members in the state. We will participate in numerous aspects of citizenship such as government, history and community service.

Citizenship Weekend

The Sacramento Hostel will be rented out exclusively to the citizenship weekend event

**Space is limited, registration accepted on a first come - first serve basis**

Fee will include two nights, and meals/snacks from Friday evening through Sunday lunch:

$100 Early Bird now-6/15/16

$120 6/16/16-8/1/16

$140 after 8/2/16 as space permits

Fees and forms are due within 30 days of online registration to hold discounted early-bird fees

Chaperones needed to cover delegate/chaperone ratio in each county (1-8 ratio) will get to experience the weekend free of charge; on a first register basis (get your applications in early).

For more information and the link to register go to: Citizenship Weekend

council will pay $50. of the fees of the first 10 Sonoma County kids that signed up.   

 2016 Scholarship Applications are Now Open! 

The California 4-H Youth Development Program is committed to promoting higher education. With help from donors, statewide scholarships are available for graduating high school seniors and college-attending students.  Apply Now!


Citizenship Washington Focus Presidential Inauguration 2017 —January 17-21, 2017
Ages 14-19 (at time of conference)

Join other 4-H youth and volunteers from around the nation at CWF Presidential Inauguration 2017. This is the first time that 4-H has held a Citizenship Washington Focus event during the presidential inauguration.

$1799 per person

What the package price includes:

  • Round trip Airline Tickets
  • airport transportation
  • 4 nights lodging at the National 4-H Conference Center
  • 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 4 dinners
  • Inaugural Ball dinner cruise
  • Ground transportation during the program
  • Conference shirt and accessories

What you will learn and participate in:

  •  Learn the meaning and importance of the Democratic process
  •  Explore the history of the Presidency, the election process, and the role of the press
  •  Discover the intricacies of the Executive Branch and careers in politics
  •  Practice your role in citizenship through service, civic education, and engagement
  •  Attend the inauguration ceremony
  •  Watch the Inauguration parade

What you will see and do:

  •  Participate in workshops, sessions, and speakers
  •  Visit national memorials, historical sites, and museums
  •  Experience inauguration Day events
  •  Dance the night  away on an Inaugural Ball dinner and dance cruise

Tentative Conference schedule

Conference Registration page

Timeline for registration and chaperone selection for this event:

Due to National 4-H council's timeline for registration and payment schedule for this event we are on a very short timeline to complete registration and collect payments . All Deposits are non- refundable.

May 1-June 16, 2016                      

  • Late Registration
  • Fees $1849 (deposit $925)

June 16, 2016                                

  • Final Payments are due to the State 4-H Office

Applications to be a chaperone are due at midnight March 31, 2016

*If you are applying to be a chaperon do not register until you have been notified you are selected

View the Chaperon Selection Process and timeline.

For questions regarding this event please contact Jenna Colburn –State 4-H Office (530) 750-1336 jcolburn@ucanr.edu

State Field Day!

The largest and most comprehensive educational event for 4-H youth members (age 9-19) and 4-H volunteer educators, California State 4-H Field Day has more than 1,500 participants annually. Since 2002, 4-H'ers from throughout the state have come together to connect and compete in this statewide event, held annually on the last Saturday of May on the campus of the University of California, Davis. 

Each contest and activity is coordinated by 4-H volunteers and youth, with coordination and facility support provided by the State 4-H Office.

State 4-H Fashion Revue 

Volunteer judges provide feedback on 4-H members’ clothing and accessory choices using criterion-based rubrics. Categories are Traditional, Consumer Science Purchased, Upcycled and Challenge. Open to the public are multiple service, craft, judging and fashion activities, and a fashion show. Organized by a committee of youth and adult

State Field Day1

The goal of the event is to provide a culminating experience for 4-H members in their year-long 4-H education in public speaking, textiles, plant sciences, photography, interview skills, and entomology.






Giovannini Lovell












State 4-H Presentation DayVolunteer evaluators provide written feedback to individual or teams of 4-H members on their presentations. Evaluation is criterion-based using a rubric. Types of presentations vary between demonstrations, prepared speech, interpretive reading, impromptu, and others. 


Participants and Awards


Last Name

First Name

Presentation   Title




The Squishy Stuff





Sew Fun, What's in   my Sewing Box?




The Joy of Horses




Fido's Physical




Gear to Offroad




Fun with Ely




Swine Health




Black Cow, Black   Bull, Red Calf?




