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2015 June/July


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President's Message

Hard to believe this year has just flown by.  Summer is here and it can’t get busier for our 4-H members!  Sonoma Marin Fair, Camp 1 & 2, State Fair and Sonoma County Fair will be here before we know it!  One of my favorite times of the year is the fairs.  It gives us all an opportunity to see what a great group of 4-H members we have and how well they do with all the projects they have.  It also allows our teens to expand their leadership roles by helping the younger exhibitors become successful in their endeavors.  It is always a very proud moment for me to witness our teens becoming productive young adults. 

A huge THANK YOU to all of the 4-H clubs, leaders, members and volunteers that helped with the annual Chickenque.  The new Open House format was a huge hit and we look forward to showcasing the many talents of our 4-H program over the next few years.  Everyone should congratulate themselves on a job well done.  You made Sonoma County 4-H proud!  

It is with some sadness that I write my last article for the newsletter – at the same time I am extremely happy to start new adventures and turn the CCC over to a great new President – Amanda Schell.  It is so important to our 4-H program to keep new faces coming into the program and I am looking forward to the transition to a smaller role of support.  I encourage you all to introduce yourself to Amanda at the fair or other events.  Amanda will do a great job and I will enjoy the transformation of the new executive team.  It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as the CCC President for the last four years.  I believe we have worked hard as a team to try and bring about the many changes to our program from the State and ensure the integrity of our program.  Change is hard for everyone but I hope in the long run that Sonoma County 4-H program remains the best in the state! 

Our next CCC meeting will be on September1st at 7pm at the 4-H office conference room.  Please remember the meetings for September, October and November will be held at the 4-H office.  January through May will be held at the 4-H Center in Rohnert Park.  Please plan on attending the meeting and meeting the new CCC officers:  President-Amanda Schell, Past President-Diana Stornetta,  Vice President-Program – Shari Skaife, Vice President-Membership – Matt Schaefer, Secretary – Sara Glashan, Treasurer-Stefanie Stornetta, Special Accounts Treasurer-Lisa Jack, Corresponding Secretary-Kristen Anderson, Historian-Rebecca Nystrom Brito,  and our At Large members-Brenda Hawkes, Robin Booth, Lisa Schuldt and Naomi Edwards.  On behalf of the CCC Board we hope you have a wonderful summer filled with project fun and fair blue ribbons!  See you in September!

A Message From the New President Amanda Schell

It is with much excitement that I step into the role of your CCC President!  It will be extremely difficult to fill the shoes Diana has worn, but I will strive to do my best.  So many of us are busy and rushed with the things we encounter in day-to-day life but when you care very deeply for something, as I do for 4-H and its members, it’s not hard to find time to fit it in to your schedule and enjoy it.

I have been involved in 4-H as a parent for 7 years, as a project leader for three years and as a community leader for the past year.  To this day I’m still learning something new every day about the 4-H program, but I’ve also been one who has never been content with what I already know…or think I already know.  That being said I will always love to hear different perspectives and ideas and collaborating to make the best better!

I’m looking forward to working with all of you and to learning much more about 4-H in the process, and I will be at the Sonoma County Fair if you would like to stop by the sheep barn and chat or just say hello!

Have a wonderful summer!

Important Information 

End of the year forms…All books, officer books, club financial forms, club application award forms, stars and stripe form, program planning guide and proficiency forms are due at Leader Training on August 22nd 2015.

Member Achievement Awards Order Form

Job Search Workshop

Forestville 4H Leadership and Community Service Project is hosting a county-wide career seminar for 4H members aging into college and the workforce (10-12 graders).

Title:  Personal “Showmanship”: Application, Resume Writing and Interview Essentials for the Work & College-Bound 4Her

Date/Time:  Saturday, July 18 from  9am – 11:30am

Location: Exchange Bank, 444 Aviation Boulevard, Santa Rosa

What: Join us to learn Professional Presence tips, Application Do’s and Don’ts,  How to Write a Resume, How to WOW an Interviewer and tips on how to look for and apply for work.   

Cost:  Free and Priceless!

The Northern California Human Resources Association serves a community of more than 20,000 HR professionals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.  Sessions will be facilitated by our volunteer members from companies like Exchange Bank,  Nelson Staffing, Summit Engineering, Healdsburg District Hospital, and more. These industry professionals may very well be the same people you may interview with sometime in the future!

This is a “round robin” style event, beginning with an opening introduction then breaking into small group sessions based on topic. This is an all too important seminar for Juniors and Seniors in high school. This will help you with interviews and resume writing for colleges, scholarships and jobs. For more information or RSVP your attendance to
jenniferltorrey@hotmail.com for call (707) 889-3761. You must confirm your attendance to attend this event.

