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2016 August

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Presidents Letter


presidents pic
Where does the time go?

Camp I and Camp II at Las Posadas, State Leadership Conference and another Fair season is almost completely behind us!  I hope you’ve all had great successes, exciting adventures and the opportunity to make new friends and reunite with old ones.  We look forward to hearing some of your stories over the coming year!  Thank you so much to the Camp Steering Committee, chaperones and staff for all of your hard work and preparation for Camp I and II.  Your commitment and dedication is amazing!

It’s now time to take a bit of a breather, but not too long!  The annual leader training will be held on September 10th and we’re looking forward to getting all leaders – old and new – off and running.  Committee signups will be available and we hope that you’ll all take the chance to put your ideas and creativity into action!  The first CCC meeting will be Tuesday, September 6th (at the SR 4-H Office) so please sure to save the date for that

Record books and officer books (Treasurer, Secretary and Editor) are also due September 10th as well as the community leader submissions for club awards, stripes, stars, year pins and white hats.  Please be sure this is on your calendar!  Enrollment will also be starting up soon, so members please think about which exciting projects you’d like to enroll and re-enroll in and also talk to your project leaders about maybe taking up a leadership position within your project!  This is the perfect opportunity for those of you older, more experienced members to inspire younger, newer members into creating goals for themselves and giving them stars to shoot for!

Exciting things are on the horizon, so keep watching the blogs and newsletters for information and updates.  I hope you all continue to have an adventurous summer, and we look forward to seeing you in September!


Sonoma County Club Leader Training


All clubs need to attend, send at least one volunteer (two is better).

Agenda posted at registration link
WHEN: Saturday, September 10, 2016, 9:00am – 12noon (12-1 for new club leaders)
WHERE: 4-H Center, Rohnert Park

 Congratulation Healthy Living Officers!!!

Congratulations to all our newly elected Healthy Living Officers.

The Healthy Living officer will serve as the club’s ambassador for health! By choosing to elect a Healthy Living officer your club is taking an active role in promoting healthy lifestyles. The Healthy Living officer will be the leader-ship for all health activities including: Providing ideas on how to incorporate physical activities and healthy eating into each club meeting, write Healthy Living articles for the club newsletter, and adopting and promoting a club Wellness Plan. Please help ensure that the health “H” of 4-H is at the forefront of all our meetings, consider electing a Healthy Living officer! The Choose Health Officer Guide was developed by Cornell University Extension. To receive your Healthy Living Officer pin please email the name of your Officer and club to Judy at jludovis@sonoma-county.org

County Wide Projects

Would you like to take your project to the next level?

As our new year begins we are always looking for new Countywide Projects.

Are you a leader who would like to expand your club project and provide knowledge to a larger group?

Are you a volunteer who would like to start up something new?

In the past few years we have had a wide variety of Countywide projects start up: financial literacy, lapidary, EMS, just to name a few.

Contact the County Office, 565-2681, if you have an idea and we will get you started!

Sonoma County 4-H has awesome volunteers!

 CCC Meeting

Our next CCC meeting will be on September 6th at 7pm at the 4-H office conference room in SANTA ROSA. Please remember the meetings for September, October and November will be held at the 4-H office. January through May will be held at the 4-H Center in Rohnert Park. Please plan on attending the meeting!

 Upcoming Events, Activities and Deadlines

For a list of upcoming events, activities and deadlines, visit our 4-H Calendar on the County Website.

Please send any requests to have events added to the calendar to Jesenia Mendoza at Jesenia.mendoza@sonoma-county.org

Showing Animals at the Fair

Reflect-Showing animals at the fair is one of the most memorable summer youth experiences. Taking time to look back and evaluate the experience allows for optimum learning and self-improvement.

Reflecting on your fair experience will help learning come full circle. Photo credit: Steve Thelen | MSU Extension

After you have caught up on sleep and unpacked the show day supplies, it’s time to take a breath and reflect on your fair experience. Hopefully there were some things that went really well and great efforts were made to reach your goals.  There may also be things that didn’t work very well or challenges that you were not able to overcome. Now is the time to think through those items and make changes necessary to help you in future years.

Evaluating your experience and setting goals for 2017 can easily be done now. The following questions should help you reflect on your fair experience and make the most of your 2016-2017 project year:

 What went well? If you showed a market animal, hopefully it weighed in at the correct weight and the animal behaved the way you had practiced at home. Even if the class did not turn out how you had planned, congratulate yourself on making it through a fair optimistically without injuries and meeting a few new friends.