State Field Day3
California 4-H State Film Festival Provides a venue for teams of 4-H members to showcase their films. View a selection of previous year's films.

Judging Contest The objective of judging in the 4-H program is to help members

State Field Day4
grow in their ability to think, reason, and make logical and scientific judgments. Judging is about making choices and decisions. In each class, youth rank four items based on a standard; typically ten classes. There will also be a small non-competitive Primary Division for Primaries to get judging experience. They will receive a certificate of participation and a participation ribbon. 

Interview Contest The Interview Contest is a Public Speaking contest that gives members an opportunity to practice the real-life skill of applying for a job.  

2016 State Leadership Conference Registration is now live!

  Registration Options with Fees:


Leadership Conference
University of Big Foot: Thursday, July 28 - Sunday, July 31, $549 
Thursday arrival begins with an orientation, dinner and movie night! Friday is tour day! Register for one or more University of Big Foot Tours (some at an additional fee).  Most tours will be back in time to join in on the fun lawn games and activities the Recreation Committee has planned! The traditional SLC schedule begins Friday late afternoon and continues through Sunday.

 College of the Lost Coast: Friday, July 29 - Sunday, July 31, $449 
Friday arrival begins with fun and games provided by the Recreation Committee! The first meal served is dinner. The opening assembly is Friday evening to kick off the traditional SLC schedule and educational events.  
Registration must be received by May 31, 2016.

Late Registration (between June 1 - June 30) - add $50 to base fees No registrations accepted after June 30.

Friday Tours: The Friday educational content is all tours.  University of Big Foot tours must be selected and fees paid at the time of registration. Tour details are on registration and linked on the SLC page of the website.

Education: Education sessions A-C descriptions will be available after the close of registration. 

Parking $12 for the conference: Parking permit should be purchased with your registration and will be given to you at check- in. A parking permit is required each day. 

Busing: Delegates will be able to register for a spot on one of the centralized buses at this time. Bus fees will need to be added to the total conference fees at the bottom of registration. Bus registration must be received by

June 17, 2016.  Bus information and tentative routes can be found on the SLC webpage

T-shirt $18: Must be ordered at the time of registration.

Chaperone Selection Process We will be using the Chaperone selection process for statewide overnight events. Please review the chaperone position description and process on the Chaperone Information Page: and encourage your most qualified adults to apply to be chaperones at SLC. Counties are not required to submit a certain about of chaperones per youth delegation, but we are asking that all counties participating do ask qualified chaperone candidates to apply.

Counties will be invoiced for a portion of the cost of the chaperones on a per youth delegate ratio.4-H youth members who are differently-abled, either physically or developmentally, may need to be chaperoned in a one-on-one environment. An adult chaperone for a child who meets the criteria of necessary accommodations should choose the "chaperone one-on-one" option on the registration form. An application is not required for a one-on-one chaperone.

Cancellation Policy Cancellations received by June 1, 2016 will receive 75% refund, by July 1, 2016 50% refund, after July 1, 2016 no refund will be given. This policy applies even if total fees have not yet been paid. The county will receive an invoice for the amount due for the registration fees.  If a participant cancels and has been awarded financial assistance the total amount of the cost of registration will be billed. No financial assistance can be given if a participant does not attend the conference. Please direct your membership to the SLC web page for more details

After School Program 2015-2016 Recap

afterschool 1
The 4-H Afterschool programs saw a rapid growth over the 2015-2016 school year. There were four new
4-H afterschool clubs that completed their first year in May. From September to May, the programs
offered a variety of weekly projects for students at each school. Each program had about 20 members, many who had never heard of 4-H before. Today, those members love 4-H and wear their 4-H Club shirts often to represent it at their school. The programs are slated to add more members next school year and
more programs will be available in other schools in Sonoma County.
After school 2

The Monroe 4-H Club, Biella 4-H Club, Cali Calmecac 4-H Club and Brooks 4-H Club provided children in multiple six week programs led by great volunteer mentors, some of the programs included leadership
development, public speaking, art and airplane & rocket science.

Children learned many great skills in the classroom, and they also learned important sports fundamentals to help them become more
active and promote healthy living among their communities. Our
amazing volunteers received all the training and equipment necessary to lead fun sports projects such as soccer, flag football, basketball and a lot more!


afterschool 3
Throughout the school year, there were many great learning moments in the programs. One project children, and volunteers, loved was the fun and
innovative LEGO curriculum. Mentors led children through a variety of team building activities such as building mazes, building movie sets and telling stories with LEGO people. It helped build teamwork and improve their communication skills.