Chickenque Recap 

To 4-H members, leaders, parents and CQ helpers: 

I hope this letter finds all of you well and very proud of this year's successful Chickenque that was held on May 3 at the fairgrounds. From sunrise to sunset the fairgrounds were alive with all the energy brought by our Sonoma County 4H members and volunteers. I believe I speak for everyone involved in the management of the Chickenque when I say that the event was a total success. This being my second year of a greater level of involvement with the Chickenque, I was moved by everyone's level of participation and I look forward to what the future holds for this event. 

As with any event of this nature, its success is dependent upon several factors. It can only be as great as the sum total of all its parts. Without the volunteers, it would not succeed. If no one took the responsibility of managing the event, it could not take place either. Without the generosity of the fairgrounds, we wouldn’t have such a good venue to hold the event at. However, the one component that I want to highlight is that of the community and the support it shows to our Sonoma County 4-H. I wish to thank all of the families, friends and other community members that set aside time to support and enjoy our event. I want to place special emphasis on the businesses within our community that donated their time, resources and money to this year’s event. Enclosed, you will find a list of local businesses that demonstrated an extra level of commitment to support the Chickenque.

It is on behalf of the Sonoma County 4-H Chickenque as a board member, as a 4-H volunteer and as the parent of a 4-H member that I offer the following challenge:

When you go out into the community please make sure to thank our sponsors. In addition, I challenge you 4H members to ask to speak with the manager or owner of these businesses when you are there. If you are able to meet with them, say thank you for their support of our event. Let them know how much the 4H means to you and how thankful you are for what they are willing to do for us. This will only strengthen our relationship with these businesses and allow for the Sonoma County 4-H to grow stronger with time and their continued support.

In closing, I want you to know how proud I was to see all of you 4-H members represent what Sonoma County 4-H is all about to me, respect, honesty and hard work. As members, you should be proud to have done such a great job and as parents you should be just as proud to know what kind of community you are helping to develop. I appreciate your level of commitment as members and I will strive to return the favor by doing my best as the incoming president for the Sonoma County 4-H chicken cue board.  Remember, it is not just the 4-H member, the leaders, volunteers or the community at large that create a stronger community. It is all of us working together toward a common goal that makes it such a great thing. 

Thank you all again and I hope to see you around the county and perhaps at the fair this summer, 

Fred Frey
2016 Event Chair, 
Sonoma County
4-H Chickenque Committee

Quality Assurance Training

The California State Fair is committed to the Quality Assurance and Ethics Awareness training program. We encourage and welcome your participation at the upcoming programs listed below. As a requirement for entry, all Market Steer, Market Lamb, Market Hog, Broiler Chicken Pens, Meat Turkey, Market Goat, Market Eggs, Market Rabbit, Dairy Cattle, Dairy Goat and Pygmy Goat exhibitors are required to participate in a California State Fair certified Quality Assurance and Ethics Awareness Training prior to June 27, 2015. 

Farm Trade
We will only be offering one training this year so please RSVP and attend.  No other make up trainings will be held. 

Santa Rosa High School, Room 64
1235 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa
June 9, 2015 Time: 6:30 p.m.
Contact: Lisa Piehl, 707/495-8971


Citizenship Weekend

Registration for the North Central Section 4-H Citizenship Weekend is open! You are invited to join us for this 3 day/2 night event at the Marin Headlands Hostel in Sausalito on September 25th - 27th, 2015

**Space is limited, first come first serve**

Citizenship Weekend Website

All current 4-H members 12 years & older (on December 31, 2014) are invited.

Activities may include:

  • Mock trial with a real, practicing lawyer
  • Fun, group outdoor community service opportunities
  • Group tour of the Nike Missile site and other tour options
  • FUN in the sun and TEACH on the beach

The youth committee is busy planning and looks forward to you joining them for a rewarding weekend.

North Central Section 4-H Citizenship Weekend Planning Committee

4-H Shooting Sports Workshops 

If you have an interest in sharing your archery or shooting skills with youth, consider becoming a 4-H archery or rifle leader.

There will be two 4-H archery leader certification trainings offered in Merced County.

The first class will take place
Saturday, July 11th, 9 AM –4 PM, and Sunday, July 12th, 9 AM- 1pm.
The second class will take place
Saturday, September 12th, 9 AM –4 PM, and Sunday, September 13th, 9 AM- 1pm. 