What could you have done differently? What adjustments should you make, either at the fair or at home? If an animal got sick while at the fair, think through what you could do to prevent the illness or concern in the future. This may be a great time to consult your veterinarian and continue to build your veterinarian/patient/client relationship.  Another aspect to review is your preparation efforts leading up to the fair and the facilities you used at home. Did you practice training the animal enough ahead of time? Is the pen system you used still working? What infrastructure improvements can and should be made to prepare for the 2016-2017 projects?

What did the judge say? When you exhibited your animals, it is likely an expert was brought in to evaluate your project. Whether or not you agree with the decisions made by the judge, you can still learn a lot from what they said. For example, if the judge mentioned something about needing to be more “structurally sound,” that means there was a concern about skeletal structure of the animal.

Did all the rules make sense? Review your fair rules. Are there things that could be tweaked to make the event more educational? Are there items in the fair book that are no longer relevant? It is important to get involved and be proactive in decisions that will impact you and other youth now, so that if a change needs to be made, it can be done before the fair book goes to print (or is put online). Just complaining about something doesn’t do any good; lend a hand and get involved as much as you can with your local events.

What do you really know about your animal project? Did the judge ask you questions? Did you know the correct answer? You have until the next fair or event to continue to learn about your project and be prepared for whatever questions the judge may or may not ask. Knowing about your animal species, your individual animal and the industry it is a part of is important in being an educated producer and consumer.

Who helped you to get to where you are? The success of a 4-H project is often impacted by much more than the project and the youth that completed it. Make sure to take time to thank the individuals and groups that made the experience possible as it is an essential part of youth development.

Reflecting on recent opportunities helps the learning experience come full circle. Consider having a reflection activity at a 4-H club meeting to allow more youth to think through and set goals for their future.

Julie Thelen, Michigan State University Extension

This article was published with permission by Michigan State University Extension. For more information, visit http://www.msue.msu.edu.

 California Diamond Clover Award

The California Diamond Clover is the highest achievement for which a 4-H youth member is recognized. All youth members who achieve the requirements are eligible to receive this award. Awardees receive the California Diamond Clover Pin and a recognition letter from the Associate Director of 4-H Program and Policy.

 Applications are accepted year-round. Applications are reviewed by the 4-H Incentives and Recognition Advisory Committee and awarded quarterly.

 Eligibility Requirements: Awardees must complete at least 13 of the 17 requirements. Additionally, complete applications will include an essay of 300-500 words.

Mandatory: Must complete ALL of these

Supplemental: Must complete at least four to meet the minimum of 13 requirements

Completed at least 5 years as a California 4-H member with at least 3 as a senior member

Served as a Teen Leader for 3 years and taken at least 10 projects

Currently enrolled in 4-H as a member or an adult volunteer

Served a term as a youth representative on a Sectional Council

Be at least 17 years old and not older than 19, on the date of submission

Served as a judge at a County, Multi-County or Sectional Presentation/Field Day OR State Field Day

Earned a Platinum Star Rank

Served as a chair/co-chair of a Multi-County, Sectional or State Committee OR served as a chair/co-chair for a Sectional Event or Conference OR Serve on a State Committee

Earned a Gold medal, as a senior member, at a 4-H Sectional or State Presentation Day

Served as a State Ambassador

Served at least one term as a Club Executive Officer (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Healthy Living Officer)

Presented a workshop at State Leadership Conference or a Sectional Leadership Conference at least once

Winner or Medalist of a State 4-H Record Book Competition

Participated in a Sectional, State or National Citizenship Conference (e.g., CalFocus, Washington Focus, National 4-H Conference, etc.)

Completed at least 100 hours of community service

Served as a guest speaker at State Leadership Conference or any Sectional Conference or Forum

Attended State Leadership Conference or a Sectional Leadership Conference at least once


Application Process:

  • Completed application packets must include the following:
  • Application Cover Page
  • Requirement Checklist
  • Signature Page
  • Essay, 300-500 words
  • Essay Instructions:

The essay must be between 300 and 500 words. The essay will demonstrate your reflection on how 4-H has helped you to become a competent, confident, caring leader of character who is connected to others, and contributes to your communities. You must communicate evidence of how you have grown in all of the 6 Cs.