 In cooperation with the Sonoma County Master Gardener’s, the
Monroe 4-H Club was able to create a beautiful vegetable garden where children worked on every phase of its creation. From building planting boxes to planting the vegetables in the fresh soil of their raised beds. The club and the school will continue to learn about healthy eating and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables thanks to
Sonoma 4-H’s Judy Ludovise and the Master Gardeners.

 If you are interested in setting up some of these programs at your children’s schools, contact the 4-H
Outreach Coordinator, Diego Mariscal. The programs could be part of your 4-H experience offering a fun, safe and low cost program for your children and their friends.

 Diego Mariscal - 707-565-3027 - damariscal@ucdavis.edu 

Rising Star applications will close July 1

If you know anyone who is interested have them apply right away!

Stephanie Larson and I have been discussing ways to increase participation in this valuable experience. We had thought that opening it up to a Countywide Project was going to work. But after further thought and discussion, Stephanie pointed out that it would be detrimental to the team, to not have all the members together from the beginning.

Applications are on the county website.

Volunteer Orientation

volunteer orientations
This is referring to the one-time orientation that everyone has to go through before becoming a 4-H volunteer. (Project leader, club leader, resource leader etc.) It is one-time only as long as you re-enroll year to year. If you skip a year, then you have to be re-fingerprinted and go through the orientation again.

The requirements are still the same: Orientation, fingerprints, enroll on line and pay insurance/program fee. The fees have not changed since last year.

We are starting a new process for conducting the orientations. New leaders to be may choose either option.

Option #1

Starting mid-July the orientation will be offered twice a week in the 4-H office.

Monday and Tuesday at 3:00pm by appointment only.

Option #2

On-line, on your own computer

Instructions and paperwork will be on our County website for you to print out.

When completed, you will need to personally bring the paperwork to the 4-H office and connect with either myself (Judy) or Jesenia. Office hours are 8:00am to 4:00pm. No drop offs. We will show you where our leader resources are available and answer any questions that you might have. If you have had your fingerprint check completed, then you will receive your “Leader Card.” If not, it will be mailed to you when fingerprints are completed. Questions? Call or email Judy at 707 565-3443 or jludovis@sonoma-county.org

Family Connection Corner-Community Involvement


family connection
This is a new addition to our monthly newsletter, focusing on one topic per month. If you have any tips for family connection that you would like to share, please email them to me and I will include them here.

 Every family is part of a much larger “family,” extending from the neighborhood and community, into the country and beyond each person and family can contribute to that larger family. We do have the power to improve the world.

Being actively involved in your own community is a good place to start. Such involvement teaches children civic responsibility. It provides feelings of belonging to a larger group and it shows that we can improve our own lives and the lives of others.

Community involvement is best taught by example. Choose tangible projects that give children a concrete sense of their contribution and allow them to measure results.


Participate as a family in community cleanup day to beautify parks, rivers and beaches. Family members can spend quality time together in nature while making a positive contribution.

Help serve meals to the hungry or start a canned food drive.

Participate in organizations that stress community service, such as 4-H. This is an easy way to get involved and make new friends.

“Adopt” a local nursing home or an elderly neighbor. Have the family send cards at special holidays, pay regular visits and occasionally bring home-baked treat.

Choose 3 community improvement activities, that work for your schedule and then let your child/children vote on which one in which they would like to participate. The Sonoma County volunteer Center has some great ideas.

Email me some ways that your family participates in Community involvement and I will share them next month.

 Upcoming events


No CCC Meeting; we will resume in September at the 4h office in Santa Rosa

22 - 26 Sonoma Marin Fair

27– 2 Sonoma County 4-H Camp 1


3 – 8 Sonoma County 4-H Camp 2

22-8 Sonoma County Fair

28-31 State leadership conference at Humboldt State


27 4-H Foundation BBQ


10 Annual Club leader Also “Turn in Date” for all things 4-H! (Record book, officer books, Program planning guide, proficiencies, member achievement award from)


            Check out our full calendar of events! 

Articles for the August Newsletter are due July 10th

Email to Judy at jludovis@sonoma-county.org


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