The course will include a PowerPoint lecture, review of equipment, practice shooting and teaching, and a written test. The cost is $30 per person to include a resource binder, with Saturday and Sunday light breakfast refreshment’s.

Junior and teen leaders are invited but must attend with an adult or have a certified archery adult leader they will be helping back home.

There will be a two 4-H rifle leader certification trainings offered in Merced County. 

Rifle Training

This training is for adults only.

The first class will be held
Saturday, August 8th, 9 AM –4 PM, and Sunday, August 9th, 9 AM- 1pm

The second class will be held
Saturday, October 10th, 9 AM –4 PM, and Sunday, October 11th, 9 AM- 1pm

The course will include a PowerPoint lecture, review of equipment, practice shooting and teaching, and a written test.   The cost is $35 per person to include a resource binder, with Saturday and Sunday light breakfast refreshment’s.

All programs will be held at the Safety First Shooting Association, River Oaks Range, 11584 Shaffer Rd, Winton, in Merced County.   This class is being hosted by Merced County 4-H. You must become a 4-H leader or member and attend both days to receive certification to teach rifle at the project, club and camp levels. 

To register, please complete and mail the “CA  4-H Shooting Sports Training Request and Registration Form” available HERE, an adult or youth 4-H medical release form and a $35 check payable to “Merced  County 4-H Council” and mail to UCCE, 2145 Wardrobe Ave, Merced, 95341. 

Space for archery is limited to 25 attendees and for rifle training is 20 attendees.

For more information call Darlene McIntyre at 209-385-7418 or email her.

National Shooting Sports Workshop

A National 4-H Shooting Sports Workshop will be held for the first time ever in San Luis Obispo, CA. The event will be September 29 - October 3, 2015. Those 4-H volunteers/staff who attend will be certified in one of seven discipline areas of their choosing. Please forward the attached information sheet and application to those in your county affiliated with the shooting sports program.

I often receive comments that "we don't have trainings or a training team" in our area. This is the opportunity for your county or county cluster to remedy that. The event costs $195 and that includes food, lodging, course materials! 

For more information visit the Event Website

Archery Shoot Results

Congratulations to all participants:

Age 10 & under

1st 166 Dylan Gloeckner                         Harvest

2nd 112 Annabelle Swanson                    Harvest

3rd 104 Elijah Santillan                           Harvest

4th 98 Ben Evans                                   Forestville

5th 94 Josephine Swanson                       Harvest

6th 77 Adrianna Brandt                           Annadel 

Age 11 – 13

1st 167 Jakob Langevin                            Harvest

2nd 144 Seth Christensen                         Annadel

3rd 137 Mario Taupin                               Annadel

4th 104 Morgan Sceales                            Harvest

5th 91 Grace Gloeckner                            Harvest

6th 66 Claire Conard                                Warm Springs

7th 36 Christian Ricci                               Annadel

8th 26 Caroline Hampton                          Madrone

Age 14 – 19

1st 188 Ross Sceales                                Harvest

2nd 139 Austin Myers                               Harvest

Open Shoot

1st 180 Mario Taupin                                Annadel

2nd 146 Austin Myers                               Harvest

3rd 50 Jakob Langevin                              Harvest

Blast From the Past

Here is an vintage advertisement of a 4-H uniform. As we head into the summer it's important to remember the history of our program that spans for over 100 years. 

Blast from the past

Avian Info From the State 

Since December 2014, USDA has confirmed several cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5 in the Pacific, Central, and Mississippi flyways (or migratory bird paths). The disease has been found in wild birds, as well as in a few backyard and commercial poultry flocks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) considers the risk to people from these HPAI H5 infections to be low. No human cases of these HPAI H5 viruses have been detected in the United States, Canada, or internationally. 

Please see the USDA Avian Influenza website which includes a number of resources including food safety and protecting backyard flocks: 

For additional information visit the CDFA webpage

With fair season upon is this is an excellent time to share with 4-H exhibitors and their families positive messaging and education to help them protect their birds against disease.

4-H Foundation Fundraiser

Come support the 4-H foundation in their fund raising efforts and be amazed by the collection exotic cars at Denbeste Motorsports Showroom. 

For more information visit the Event Website


Upcoming 4-H Events


No CCC meeting

29-July 4                                           Camp 1                                                                                                                                                                                                    


No CCC meeting

6-11                                                  Camp 2  

18                                                     Plan For Success 9am-11:30  
                                                         Exchange Bank, 444 Aviation Boulevard, Santa Rosa

23 or 24-26                                        State Leadership Conference, UC Irvine


22                                                      Club Leader Training

25                                                      Exec CCC meeting 

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