  • Hand-written or typed
  • Single or double spaced
  • 11 or 12 point font
  • 8.5 x 11 inch plain white copy paper

Contact Information:

Send applications and inquires about the California 4-H State Diamond Clover Award or the selection process to:

California 4-H Diamond Clover
UC ANR State 4-H Office
2801 Second Avenue
Davis, CA 95618

 2016 National Youth Summit

2016 National Youth Summit on Maker

Encourage youth makers and adult chaperones in your community to apply for a $2,500 credit to attend the 2016 National Youth Summit on Maker, thanks to JCP Cares. This credit will go towards registration, program fees, materials, lodging and meals for the Maker Summit, November 10-13, 2016.

2016 National Youth Science Day

Developed by Cornell University Cooperative Extension, the 2016 4-H National Youth Science Day Challenge: Drone Discovery will explore how remote sensing can be used to solve real world problems while learning concepts like flight dynamics, forces of flight, basic computer coding, as well as following federal regulations while operating drones. 

Learn more about this year’s challenge at:Youth Science Day 

Thank you to our national sponsors: HughesNet, Lockheed Martin and U.S. Cellular.  

August Volunteer Spotlight! - Julie Patt

JuliePatt is a Registered Nurse, who grew up in San Francisco with a passion to help people. She moved to Sonoma County in 1992. Julie first learned about 4-H when her neighbors “The Ryan’s” told her about 4H.  Because of the Ryan’s “My first child was basically a 4-H member since she was born” she says. When her first daughter turned 5 she began volunteering for 4-H and 18 years later she is a co-leader for the Independence Club in Sebastopol and is currently a project leader for, beginning 4-H, cavies and glass fusion. In the past she has led market sheep, cooking-baking, candle making and Leadership.

Julie loves animals, she says she has always wanted to have animals “living in San Francisco I never had that opportunity”.  Because of that, she could never say no to any of her children’s requests for animals.  Her family currently has a pony, chickens, guinea pigs, dog and a cat. They have also had goats, heifers, horses, a pig, rabbits and various reptiles.

 “4-H creates lifelong family friends, it’s great to see other volunteers who have stayed volunteers even though their children have left 4-H.” She loves feeling that she “has a chance to make a difference in a child's life” she says. “I just want to be there for the children, it’s in my heart.” Julie’s fondest memory of 4-H is “working with her children on their projects going through both the struggles, successes and learning life lessons together.”

Julie is proud to be part of 4-H she believes it “allows the opportunity to explore different careers and improve life skills such as public speaking, financial skills, setting and evaluating goals, critical thinking. These skills help them be successful and allow them to fulfill their passion which is one of the best feelings.”

Thank you Julie for everything that you do! You are making a difference in this community, country and world.

Volunteer Spotlight!

Sonoma County has amazing volunteers! We would like to recognize their achievement and accomplishments.

Every month starting August we will recognize a nominated volunteer. If you would like to nominate a volunteer for the volunteer spotlight, please fill out the nomination form. Nominees will be chosen at the Executive CCC meeting.

 Family Connection Corner-Connecting on the Run

Busy, Busy, busy! With so much to do how can you be sure to spend enough time with your family?

 Families that interact closely with each other are more likely to cope successfully with life’s problems and transitions. But if there’s never enough time to do all you’d like to do with your family, try these strategies to ensure that even buts of time are enriching.

-Seek out conversation and discuss during routine activities, such as meal preparation or commuting time. Use these opportunities to learn more about your child.

-Focus on togetherness even when you’re apart. For Children who are just starting school, tape photos of the family in their lunchbox or locker to serve as a visible reminder of the family’s support and love.

- Make time to express your love and caring. A little note tucked into the lunch box with a message such as “Good luck with your math test!” extends your presence.

- use quick but meaningful ways to express yourself. A Five-Second hug can be worth a thousand labored words.

-Turn Family chores into family time. Run the errands or work housecleaning or gardening as a family. Plan occasional treats, such as getting ice cream afterward.

 Upcoming Events


27 4-H Foundation BBQ

30…Exec CCC meeting 7:00 4HC


6…CCC mtg 4-H OFFICE SANTA ROSA 7:00pm

10…Annual Club Leader Training…required 9:00am 4HC

Also, last “Turn-in Date” for all things 4-H! (Record book, Officers books, Program planning guide, proficiencies, Member Achievement award form)

15…County Wide Officer Installation event 4HC 5-8

22… Record Book Judging

27…Exec CCC 4-HC 7:00pm

             Check out our full calendar of events!

Articles for the August Newsletter are due September 10th

Email to Judy at jludovis@sonoma-county.org






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